Day in Rock Report for 07/18/2016

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Guns N' Roses Detained At Border Crossing

(hennemusic) Guns N' Roses were 'detained' crossing the border into Canada after a firearm was found on a tour bus that brought their Not In This Lifetime reunion tour to Toronto, ON on July 16th.

The tenth date on the band's summer run made its only Canadian stop at the Rogers Centre before a sold-out crowd of 50,000 on a Saturday night and video from the show has surfaced online. The 27-song set opened with "It's So Easy" and delivered a mix of tunes from the group's catalog over the 2-hour and 45-minute concert.

Prior to playing "Out Ta Get Me," Axl Rose shared a story of how the band was held up crossing the Canadian border on Friday when customs officials found a weapon on their bus.

"Driving into Canada, we get to the border and we get off the bus," explained Rose. "They take our passports, they take our phones, and then they come over and say 'We found a firearm on your bus.'

"'You did what? What?' 'Oh, yeah, we found a gun'" he continued. "So we weren't exactly arrested, we were 'detained' for a while. It was kind of fishy. They were very nice. They were very nice. They were very understanding.

"You know, s**t happens - you can forget you had a f***in' gun," he said sarcastically before shrugging, "Wasn't my gun."

A band representative confirmed the story to Billboard, saying "Yes, this indeed happened on Friday, July 15, as they were crossing the border coming from the Philadelphia tour stop on the 14th." The gun did not belong to any member of the group, according to the rep. Check out video from the show here.

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Ritchie Blackmore May Play More Rainbow Shows

Legendary guitarist Ritchie Blackmore says in a recent interview that his new version of Rainbow may do some additional shows and the set list will contain less Deep Purple material.

Blackmore was asked during an interview with Dutch radio station Radio Veronica if he had received any more offers for new shows following the limited run of special Rainbow shows earlier this summer.

He responded (via Blabbermouth), "Yes. Many. But I wanted to see how the three went. If they were disastrous and we had accepted more, it was gonna be awkward. We might do a few more shows again."

Blackmore was also asked if it was difficult to come up with the set lists for the recent Rainbow show and he responded, "No. [It was] very easy, in a way. We had about fifteen songs that were very obvious songs to play, like 'Catch The Rainbow'. And we incorporated a few Deep Purple songs - 'Black Night', 'Smoke [On The Water]', 'Highway Star' - of which some of the fans said, 'Why did you do those Deep Purple songs?'

A"nd I would say, 'Why not?' And they said, 'Well, we thought it was just gonna be Rainbow. We would prefer to hear [more] Rainbow songs.' Which I thought was kind of ironic again. I'm thinking, 'Wow! We just threw three songs in by Deep Purple when they wanted more [Rainbow].' And I noticed when they clapped, they weren't clapping so hard for Deep Purple [songs]. They said, 'We hear that every year,' 'cause [the current lineup of] Purple goes around [on tour]. So the next time, if we go out and we do anything, I would do probably ninety-five percent Rainbow songs; that's what they seem to want to hear. And it didn't occur to me. I just naturally assumed they wanted to hear everything." Read more from the interview and stream it in full here.

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Megadeth's David Ellefson Injured Backstage At Music Festival

Megadeth cofounder and bassist David Ellefson broke his foot ahead of the band's scheduled appearance at the Rockmaraton festival in Dunaujvaros, Hungary on Friday night (July 15), forcing the band to pull out of the event.

Organizers reported via their Facebook page that they called for an ambulance and Ellefson was transported to St. Pantaleon hospital for treatment, where his foot was put into the cast.

The post says that frontman Dave Mustaine took to the stage to break the news to fans at the event. Mustaine also reportedly posted an update via Periscope, according to a tweet from @MandatoryMetal1, saying that Ellefson broke his foot backstage.

Mustaine later released a video where he announced that Megadeth had pulled out of the Masters Of Rock festival in the Czech Republic which took place Sunday (July 17th.) He said in part, "Our bass player's received a severe break to his foot. I'm very, very sorry to tell you this. But we will make it up to you next summer. Please hang in there and stay metal."

