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Ozzy Osbourne Feared 'Lunatic In The Crowd' At Alamo

(Classic Rock) Ozzy Osbourne's fear of being attacked by a crowd reached a peak when he made a public apology last November for desecrating the Alamo monument in 1982, his son Jack has revealed.

The Black Sabbath frontman was banned from performing in San Antonio 34 years ago after he urinated on the war memorial while wearing a dress during a drunken episode. His action was viewed as desecration and the ban remained in place for 10 years, until he donated $10,000 to the Alamo memorial fund.

The moment he said sorry last November appears in reality TV series Ozzy And Jack's World Detour, which starts this weekend. Jack Osbourne tells EW.com: "We had to chop a bunch of things down in the edit, because it was really quite charged. There were a lot of people there.

"The city of San Antonio was great with allowing us access - but they totally threw us under the bus, announcing at a council meeting that we were coming.

"We remained relatively under the radar doing this show. Going to San Antonio and having that happen was just like, 'Oh, man.'"
He adds: "My dad is great with crowds. He's great with all that when it's in his setting. But in the 80s there was a lot of aggression towards what he does.

"He always worries - is there that one lunatic in the crowd? So that made him really uneasy." Watch the video clip here.

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Guns N Roses Pop Up Shop Takes Over Former CBGB Location

(Radio.com) Guns N Roses brought their reunion tour to the New York/New Jersey area this weekend, and the band's presence is being felt on both sides of the Hudson River. Their concerts actually take place in New Jersey on Saturday and Sunday night at Metlife Stadium.

But New York are getting a bit of GNR love as well, in the form of a Guns N Roses pop-up store, which have taken over the John Varvatos Store at 315 Bowery (which is the former location of the iconic venue CBGB).

GNR have a history with that room. The original version of Guns N Roses - Axl Rose, Slash, Duff McKagan, guitarist Izzy Stradlin' and drummer Steven Adler - played CBGB in 1987. Read more here.

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Megadeth Show Us The 'Post American World'

(Metal Hammer) Megadeth have released a video for their track Post American World, taken from latest album Dystopia. The promo features Lamb Of God drummer Chris Adler, who guested with Dave Mustaine's band for their 15th record - and who's now been replaced permanently by Dirk Verbeuren.

Mustaine says: "Post American World was an eerie video shoot right from the beginning. Shot in just one day with only our guitars and drums, I knew that this was going to be amazing.

"There's something to be said about the simplicity of an artist and only his guitar or drums. This is a less-is-more concept, and director Jake Macpherson nailed it." Watch the video here.

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Woman Sues Vince Neil For Alleged Assault

(Classic Rock) Former Motley Crue singer Vince Neil is being sued for $75,000 by a California woman over an alleged assault in Las Vegas in April. Neil is accused of having assaulted the woman while she was trying to get an autograph from his lunch companion, actor Nicolas Cage, at the Aria Hotel.

Broadly reports the lawsuit, filed in US federal court by registered nurse Kelly Guerrero, claims she was trying to get Cage's attention as he was wrestling with Neil, alongside comedian Carrot Top, as the three were leaving the hotel.

The suit states: "Then, as Mr Cage let go of Vince Neil and was walking away, Vince Neil attacked Kelly without warning or provocation. Neil grabbed Kelly's hair from behind, yanking her down to the pavement on her back."

The nurse adds that Cage came to her rescue by grabbing Neil in a headlock and shouting at him to "stop this sh*t now." When the actor released him, Neil allegedly assaulted another woman, who ran out the hotel entrance. Read more and watch video here.

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Slipknot Frontman Corey Taylor Shares Vivid 'Iowa' Memory

(Metal Hammer) Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor has reflected on recording the band's Iowa album, in particular, the record's title track. The follow-up to their self-titled 1999 debut was released in 2001 and was a major success across the globe, spawning the singles The Heretic Anthem, released as Heretic Song, Left Behind and My Plague.

But it's the album's sprawling 15-minute title track that Taylor remembers recording most vividly. He exclusively tells Metal Hammer: "The biggest memory for me was recording Iowa naked, cutting myself up with a broken candle.

"That was probably the one memory that comes out. It was the one time that producer Ross Robinson didn't come in the vocal booth with me. He probably wouldn't have had a good time in there with me naked!"

