Day in Rock Report for 07/11/2016

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Joe Perry Collapses During Hollywood Vampires Concert

(hennemusic) Joe Perry collapsed offstage and was rushed to hospital during a Hollywood Vampires show at the Ford Amphitheater in Coney Island, New York on Sunday.

Page Six reports the 65-year-old Aerosmith guitarist was performing with the supergroup on their summer tour of North America when he stumbled offstage and, according to sources, soon lost consciousness and apparently went into cardiac arrest around 9:30 p.m, with police on the scene reviving him.

A clip posted by Instagram user @leeniepics shows Perry wobbling offstage before being treated by emergency officials. "#JoePerry collapsed on stage just now!," she wrote. "He had to sit on drum kit and then went behind a small wall and passed out. FDNY and NYPD carried him off quickly."

Perry was taken to Coney Island hospital, where he was listed in stable condition. At around 10:00 p.m., Cooper stopped the concert and informed fans that Perry had not been feeling well.

"If you notice one of our brothers is not onstage with us, he was very sick before the show'," Cooper reportedly told the crowd. "Thanks to everyone asking about our brother @JoePerry," tweeted Cooper after the show. "He is stable right now, with family & is under the best care." Read more and see the video here.

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Video Of Guns N' Roses 2nd Steve Adler Reunion Jam Goes Online

(hennemusic) Original Guns N' Roses drummer Steven Adler performed with the band in Nashville, TN on Saturday night and video from the reunion jam has surfaced online.

Adler's second appearance with the reunited group in 26 years follows a surprise July 6 guest slot at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati, OH for "Out Ta Get Me" and "My Michelle" from 1987's "Appetite For Destruction."

Adler stepped in for the same pair of songs again in Nashville while longtime drummer Frank Ferrer took a short break mid-way through the concert.

After being fired for excessive drug use in 1990, Adler has long lobbied for a reunion of the band's classic lineup, with guitarist Izzy Stradlin the lone holdout these days.

While Axl Rose sat out the group's 2012 induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, Alder and some of the other band members were on hand and performed at the ceremony.

Nashville marked the seventh stop on the group's Not In This Lifetime summer tour; Guns N' Roses will next perform at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, PA on July 12. Check out the videos here.

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Blink-182 Score No. 1 Album With 'California'

(TeamRock Radio) Blink-182 have hit the number one spot on the US and UK album charts with California - their first album to feature Matt Skiba. It's the first time they've reached the American top spot in 15 years, and first time ever in Britain.

Billboard reports that the US sales figures of 186,000 units mark the third-largest week for a rock album this year, and Blink's best-selling seven-day period since 2003.

Mark Hoppus last week told Spin: "I think people take Blink more seriously now than they did before. People wrote us off as this joke band - but the people who listened to Blink knew that we were silly and whatever, but we wrote songs about divorce and suicide and depression." Read more here.

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Led Zeppelin's Publisher Seeks Over $600K For Stairway Trail

(Classic Rock) Publishing company Warner/Chappell Music are seeking $613,000 in legal fees for the recent Led Zeppelin Stairway To Heaven copyright trial. The jury in the six-day trial ruled that Led Zeppelin did not plagiarize the opening chords of Stairway To Heaven from Spirit track Taurus.

Warner/Chappell asked for the money for defending Led Zep against plagiarism claims and accused the attorney who filed the case of "gross misconduct," according to Courthouse News.

Now Warner/Chappell wants to claim back the $613,000 in legal fees it says it spent defending the claim, which was led by solicitor Francis Malofiy. Malofiy - who was representing Michael Skidmore, the trustee for late Spirit guitarist Randy California - has since been been suspended for three months over his conduct in an earlier rights trial.

Warner/Chappell says: "Plaintiff's Philadelphia counsel's misconduct in this case is a continuation of the misconduct that earned him a substantial monetary sanction as well as a three-months-and-a-day suspension in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania." Read more here.

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Bring Me The Horizon 'Suck As Humans' Says Bad Religion Guitarist

(Radio.com) Bad Religion guitarist Brian Baker has some harsh words for Bring Me The Horizon. It started with Baker sharing a photo from backstage at Resurrection Fest (via Alternative Press). The photo shows a sign with a photo of BMTH and the text "These people are not be stopped ever. They may not have a pass. They can escort who they want where they want with our without a pass."

"I'm going to stop these people every time I see them today and tell them how much their band sucks, Baker captioned the post." His remarks did not go unnoticed, both Oli Sykes and Matt Nicholls from Bring Me The Horizon commented on Baker's photo. "Sorry old wrinkly bastard," wrote Sykes.