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Ozzy Osbourne Sounds Off About 'Stairway To Heaven' Trial

Ozzy Osbourne and Jeff Beck have spoken out about the recent Led Zeppelin copyright infringement trial where the rock legends were accused to stealing the opening to "Stairway To Heaven."

Led Zeppelin won the case last month after a jury found that they did not borrow the iconic song's opening from the 1968 instrumental "Taurus" by the band Spirit.

Ozzy was asked about the case by Rolling Stone and shared his strong reaction to the case. "It's f***ing crazy, actually," he said. "That should have never gone to court.

"I heard the original thing, and there's just a slight similarity. It's like saying any f***ing song with that kind of a guitar on it is a rip-off. It's not fair. There's only so many f***ing notes on a guitar, and it wasn't that much like 'Stairway to Heaven.' I'm amazed it lasted so f***ing long, you know?"

"You listen to 'All Right Now' by Free and you listen to Steve Miller's 'Rock'n Me,' and it's exactly the same riff and they haven't sued each other, It's exactly the same."

Osbourne went on to praise Led Zeppelin and concluded with "They don't deserve it. It's like, do you honestly think they'll sit there and go, 'Oh, we'll steal this and change it a bit like this so it sells.' F***. Give me a break. The song that was played was kind of a bit similar but it was only the chord sequence."

Legendary guitarist Jeff Beck also shared similar views in an interview with Billboard. "I had to smirk because I knew that Jimmy and Robert would come out on top," Beck said. "Apparently you can't copyright a chord sequence. It has to have a lyric or some kind of a meaningful melody to be copyrighted. And it is a chord sequence which has been used loads of times, but not in such an iconic way.

"It clearly is the same chord sequence (as Spirit's 'Taurus'), but then we're all guilty of stealing a chord sequence and sticking some words on top of it. So I think it's a bit of bravado to try to bring it to court, but Jimmy came out ahead. So, lucky Old Jim!"

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Robert Plant Headlined Nice Jazz Fest Canceled Due to Terror Attack

(Radio.com) Following the horrific terrorist attack in Nice, France, the Nice Jazz Festival, which was to have featured Robert Plant, has been canceled. On Thursday night, an attacker drove a truck through a crowd celebrating Bastille Day in Nice, killing 84 people and injuring more than 100.

The five-night festival (July 16-20) was set to feature sets from Robert Plant & the Sensational Shape Shifters, the James Hunter Six, George Clinton, Snarky Puppy, Laura Mvula, Massive Attack, Gallant, the Cinematic Orchestra, Youssou N' Dour and a dozen others, reported Billboard.

The attack came just hours after President Hollande said the national state of emergency that has been in place since last year's deadly terror assault in Paris, was slated to end on July 26. It has now been extended for three more months. Read more here.

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Phil Anselmo's Supergroup Scour Streaming New Album Online

The metal supergroup Scour have released their brand new self-titled debut album via Phil Anselmo's Housecore Records and they are also streaming the full effort online via Loudwire.

The group features Anselmo (Pantera, Down, Superjoint), John Jarvis (Pig Destroyer), Derek Engemann (Cattle Decapitation), Chase Fraser (Continuum, ex-Animosity, Decrepit Birth), and Jesse Schobel (Strong Intention).

Anselmo had this to say about the album, "Doing the Scour project was a blast. The way I saw it, the songs are short, and extremely straight-forward, so I didn't want to clutter them up with too much. I had to pick particular lyrics that seemed provocatively absurd enough, and to perform them as raw as deemed fit.

"I hope all the true extreme music lovers enjoy the stuff as much as I did performing it. I haven't done this style of since my days with Christ Inversion from 1994 - 1997, and I know some people might know of bands I've done like Eibon or Necrophagia in the early 2000s. Doing SCOUR was a cool re-visit. A huge cheers to all the awesome collaborators on this project." Stream the album here.