Speaking in 2011 about the recording session, former drummer Joey Jordison said Iowa was "probably the scariest track of all time." Read more here.

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Keith Richards Says Beatles 'Were Never Quite There' Live

(Radio.com) Like everyone else, The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards was a Beatles fan, but he says in a new interview that they weren't a particularly great live band.

"Musically, the Beatles had a lovely sound and great songs. But the live thing? They were never quite there," the legendary guitarist tells the Radio Times.

And while Richards was friends with The Beatles in their early years, he "excommunicated" them in 1967 after they became influenced by mystic leader Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, NME reported. Read more here.

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Ramones Get New York City Street Renamed After Them

(Classic Rock) A street in New York City is set to be named Ramones Way in honor of the legendary punk rock band, according to Joey Ramone's brother Mickey Leigh

A street in the Forest Hill area of Queens will be given the new name sometime in September or October, Leigh reveals in an online post via the Joey Ramone Facebook page.

Leigh says: "Persistence, and patience, paid off. Yesterday, I received a call informing me that the bill was passed approving a street in front of Forest Hills High School be renamed Ramones Way. Hey Ho. Way to go!" See the full post here.

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King Crimson Announce 'Radical Action' Box Set

(Prog) King Crimson will release their Radical Action To Unseat The Hold Of Monkey Mind multi-disc box set on September 2. It will be available as a 3CD/1Blu-Ray set, and also in a limited edition 3CD/2DVD/1Blu-Ray version.

The collection includes performances from their UK, Canada and Japan tours last year - featuring every song and piece performed by Pat Mastelotto, Bill Rieflin, Gavin Harrison, Mel Collins, Tony Levin, Jakko Jakszyk and Robert Fripp. They issued a bootleg of their live show at Toronto's Queen Elizabeth Theatre earlier this year.

Their label DGM said: "How about a full live album gathering together the complete King Crimson setlist compiled from numerous nights and selected performances? In response to overwhelming demand for video of the group's shows, the multi-disc set will come with selected in-concert footage." Read more here.

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Alice In Chains' Cantrell Reflects On Musical Goodbye To Layne Staley

(Metal Hammer) Alice In Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell says he still has a hard time listening to the Black Gives Way To Blue, the group's 2009 tribute to their original frontman Layne Staley.

After struggling with severe drug addiction, Staley died in his Seattle apartment in April 2002 from a mixture of heroin and cocaine while the band were on hiatus.

The remaining members regrouped in 2005 for a three-year run of reunion shows that featured a variety of singers, including former Madfly and Comes With The Fall vocalist William DuVall, who joined Alice In Chains in the studio for their 2009 comeback album Black Gives Way To Blue.

The project's title track saw a guest appearance by Elton John on piano as the band offered a public goodbye to their fallen bandmate. Cantrell exclusively tells the latest edition of Metal Hammer: "That song really set it in stone, because we had to properly address Layne's death and say goodbye to our friend. We had done it privately, but if we were going to do this, we had to do it publicly. It's a beautiful song and it's still really tough for me to listen to." Read more here.

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Papa Roach's New Album Carries A 'Strong Message'

(TeamRock Radio) Papa Roach bass player Tobin Esperance says the band's upcoming ninth album carries a "strong message." The band hope to release the follow-up to 2015's F.E.A.R early next year, with a new single to come later in 2016.

Esperance tells 99.7 The Blitz: "It has got a lot of energy. It's old-school P-Roach to its truest form, and it's also got an adventurous side to it. There's a lot of surprises. There's a lot of big beats. The message is strong."

Papa Roach are putting plans in place for a 2017 tour with a mystery big-name co-headliner. Watch the full video interview segment with Esperance here.

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Steve Vai Announces Passion And Warfare Anniversary Tour

(TeamRock Radio) Steve Vai has announced a North American tour to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his album Passion And Warfare. So far 20 dates have been announced, with more to follow.

Vai had the following to say about the trek: "The enjoyment that the band is having and the audience response to the shows we are playing in Europe has taken us a bit by surprise.

"There is deep appreciation from us in having the opportunity to honor this record with this tour and we are smiling every moment of it." Check out the tour dates here.