"Hahah I can't imagine being as old as you are still acting like a 14 year old girl, wrote Nicholls. Which promoted a scathing reply from Baker. "It seems you've missed the point entirely. The issue here is entitlement. My post was a comment on your collective delusion that working local crew at a thirty band festival should be required to memorize your faces to spare you the indignity of breaking stride on the way to your backstage oasis or even worse, the humiliation of carrying credentials. Your literal display of arrogance (and the hilariously unrecognized irony within it) was what I was sharing with my followers. I honestly don't know if your music is bad or good - it's not for old people! I meant that you suck as humans. Sorry for the confusion."

Check out Baker's post, and the subsequent comments here.

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Sharon Osbourne Not Sure If She Can Trust Ozzy Again

(Classic Rock) Ozzy Osbourne's wife Sharon doesn't know if she'll ever trust him again after their recent split. The Black Sabbath frontman is alleged to have had an affair with a hairstylist, leading to Sharon's departure from their marital home in May.

But she remains hopeful that Ozzy can resolve his problems, and they're attending individual and couples' therapy to that end. Sharon tells the Sun: "Can I ever trust him again? I don't know. I'm now questioning every statement, every move. The lies and intrigue still hurt.

"I don't want to hurt him - I admire and respect him. And that's what I expect back: respect. I didn't get that. It's very hurtful when you don't get that respect and consideration from your partner." Read more here.

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Status Quo's Rick Parfitt Expected To Make Full Recovery

(Classic Rock) Status Quo's Rick Parfitt is expected to make a "full recovery" following an "extremely life-threatening situation" after the band's show in Turkey last month.

The guitarist reportedly had a defibrillator fitted into his chest to monitor his heart following the incident - and he won't rush his return to the band until he has a clean bill of health, Status Quo manager Simon Porter says.

The son of Quo bass player John 'Rhino' Edwards will fill in for Parfitt on the band's summer tour, with Irish guitarist Richie Malone stepping in for the Leuven, Belgium and Edinburgh dates.

Porter says: "Rick is now making an excellent and steady recovery from an extremely serious life threatening situation following a Quo show in Turkey last month.

"He has now had a defibrillator fitted into his chest in order to regulate any future heart issues and has left hospital in order to recuperate with family and friends." Read more here.

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David Gilmour Makes Triumphant Return To Pompeii

(Radio.com) How do you play a show in a city obliterated by molten lava and fiery ash just under 2,000 years ago? If you're David Gilmour, you ring the ancient amphitheater with pyrotechnics and light it up.

Gilmour kicked off a two night tour stop in the ancient Roman city Pompeii on Thursday night (July 7), 1,937 years after it was destroyed by a massive volcanic eruption, and some 45 years after Pink Floyd used the same backdrop for their 1972 concert documentary film, Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii.

While Live at Pompeii had no audience in the amphitheater four decades ago, the first show of Gilmour's two-night stop was packed with spectators, making history as the first rock concert to be held in front of a crowd there.

"Tonight will be the first time since 79 A.D. that there's been an audience watching something here," Gilmour told Rolling Stone in an interview before the show. Check out some fan footage here.

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KISS Star Gene Simmons Speaks Out On Blocking iPhones At Concerts

(Classic Rock) KISS star Gene Simmons says he backs Apple's plans to use infrared signals to prevent fans taking pictures or videos at gigs - but only if venues make it clear the technology will be in use.

The normally outspoken KISS bassist took an unusually balanced view on the news that Apple were granted a patent that could see them develop technology to disable iPhone cameras inside concert venues or cinemas by using infrared signals.

Simmons tells Do You Know Jack?: "Do I think they should have the technology to shut off your stuff? Well, maybe with your 'okay.' You know, at least beforehand, they say, 'Okay, you're about to enter a no-cellphone area.' That's fine. As long as you know going in."

Simmons says today's gig audiences are very different to those of the past and that he doesn't understand why anyone would want to spend a show looking at their phone.

"When we first started out, this was before cellphones or technology and even voice mail," he says. "There was no cable, there was no nothing, so at the concerts, they took away your cameras - they didn't allow you to do that."

He adds: "So, in a lot of ways, the concert experience, especially with Kiss, was real - it was emotional, it was deep. People would pass out and cry.