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Terror Frontman Scott Vogel Sitting Out Tour Due To Injury

Terror frontman Scott Vogel has confirmed that he is sitting out the band's current The Life & Death Tour with Power Trip and Harm's Way due to neck and back issues.

Vogel also revealed that the band has recruited Down to Nothing's David Wood to takeover vocals for the tour. He released the following statement explaining his absence, "This is a pretty tough thing for me to write from my apartment in Los Angeles while the rest of Terror is out on the road. Truth is, the last few months have been a few of the worst in my life. I've been dealing with neck and back disc issues since Hellfest in New Jersey and the Sick Of It All / Champion tour we did in 2004. Physical therapy has always solved the problems for the time being and I'd be back out on the road; but not this time. Terror finished a European tour in mid-May, I flew home and went right into a surgery on my neck - a three level posterior decompression.

"I knew this was going to be hard on me, but I don't think I really had a clue just how intense spinal surgery really was. I rested a ton and when I was ready, I began the post-surgery therapy, knowing I had two months before the Life and Death tour started. The tour began July 6 in Chicago and probably against my better judgement I was there on stage. After the next show in Louisville I was feeling f***ed up and in a lot of pain. It was pretty obvious I wasn't healed enough to be out on the road, so I decided rather than try to 'tough it out' and really mess myself up permanently, I was going to put my health first and fly home.

"Leaving the other guys in Terror to fill my void is a terrible feeling, but I think this is one of the beautiful things that separates hardcore from most other forms of music. A Terror show is way more then me on stage or even the other guys in the band. It's an energy. It's a pulse and a feeling you get from the music, words and also your love and belief in this scene. " Read more here.

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Suicide's Alan Vega Dead at 78

Alan Vega, one half of the pioneering electronic music and punk duo Suicide, died in his sleep on Saturday, July 16th, according to Billboard and confirmed by Henry Rollins. Vega was 78 years old.

Rollins posted the following statement, approved by Vega's family, on his official website on Sunday, "With profound sadness and a stillness that only news like this can bring, we regret to inform you that the great artist and creative force, Alan Vega has passed away.

"Alan passed peacefully in his sleep last night, July 16. He was 78 years of age. Alan was not only relentlessly creative, writing music and painting until the end, he was also startlingly unique. Along with Martin Rev, in the early 1970's, they formed the two person avant band known as Suicide.

"Almost immediately, their incredible and unclassifiable music went against every possible grain. Their confrontational live performances, light-years before Punk Rock, are the stuff of legend. Their first, self-titled album is one of the single most challenging and noteworthy achievements in American music." Read more here.

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Foo Fighters Category Stumps Jeopardy! Contestants

(Radio.com) If anyone from the band Foo Fighters was watching the game show Jeopardy! last Wednesday (July 13), they surely would have checked the TV to make sure they weren't being pranked.

The popular program featured an entire category devoted to the Grammy-winning band. The contestants on the show knew Dave Grohl was first famous for being in Nirvana.

One also knew the name "Foo Fighters" is a reference to UFOs that bother sailors at night. However, they were stumped about album titles and lyrics. And no one knew that David Letterman retired to the band's 'Everlong." Check it out here.

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The Dillinger Escape Plan Added To This Year's Gwar B-Q

Organizers of Gwar B-Q have announced that they have added special guests The Dillinger Escape Plan to this year's event which will be taking place next month.

Dillinger Escape Plan Guitarist Ben Weinman had this to say, "In honor of the legendary Oderus Urungus, we are proud to take part in this year's Gwar B-Q.

"After all, any band who sings songs about killing hippies and Skinheads while simultaneously condemning war and shooting many gallons of blood on the crowd are friends of ours!"

The annual event will be taking place on August 20th in Richmond, VA at Hadad's Lake and will also feature performances from Gwar, Lamb Of God, Against Me!, August Burns Red, American Nightmare, Eyehategod, Lagwagon, Murphy's Law, Brain Tentacles, Mobile Deathcamp, Occultist, Sawyer Family, and The Death Of Rock And Roll.