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Terror Cancel Tour And Festival Appearance For Medical Reasons

(TeamRock Radio) Terror have pulled out of their scheduled appearance at the This Is Hardcore festival in Philadelphia next month and also cancelled their August tour dates.

The Los Angeles hardcore heroes revealed in an online post that they have had to step back from touring as frontman Scott Vogel is recovering from neck surgery.

The band had been performing without their singer after his surgery in July to repair "a three level posterior decompression," but have opted not to go ahead with August's schedule. Vogel says: "Sorry for the let down." See the post here.

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Pixies Announce UK Winter Tour

(Classic Rock) Pixies have announced a run of six UK winter dates. The tour is in support of the Pixies' upcoming sixth album Head Carrier, due for release on September 30.

The band will perform in London, Leeds, Glasgow, Newcastle and Manchester in November and December on the back of a string of previously announced European shows.

Frontman Black Francis recently revealed the new album includes a song that is a "thank-you letter" to former bassist Kim Deal, sung by her replacement Paz Lenchantin. See the tour dates here.

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Five Finger Death Punch Look Forward To Next Chapter

(Metal Hammer) Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Zoltan Bathory says that he is looking forward to the band moving on to the "next chapter" in their career. The band are recording one final album for their label Prospect Park before switching to a new deal with Rise Records.

It follows an acrimonious split with Prospect Park, who sued the group over claims they reneged on a contract to record a new album along with a greatest hits package.

Bathory tells 93X: "This is our last record with the label that we've been with. We've accomplished a lot of great things together, there's no doubt about it.

"And there's a next chapter in our lives, and this is what it is. And hopefully it doesn't become an ugly ex-wife." Watch the full interview segment here.

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Dez Reveals Inspiration For New Devildriver Album Title

(Metal Hammer) Devildriver mainman Dez Fafara says the title for the band's latest album was inspired by a sticker on his fridge. Their seventh album was called Trust No One and was issued earlier this year. But Fafara reveals a sticker in his home had him toying with the idea for a different title.

He tells Full Metal Jackie: "I raised my children with a huge sticker on the refrigerator for a long time saying Question Authority. And Trust No One is basically along those lines.

"I don't think that Question Authority would have worked for a title. But you've gotta really watch people, and you've gotta watch them before you bring them into your circle, and after you do bring them into your circle, then you've gotta watch them even closer." Read more here.

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Don Broco Release 'Everybody' Video

(TeamRock Radio) Don Broco have released a video for their new track "Everybody". It comes ahead of their UK tour later this month, which will see the band play their albums Priorities and Automatic in full on consecutive nights.

Don Broco frontman Rob Damiani says of the track: "It sounds like Don Broco, but at the same time I don't think it sounds like anything we've ever done before.

"It's got elements from Automatic in, it's got elements from Priorities in and it's also got a lot of new ideas. It's just an out and out banger." See the tour dates and watch the video here.

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Sabaton Streaming New Song 'Blood Of Bannockburn'

(Metal Hammer) Sabaton have released a lyric video for their track Blood Of Bannockburn. The song from the Swedish band's upcoming eighth album The Last Stand tells the story of the landmark Scottish victory over the English in the 1314 battle.

Sabaton share details of the historic fight: "Nine years after the execution of William Wallace, the Scottish laid siege upon Stirling Castle and an agreement was made that if it had not been relieved by mid-summer, the English would surrender the castle to the Scottish. The English could of course not ignore that challenge, and sent a formidable force north towards Stirling to break the siege and relieve the troops inside.

"In the end, Robert the Bruce and the Scottish defeated the English under Edward II's command with a force half the size and not nearly as well equipped of what the English had at their disposal." Check out the song and read more here.

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Periphery Streaming New Song 'Prayer Position'

(Prog) Periphery have released a stream of their track "Prayer Position". It's taken from their forthcoming album Periphery III: Select Difficulty, which is due out on July 22. It follows their animated video for Marigold and their stream of track Flatline.

Guitarist Jake Bowen said: "For the past couple of years we've been refining our collaborative process, and we feel that it's only getting better with the completion of this album.

"We spent two months writing songs that are not only representative of the Periphery sound, but also reflect where all of us are as musicians. Working together has helped us tread new ground musically and creatively." Stream the song here.