"Technology has made everything less emotional. When you get back home and look at your cellphone and the video there, and you go, 'Oh, I don't remember that from the concert.' Well, of course you don't, because you were too busy texting or looking at your cellphone." Read more here.

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Gojira Release Music Video For 'Low Lands'

(TeamRock Radio) Gojira have released a video for their track Low Lands. The song is taken from the band's latest album Magma, which was released last month. The Low Lands promo was directed by band members Joe and Mario Duplantier's cousin, Alain Duplantier and was shot at the brothers' family home in Ondres, France.

Joe Duplantier says: "It is an intimate and poetic piece directed by our dear cousin and friend Alain Duplantier. One of the characters featured in this film is Gayeres, the family house where Mario and I grew up.

"We jammed to our first songs, started Gojira, and recorded most of our albums there. Our sister Gabrielle also contributed to the making of this video. We want to thank all the wonderful people who worked hard to make this happen and all our fans for supporting us with so much passion and respect. We hope you'll enjoy the trip as much as we do." Watch the video here.

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The Dead Daisies' John Corabi Frustrated With Motley Crue Feud Coverage

(Classic Rock) The Dead Daisies and former Motley Crue singer John Corabi has moved to put his feud with Nikki Sixx to bed. The former bandmates have been involved in a war of words over Corabi's role with the band after he replaced Vince Neil in 1992. Bassist Sixx said in April that the 1994 self-titled album recorded while Corabi was with the band had been a "painful" experience, and added that he hadn't been impressed by the vocalist's creative contribution.

Corabi initially stated that he "didn't give a sh*t" about his ex-colleague's quotes. But when asked again, he replied: "I have no idea why Nikki feels that I'm the biggest piece of sh*t to roam the Earth."

Now Corabi tells Music Mania: "Honestly, I've just been a little frustrated. I've done a few interviews in the last week or so where people ask me some question about my time in Motley or some of the recordings I've done with Mick Mars or whatever, and it's just, like, I'll sit there and talk for 10 or 15 minutes and there's no mention of The Dead Daisies.

"Obviously, I can't talk about Motley Crue, because they don't talk about the good things that I have to say about the guys or any of that - it's just always focused on one thing, the negative, and I'm just tired of it. I'm not that guy." Stream the interview here.

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Down 'Are Far From Done' Confirms Phil Anselmo

(TeamRock Radio) Phil Anselmo believes he and his Down bandmates will get back together at some point in the future. In February, the vocalist apologized for his "white power" outburst at January's Dimebash event and urged Pepper Keenan, Jimmy Bower and Patrick Bruders to "move on" without him.

Keenan strongly condemned Anselmo's actions but said he accepted the apology, later insisting that the band still had a future. He said: "I wouldn't throw all the sh*t we've done, beautiful music we've done on one stupid moment that was caught on camera, and he apologized for. So we are far from done."

Now Anselmo thinks the band will reconnect in the future once their current commitments come to an end. Speaking at the Diamond Pub Concert Hall in Louisville, Kentucky, about the current status of Down, Anselmo says (via Blabbermouth): "We're all kind of doing our own things but we always come back together because Black Sabbath, Trouble and Saint Vitus bring us back together. That's where we started from." Read more here.

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AC/DC's Cliff Williams Reflects On His Beginnings With The Band

(hennemusic) AC/DC bassist Cliff Williams recalls joining the legendary Australian band while on a break from the group's Rock Or Bust world tour. After years playing the UK circuit and releasing three albums as a founding member of the progressive rock group Home, the band split, with Williams and most of the group going on to back folk singer Al Stewart on a US tour in 1974.

The bassist joined UK rockers Bandit for their self-titled 1976 release before landing an audition with AC/DC a year later following the firing of Mark Evans shortly after recording 1977's "Let There Be Rock." Williams debuted with AC/DC on the tour in support of the album as he settled into a new life in Australia.

"My first album with the band was 'Powerage', and that was 1978," explains Williams. "It was all new and fresh, and these people, I didn't know them, and Australia and I'm from London, and there was the whole fitting in thing. They were great, very accepting."

"They were very famous in Australia when I joined them," he continues. "They'd pretty much gotten to the top of the heap there very quickly. And they'd been to Europe once or twice at that point, too.

"But we were still touring on a modest basis. We were playing small venues with little equipment, with a little van, and we were all driving together in a station wagon and stuff. And that, over the years, has changed. Not to say it wasn't fun; it was a lot of fun." Watch the full interview here.