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Breaking Benjamin Release 'Ashes Of Eden' Video

Breaking Benjamin have released a new music video for "Ashes Of Eden." The song comes from the group's 2015 comeback album "Dark Before Dawn".

The group had the following to say about the clip via Facebook, "Today we invite you to watch a very special video that we are so proud of for our single Ashes Of Eden. We sincerely hope you enjoy it as much as we do [smile emoji]." Watch the video here.

The band is currently on a North American tour with Disturbed which is scheduled to wrap up on August 21st with a joint appearance at the KISW Pain In The Grass event in Auburn Washington.

Breaking Benjamin have also announced a series of late summer music festival appearances before teaming up with Korn for the North American Nocturnal Underground Tour in September. See all of the dates here.

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In Flames Release 'Sounds From The Heart Of Gothenburg' Video Clip

In Flames have released a making of video clip for their forthcoming 'Sounds From The Heart Of Gothenburg' DVD which is set to be released on September 23rd.

The Gothenburg, Sweden metal group recorded the forthcoming 20 track DVD in front of 10,000 fans at their hometown venue of Scandinavium, according to Nuclear Blast.

Guitarist Björn Gelotte had this to say about the release "This DVD is for everyone who was been following our career; we have songs from the early years, the middle years and the new era. It has to be fun for us to play but also fun for the audience to watch and we try to get a good flow with nice dynamics and different songs." Check out the making of clip here.

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Dope Release Video For 'Blood Money Part 1' Title Track

Dope have released a new music video for the title track to their forthcoming album "Blood Money Part 1." The band's sixth studio effort is set to be released on Rocktober 28th.

Edsel Dope had the following to say about the new record. "It's been a long time coming, and I'm very happy with how the new album came out. I'm super excited for fans to hear the entire record and for us to get out there on tour and feed off of each other's energy." Watch the new video here.

The band also announced that they will be launching a reunion tour in September that will feature the classic lineup of the group including Dope, Acey Slade, Virus, and Racci Shay.

The tour will include support from Flaw and Motograter and is set to kick off on September 13th in San Francisco, CA at the DNA Lounge and will conclude with a show at the iconic Whiskey A Go Go in West Hollywood, Ca on October 30th. See the tour dates here.

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Twisted Sister Rock 'N' Roll Saviors Box Set Released

A new Twisted Sister box set, entitled "Rock 'N' Roll Saviors - The Early Years," featuring three classic live recordings from the group, was released on Friday (July 15th) by Deadline Music.

The recordings date back to before the band became known world wide from their string of hit videos on MTV and their multi-platinum album "Stay Hungry", when they were still a band that had a fierce local following in Long Island, New York and surrounding areas, but could not get the major record labels to pay attention to them.

According to the announcement, the box set features live recordings of early classic tracks like "Rock 'N' Roll Saviors," "You Can't Stop Rock 'N' Roll," "The Kids Are Back," "What You Don't Know (Sure Can Hurt You)," "Ride To Live, Live To Ride".

Glass Onyon reports, "Each concert CD comes in its own individual wallet with inner sleeve and the whole set is packaged in a lavish, red velvet-lined box with pop up mirror. In addition to the CDs, inside the box is a full-color 20-page booklet of rare photos and extensive liner notes written by music journalist Malcolm Dome PLUS 3 signature guitar picks, a custom bright pink lipstick tube, and a backstage pass." See the tracklisting here.

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Despised Icon Release 'Bad Vibes' Video

Despised Icon have released a new music video for the track 'Bad Vibes'. The song comes from the group's forthcoming album "Beast", which will be released by Nuclear Blast on July 22nd.

The 'Bad Vibes' video was directed by Jessy Fuchs of Slam Disques (Obey The Brave, Simple Plan). Frontman Alex Erian had the following to say about the track, "We've often been vocal about the classic death metal bands that have influenced us throughout the years but have rarely discussed the grindcore and hardcore elements in our music.