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Justin Bieber Selling $195 Marilyn Manson Shirt

(Metal Hammer) Justin Bieber has released a t-shirt featuring an image of Marilyn Manson and the slogan "bigger than Satan" - for which fans will have to fork out almost $200.

The top is an exact replica of one pop star Bieber has been wearing on stage on his recent Purpose tour dates and he's now selling them to fans via Barneys New York at $195 each.

Earlier this year, Manson got wind that Bieber had worn one of his t-shirts and responded by posting an image to Instagram of him wearing a Bieber t-shirt, along with the caption "bigger than Bieber." Read more here.

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How Jon Anderson Helped Inspire Michael Jackson's Thriller

(Prog) Jon Anderson has recalled how the 1981 album The Friends Of Mr Cairo which he produced with composer Vangelis inspired Michael Jackson's smash hit album Thriller.

The former Yes man claims that producer Quincy Jones told him that he and Jackson took a guitar riff from the record and "made it funky" for the 1982 hit Billie Jean.

Anderson tells the new issue of Prog magazine: "The luck of the draw, I met Vangelis - a very different kind of musician, who started the trend of electronic music. Over the 80s we were evolving musically, not thinking about what was hip or what was good business.

"There's my classic story of how we inspired Michael Jackson's Thriller. Quincy Jones told me that he and Michael had been listening to our album, The Friends Of Mr Cairo.

"They took the riff and made it funky for Billie Jean. Quincy said he'd been recording our song State Of Independence with Donna Summer, and I said he had an incredible guy singing backing vocals." Read more here.

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Devil You Know Announce Third Time's A Charm UK Tour

(Metal Hammer) Devil You Know have announced their Third Time's A Charm UK tour which will take place in January. Led by former Killswitch Engage vocalist Howard Jones, it's the outfit's first UK headline tour after they were forced to cancel dates in 2014 due to visa problems. They'll be joined by The Westfield Massacre, Wearing Scars, and Brutai on the live dates - their last in the touring cycle for second album They Bleed Red.

Guitarist Francesco Artusato says: "We are looking forward to performing a lot of new material from They Bleed Red, some of which has yet to be ever played live. We can't wait to finally be able to give our amazing UK fans the hour-long, full DYK live experience in an intimate setting and these shows are not to be missed.

"The supporting bands for these shows are killer from top to bottom and it's something that I am going to watch every night as well. It will also be our first time touring in Russia, which is going to be insane.

"We can't wait to meet you all in what will officially mark the last tour of the They Bleed Red touring cycle. We have so much new music that we are going to turn around a new album to get back out summer of 2017." See the dates here.

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Slayer Releasing New Comic Book

(Classic Rock) Slayer are working with publisher Dark Horse on a three-part comic book title based on their revenge-themed videos for songs Repentless and You Against You - which share a story arc written by director BJ McDonnell. The first issue, Slayer: Repentless Volume 1, is due out later this year.

Guitarist Kerry King tells Rolling Stone: "I think of the songs I write as stories. And if nothing else, they are certainly visual. BJ managed to string it all together so it made sense."

The comic's writer Jon Schnepp describes the story as "a road journey - like a road movie of horror - and it goes across many states. It isn't a mystical or supernatural story. It's a straight-up human story of terror." Read more here.

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Korn Frontman Reflects On 'Culture Shock' Of First Europe Tour

(Metal Hammer) Korn frontman Jonathan Davis says it was a "culture shock" when the band first visited Europe. Speaking on a new documentary charting the band's 2016 European tour, Davis reflects on their 1995 debut across the continent with Primus - and reports it was like visiting another planet when their plane eventually touched down.

Davis says: "We've been playing in Europe for more than 20 years. I remember our first tour ever in Europe was Korn and Primus. The plane got delayed, we sat in the airport for hours, and when we got on the plane, we got halfway to Europe and they said they were having problems and we might have to turn back.

"Somehow, we ended up there and started our first tour of Europe. I can remember getting off the plane and feeling like I stepped on to a different planet. Everything was so different - the beer was different, the people were different, the food was different. It was a huge culture shock for me and the rest of the guys.

"We did that tour and it was pretty crazy, amazing and insane all at the same time." Read more and watch the documentary here.