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Marillion Preview New Song 'The New Kings'

(Prog) Marillion have released a partial stream of their track The New Kings. The song features on their upcoming record FEAR (F*** Everything And Run) which will launch on September 23.

The album version of the song is split into four sections and clocks in at just under 17 minutes, with the stream featuring just the first segment. The full version is available to those who pre-ordered the album through the band's PledgeMusic campaign and is also available to purchase via iTunes.

The band previously reported the track looked at "the ravening beast that capitalism seems to have evolved into." Speaking about the album title, frontman Steve Hogarth said: "We've used 'FEAR' as a title with some relish, but only as it shows we haven't shied away.

"It's said with sadness. There are two basic impulses behind human behavior - love and fear. All the good stuff comes from love." Check out the stream here.

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Five Finger Death Punch's Spencer Talks New Album Progress

(TeamRock Radio) Five Finger Death Punch drummer Jeremy Spencer has given an update on the status of the band's upcoming seventh album. 5FDP have signed to Rise Records after a dispute with former label Prospect Park.

Spencer tells Kaaos TV: "Well, we just have recently started, so it's kind of in the beginning stages, but I'm digging what I'm hearing so far. It's always fun to see where the band's going and to hear new material and creating new stuff all the time, so we'll see how it goes.

"Right now, things are turning out well, though. But it's the beginning stages. It's been a few weeks. It's definitely in the infant stages. But so far so good." Watch the full interview here.

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Sebastian Bach's '18 And Life On Skid Row' Release Pushed Back

(Classic Rock) The release of former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach's autobiography 18 And Life On Skid Row has been delayed. Publishers HarperCollins say the book will arrive on September 27.

The book was scheduled to be released in June, but Bach explains to The Katt: "It's been delayed because it's a very big project - 600 pages with lots of pictures.

"They asked me for 30 pictures; I gave them 116. And I'm, like, 'It's my book, dude.' It's got a lot of stories of crazy sh*t that I did. But there is a beginning and an end to it, like a story arc, because my life was very weird." Read more here.

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Parkway Drive Streaming New Song 'Devil's Calling'

(TeamRock Radio) Parkway Drive are releasing a brand new song Devil's Calling and are streaming it online. Devil's Calling appears on the digital deluxe version of the Australian band's latest album, Ire. The expanded edition also features another new track, Into The Dark, plus a remix of A Deathless Song featuring Jenna McDougall from Tonight Alive.

Devil's Calling finds the band moving further away from their metalcore roots, a process that began with Ire, which was originally released in September 2015.

"We had a band meeting, and it turned out all of us were thinking the same thing: none of us would get creative fulfillment out of writing another Parkway metalcore album," frontman Winston McCall tells Metal Hammer. "It was a really odd point to be at. We didn't want to stop what Parkway was about, but at the same time there had to be a different way of doing it." Stream the song here.

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Dream Theater Release 'Moment Of Betrayal' Tour Visuals Video

(Prog) Dream Theater have shared a video showcasing the visuals they use when performing the track Moment Of Betrayal onstage. The song is lifted from their latest album The Astonishing and the promo follows the release of their visuals video for track Hymn Of A Thousand Voices last month.

Keyboardist Jordan Rudess said of the record: "I think this is a particular creative adventure for us, to write a concept album very much like a musical or a rock opera.

"I think that whatever we decide to do next - which we haven't really decided - will be something very different." He added: "It's not going to be another concept album. I don't think that would be the best thing to do. But it will be some creative adventure that we'll feel like we want to put our energies behind." Watch the video here.

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Motley Crue Release Video Of Farewell 'Girls, Girls, Girls' Performance

(hennemusic) Motley Crue are streaming a video for their performance of the 1987 classic, "Girls, Girls, Girls", from their farewell concert film The End. The video arrives ahead of a Canadian screening of The End in select theaters on July 11.

The song was the title track and lead single from the band's fourth album; the tune reached No. 12 on the Billboard Hot 100 while the album peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 on its way to US sales of more than 4 million copies.

Directed by Christian Lamb, the project presents the Crue's final live performance at the Staples Center in their hometown of Los Angeles, CA this past New Year's Eve; the material is rounded with interviews and behind the scenes material shot by Jackass creator Jeff Tremaine. Watch the video here.

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Soundgarden Announce Vinyl Reissues

(TeamRock Radio) Soundgarden have announced that they will be reissuing their 1989 album Louder Than Love and 1996 record Down On The Upside on vinyl on August 26.