"Our new single 'Bad Vibes' is raw, straight forward and reminiscent of bands like Napalm Death, Brutal Truth, Biohazard, and Madball. The 90's were a defining decade for us and so we opted for that old school look when putting together this new music video. 'Beast' comes out in a week. Get into it!" Check out the video here.

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Norma Jean Streaming New Song 'Synthetic Sun'

Norma Jean are streaming their new song "Synthetic Sun" online. The band premiered the new track, which comes from their forthcoming album "Polar Similar", with Revolver.

Frontman Cory Brandan told the publication the following: "'Synthetic Sun' is one of our favorite songs to play from the record. It was a lot of fun to write being that it's a bit more technical in spots and a song that we actually recorded a lot differently than the other songs as well-using lower gain settings on our amps, playing with our fingers instead picks in spots, stuff like that.

"It's a very different song behind the scenes of 'Polar Similar.' The song deals with watching a very close loved one destroy themselves and feeling helpless in their wake. Seeing someone stop being the person you used to know and change or move into something else."

The album is set to be released on September 9 via Solid State Records. Check out the song stream here.

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America's Gerry Beckley Announces New Solo Album 'Carousel'

(MSO) America cofounder Gerry Beckley has announced that he will release a new solo album, entitled "Carousel", on September 9th. MSO sent over the following details:

The 12-track album was recorded at his Los Angeles studio Human Nature. "With a solo project I'm really a committee of one," says Beckley. "There's only myself to please. Having said that, it's not always easy. Each project is a snapshot in time. The material on Carousel came from a wide scope of inspiration."

Carousel contains original standouts such as the deeply personal "Lifeline," "No Way I'm Gonna Lose You" (co-written with Dan Wilson who won an award for his work with Adele) and "Tokyo," of which BECKLEY says: "The song actually came to me while I was waiting to board a flight home from Japan. I seem to remember I lost track of time and almost missed the flight." There are also three covers on which BECKLEY puts his distinctive spin: Spirit's "Nature's Way," Gerry Rafferty's "To Each and Everyone" and Gerry and The Pacemakers' "Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying."

"I've fortunately never been short on inspiration for my original material but I do love to record a cover every so often," says BECKLEY. "These three are of course from my long list of fave songs. I've been singing 'Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying' virtually since it came out in the 60's for example. The Gerry Rafferty song is from his first solo album Can I Have My Money Back?--I love the entire album. It was recorded between the breakup of The Humblebums, his first duo, and his later Steelers Wheel stuff."
See the tracklisting here.

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Riverdogs Are Reunited Reveals Def Leppard's Vivian Campbell

(Gibson) Def Leppard and Last In Line guitarist Vivian Campbell has confirmed the full reunion of Riverdogs, the band that he first joined pre-Def Leppard 26 years ago.

Campbell joined the quartet in 1990, after being asked to produce their first demos. Although they recorded one early album with Campbell, he left to join play with Foreigner's Lou Gramm, then joined Def Leppard.

A brief live Riverdogs reunion in 2003 led to some demos that were later polished for the World Gone Mad release of 2011, but the band - Campbell (guitars), Rob Lamothe (vocals, guitars), Nick Brophy (bass, vocals) and Marc Danzeisen (drums) - are now writing new songs for a full fifth album, due in early 2017 via Frontiers Records. Read more here.

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David Bowie's Art Collection To Be Displayed and Auctioned

(Radio.com) A fan of all forms of artistic expression, David Bowie amassed an extensive private art collection of over 400 works before he died. This winter the late artist's collection will be displayed, then sold at auction.

Bowie owned more than 200 paintings from famous British 20th century artists, including Frank Auerbach, Damien Hirst, Henry Moore and Graham Sutherland. Sotheby's will display the works publicly for the first time in November, then the pieces will be sold in a three-part auction that is expected to bring in more than $13 million, reported Billboard.

"Art was, seriously, the only thing I'd ever wanted to own," Bowie told the New York Times in 1998. 'It can change the way that I feel in the mornings," Billboard reported.

The Bowie/Collector collection will be on display from November 1 to 10. Read more here.