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Syd Arthur Expand Tour Of UK and Ireland

(Prog) Syd Arthur have announced an extra run of UK and Ireland tour dates for later this year. The band had previously announced six shows for October. Now they've announced a further eight concerts which will take place at the end of October and into November.

They've lined up the performances in support of fourth album Apricity, which is set for release on October 21. Vocalist Joel Magill said: "This album is the distillation of everything we have been exploring in our music up until now. It points forward into a new world of sonic development for us, in the songwriting and scope of what we are trying to achieve."

He adds: "It seems like only a few weeks back we set off to Los Angeles to record with Jason Falkner at our friend Jonathan Wilson's amazing studio in Echo Park. Recording to two-inch analogue tape, we set about the album in this most creative Californian space before returning to the UK for final mixing at our humble studio in Canterbury." Check out the dates here.

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Nightwish's Dark Passion Play Saved Member's Mental Health

(Prog) Nightwish keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen says the Finnish band's 2007 album Dark Passion Play saved his mental health. The sixth studio effort saw the symphonic metal group working with new lead singer Anette Olzon following the dismissal of original vocalist Tara Turunen in 2005.

As 10-months of production costs skyrocketed past 800,000 - including a pricey eight-day session at Abbey Road studios in London - the band remained confident in the music while harbouring some concerns over fan reaction to the lineup change and new musical directions that included ballads.

Holopainen exclusivey tells Metal Hammer: "I'm still really, really proud of the results. The whole band was very inspired and we were all really confident about the material. The Poet And The Pendulum, Bye Bye Beautiful and Master Passion Greed were all borne out of the turmoil we'd gone through.

"It would be an exaggeration to say Dark Passion Play saved my life, but it definitely saved my mental health." Read more here.

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Final Lineup For Bloodstock 2016 Announced

(Metal Hammer) 2016's installment of Bloodstock is almost upon us and the festival have just announced the final bands for the metal weekender. Storming into the Jagermeister stage across the three days in Derbyshire is a smorgasbord of homegrown heavy talent.

Heading into the orange tent on Friday will be Chasing Dragons, Fueled Hate, Vrona, Two Tales Of Woe, The Hyena Kill and Isarnos. Saturday welcomes Broken, Zlatanera, Vicious Nature, Pulverise, Vice and Cybernetic Witchcult. And Sunday sees Outright Resistance, Jukebox Monkey, Sodomized Cadaver, Dirty King, Attica Rage and Aklash take to the stage.

These British upstarts will join the previously announced heavyweights of Twisted Sister, Mastodon, Gojira, Slayer, Behemoth, Anthrax, Venom, Satyricon and more. See the full lineup here.

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Guitar Amp Giants Marshall Launch Record Label

(TeamRock Radio) Guitar amplifier giants Marshall have launched their own record label. Marshall Records is headed up by producer Rob Cass, music industry veteran Steve Tannett and Marshall Brand Licensing Director Grace Pantony.

Marshall say: "If we make the amplifiers that enable guitarists to make music, and we produce products for their fans and music lovers to listen to their music, then it makes sense that we join those two things together and help bands and musicians record, promote and perform their music.

"And that is exactly why we have created Marshall Records. Marshall Records is the next logical step in Marshall's evolution and is a keystone in the Marshall story." Read more here.

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A Look Back At Sublime's Self-Titled Album 20 Years Later

(Radio.com) Sublime's self-titled album turns 20 this month. The third--and final--album of their career, it took the band from the Warped tour to multi-platinum sales. Sadly, by the time the album was released, frontman Bradley Nowell had died from a drug overdose.

Many fans were unaware of his passing; to them, Sublime was a brand new band just starting to dominate alternative rock radio, as the format moved on from the grunge sound. Sublime sold over 6.6 million copies in the U.S., and yielded a number of radio and MTV hits, including "Santeria," "Doin' Time," "Wrong Way" and, of course, "What I Got."

But few know the real story behind the Long Beach, CA band's groundbreaking album. Over the course of several interviews with band members and producers, we discovered--among other things--that "Doin' Time" almost never came to be, that producer David Kahne almost quit after just one day with the band, and that the album almost never saw the light of day.