The releases follow the Seattle outfit's 20th anniversary deluxe launch for their album Superunknown and a three-CD rarities collection Echo Of Miles: Scattered Tracks Across The Path in 2014.

Meanwhile, frontman Chris Cornell confirmed last month that Soundgarden are working on another album. He said: "Soundgarden is in the middle of writing songs. After this tour the songs will become real and we'll put an album out." Read more here.

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Dez Fafara Takes Fan's Perspective Of DevilDriver

(TeamRock Radio) Dez Fafara says he's able to look at DevilDriver from the "outside in" as a lifelong metal fan himself to maintain its legacy. The frontman also heaps praise on his fan base for supporting the band and for championing the alternative lifestyle which has shaped who he is.

Fafara tells TattooMag: "DevilDriver fans are insane. Tattoos are all over them, they come into gigs, getting behind the band and the kind of lifestyle that I lead.

"It's an incredible feeling. Music and musicians would be nowhere without music fans. I consider myself a fan enough of music to look at Devildriver from the outside in, even though I'm a singer. I look at our music like, 'Is this good? Is this worthy?' 'Yes it is.' 'Okay, let's put it out.'"

"Fans of metal in general back their bands 100%, and I'm incredibly thankful for the people that have stepped behind me over the years." Read more and watch the full interview here.

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New Rainbow Frontman Won't Try To Sing Like Dio

(Classic Rock) Ronnie Romero says that "it's not a good idea" to sing in the style of previous Rainbow singers. The Chilean-born Lords Of Black vocalist, who was personally chosen for the role by guitar icon Ritchie Blackmore last year, thinks fans appreciate him more for being true to himself onstage - rather than copying former frontmen such as Ronnie James Dio, Graham Bonnet and Joe Lynn Turner.

He tells Metal Shock Finland: "I feel really good with my job. I tried to make justice, not just to the songs, but all the singers. I just try to sing the songs in my own way and my own style and I think the people appreciate that. I'm not just a copy of the other singers, I prefer to sing like Ronnie Romero singing those songs.

"I think the people prefer that - I think they don't like seeing a guy or pay for a ticket to hear a guy try to sing like Ronnie James Dio. It's not a good idea." Read more here.

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Meshiaak Streaming New Song 'Chronicles Of The Dead'

(TeamRock Radio) Meshiaak have released a stream of their track Chronicles Of The Dead exclusively with TeamRock. The song features on the supergroup's upcoming debut album Alliance Of Thieves, which will be out on August 19 via Mascot Records.

Meshiaak features former Slayer, Anthrax, Testament and Iced Earth drummer Jon Dette, Teramaze guitarist Dean Wells, former 4-Arm frontman Danny Tomb and bassist Nick Walker.

Tomb says making the album has given him a "a sense of satisfaction" that he's not experienced before in his previous work, and adds: "All of the music and songs on this album basically span the last three years of my life. Some of them demonstrate a little more in depth than others.

"It really is a very personal album for me and somewhat therapeutic. To say that music has saved my life is a total understatement. I wore my heart on my sleeve in some of these tracks and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. Writing and tracking this album really gave me strength and purpose at the times I needed it most." Stream the song here.

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Singled Out: The Raskins' Never Too Late

The Raskins are spending most of the month on the road with Ted Nugent on the Sonic Baptizim Tour and to celebrate we asked them to tell us about their latest single "Never Too Late". Here is the story:

The Song "Never To Late" was written from a favorite Raskin phrase "it's never to late" which are very powerful words for ever human being to live by.... Life is very short and precious. It is so important that we live each and every day to its fullest. To live a life without any regret should be the goal of everyone.... Thus the term and title and meaning of our track "Never To Late". It's never to late to love or tell someone you love them. It's never to late to tell someone your sorry. It's never to late to try new things and experience new adventures. This is the one and only life you have. Be the controller of you own destiny and path in life at any age. The words can't or shouldn't are words that should not be in your vocabulary.. Tomorrow never comes so live in the moment and for the moment. If your happy with the person you are and the paths you choose your happiness will protrude and others will follow.... Life is short like the blink of an eye. So make the most of it.... "Never To Late"

The song was recorded at the world famous Henson Studios in Hollywood CA... This was where producer Quincy Jones and some of the worlds biggest artists came together for one incredible cause to record one of the most famous songs on musical history "We Are The World" They all believed it's "Never To Late" when many people said it could and would never happen.... It was very important for The Raskins to record this very special song at this very special studio for this very special reason.....

The single "Never To Late" is a song written for everyone on the planet. With love always, The Raskins

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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