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The 69 Eyes Release 'Miss Pastis' Video

The 69 Eyes released their latest studio album "Universal" back in April and this past week they unleashed a new music video for a track from the effort called "Miss Pastis."

Frontman Jyrki 69 had the following to say about the song and video: "It's a driving rocker of a song which has already made people move in our live set. I got the idea for the lyrics in Marseille, France, where pastis is cheap and girls are pretty.

"I shot the video in the gardens of Palace of Versailles - I wanted to make it look like crazy, little art film influenced by as much Jacques Tati as Federico Fellini and classic French films." Watch the video here.

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The Strokes To Play Benefit Concert In Los Angeles

The Strokes have announced that they will be performing at the inaugural City of Angels Benefit Concert at the historic Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles on July 25th.

The event is being held to benefit three local non-profit organizations that aide the homeless in Los Angeles. We were sent the following details and comments from The Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas.

"Homelessness and mental health are big issues in LA and we're happy to do a little something that can hopefully help a bit," said the singer. "The Center in Hollywood and Waste Not Want Not Now are great, well-intentioned and trustworthy charities doing wonderful work".

The event will also benefit the Downtown Women's Center with 100% of the net proceeds from the event going to the 501(c)(3) organizations. Tickets are available via Ticketmater here.

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Bayside Launch Their Own IPA Craft Beer

Bayside have launched their own limited edition IPA craft beer to celebrate the upcoming release of their new album "Vacancy," which is set to hit stores on August 19th.

The band teamed up with craft-beer-in-a-can brewery Oskar Blues for the new beer which they call "Bayside Black." Guitarist Jack O'Shea had this to say in the announcement, "I've been a big fan of Oskar Blues for a long time and it's amazing that we get to collaborate with them. It's one of my favorite styles of beer and one of my favorite breweries. I can't wait to try some!"

The new beer will be limited to 100 barrels and will be available at Total Wine & More, as well as select venues on the band's upcoming North American tour, as well as part of a pre-order bundle for the new album via Craftshack (in participating states).

Oskar Blues' Head Brewer at Oskar Blues Brewery Lyons Juice Drapeau had this to say about the special brew, "The challenges of creating a Black IPA is that when creating a recipe, one has to be very careful to balance the hop bitterness and malt bitterness.

"Dark malts can have astringent characteristics to them so the key is to really achieve a clean hop bitterness to compliment the potential malt bitterness. Also, another important aspect of Black IPAs is to layer a variety of crystal malts and dark malts so that the malt character in the beer has a lot of depth and complexity."

Bayside will be supported by The Menzingers and Sorority Noise on their North American tour which is set to kick off on August 11th in Ft. Lauderdale, FL at Revolution and conclude on September 18th in Nashville, TN at Exit/In. See the tour dates here.

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Singled Out: Dead 27s' Don't Want To Live My Life Without You

Charleston, SC soulful southern rockers Dead 27s are preparing to release their new album later this year. Ahead of the release we asked frontman Trey Francis to tell us about the song "Don't Want To Live My Life Without You". Here is the story:

The song is about that feeling of having a big crush on someone, and the intense longing that comes along with it. Sometimes you can have this image of someone that you build up so big in your head, that it creates this pressure that makes it impossible for you to approach them and tell them how you really feel.

I wrote this tune about a year or so before we formed Dead 27s and just kind of kept it in the back pocket. It started with the chord progression, which to me immediately sounded like it needed some type of Al Green falsetto hook over it.

So I messed around with a few different lines. The one that I eventually settled on was "Don't want to live my life without you baby", which was initially written to be repeated at the end of the song during a fade out. But after swinging and missing with a few chorus ideas, that line seemed to fit the best for what I had in mind for the chorus.

I didn't necessarily write it about anyone in particular, but whenever I hear it now I think about a certain girl I was borderline obsessed with at the time...so maybe I subconsciously wrote it about her. The funny thing is, when we released it she texted me to tell me how much she loved it, and all I could say was "Thanks".

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself here and learn more about the new album right here!

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