Jon Phillips, Band Manager: I signed them to Gasoline Alley. There was finally a recording budget, which they'd never had before. I just wanted to hear Bradley and Sublime record in different environments with producers that they hadn't worked with before.

[Two producers were selected; David Kahne, who had produced Fishbone's early albums, and Paul Leary of the Butthole Surfers, who had produced the Meat Puppets' 1994 breakthrough Too High to Die, which gave the band their first radio hit with "Backwater." Phillips convinced Kahne to fly from New York to LA to produce the tracks at Total Access Studios in Redondo Beach. The studio was used by Pennywise, No Doubt and was close to home for the band. Then, Sublime would fly to Texas to record with Leary.]

Phillips: Bradley, Miguel and David went in the first day. I don't even think the full band was there at that point. Sublime had demos that they had completed. They had the original version of 'What I Got" so that was one of the songs that they were going to work on. I remember the morning after the first day in the studio I was lying in bed about 7:30 and my phone rang, it was David Kahne calling me from his hotel room down the street from Total Access and told me "Hey, Jon, I don't want to waste your money. I think that I should go home. These guys just aren't ready. I don't know what's going on. They're just not prepared to make the type of record I want to make." I told David, "Look, they're not used to working in the professional environment that you're used to working in. Sublime came from the punk rock world." I felt that he needs to give it a chance because I knew they'd be like the kid that crammed the night before the final exam and still came out with an A minus. I convinced David to go back there and after day two he told me they'd had a heart to heart. I think they'd addressed some of Brad's "usage" because I think that might have been having an effect.

]During the sessions with Kahne, they recorded 'What I Got," 'April 29th, 1992," 'Doin' Time" and 'Caress Me Down."]

Kahne: It was very strange. I'm in the garage in Redondo Beach and I went back to the hotel and said "What the f- am I doing?" I've done a lot of crazy records, but I think realizing the depth of Brad's talent was a major thing for me. But it was frustrating. So, I remember what Miguel said to me. He said, "Just do whatever you want." So I put the track together more like a hip-hop record than a band record.

For me it was just as simple as, here's a killer f-ing beat with an acoustic guitar playing over it and him going out there, and finally after two days he just went out and sang through it about three times and that was it. He just laid it down and I was just sittin' there going "F-, this is good."

So, the label wouldn't give them per diem money for fear of what they might spend it on. But they had an account at a sub shop and Brad would always get these Philly cheesesteaks with piles of pepperoncinis chopped up inside of it. So part of the ritual was every day at lunch there'd be these subs and they'd be eaten' and there were these two dogs--one was Lou Dog [Nowell's dalmatian], frequently seen in the band's artwork and videos] and the other was someone's Mastiff. And they would sit there and watch them eat and drool. And the drool would run out of the mouths of the dogs and there was this contest to see which dog's drool would go the farthest down to the floor without breaking. Read more here.

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Amon Amarth Expand Upcoming Euro Tour

(Metal Hammer) Amon Amarth have announced further dates for their European Jomsviking tour with Behemoth, Grand Magus and Testament. Shows in Sweden, Spain, Czech Republic and Hungary have been added to the previously announced dates.

Testament will be onboard as support for the gigs in the UK, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Spain and Portugal.

In Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark, Behemoth will be on the bill and Grand Magus will support on all dates. Behemoth frontman Adam 'Nergal' Darski says: "The last and only time we toured with Amon Amarth was over a decade ago when both our bands were conquering North America in a small sh*tty van.

"We are in a different place now and we are more then honored to be sharing the stage with those Norse men again. Scandinavia, you have been warned." See the dates here.

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Ginger Wildheart Releases 'If You Find Yourself In London Town' Video

(Classic Rock) Ginger Wildheart has released a video for "If You Find Yourself In London Town." The track comes from the Wildhearts star's 2015 album "The Year Of The Fanclub".

"The video and song is a letter to a younger me, trying to make a name for himself in the big city," says Ginger. "What to avoid and what to watch out for.

"I'd have loved to have had some advice back when I moved from the North East, but I didn't know anyone who had moved to London before me. This meant learning on the move, which was invaluable in gaining survival tips for my future. It was a very different place then, and well worth the cost of training to navigate." Watch the video here.

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