Day in Rock Report for 07/25/2016

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30 Arrested At Guns N' Roses Concert

(Classic Rock) A total of 30 people were arrested at Saturday night's Guns N' Roses show in New Jersey. The gig at the MetLife Stadium saw fans detained for a variety of reasons, with radio station New Jersey 101.5 reporting that one woman was taken into custody and charged with aggravated assault on a police officer.

Other offences that were confirmed by local police include disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, harassment, criminal trespassing, and drug possession.

Guns N' Roses are on the road on their Not In This Lifetime tour, which sees Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan reunited on stage together for the first time since 1993. Read more here.

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Lost Beatles Demo Discovered

(Radio.com) In 1964, Cilla Black released "It's For You," a song Paul McCartney and John Lennon wrote for her, which she took to No. 7 on the charts. Black passed away last year and while her family was going through her belongings they found the original demo which reportedly features the only-known version of McCartney on vocals.

The demo was found stuffed in a brown paper envelope, which had Black's name and the song title handwritten on it, reported NME. Black's family decided to showcase the demo to The Beatles Shop in Liverpool, England as part of a collection of her 21 demos. Immediately, the store manager knew it was something special.

"As soon as I heard 'It's For You', I thought: 'Oh God, that's not Cilla Black, it's Paul McCartney,'" Stephen Bailey told the Liverpool Echo. "I was shaking with excitement and speechless. Apart from a few crackles that you get with acetates, the quality is fine. It's a wonderful recording." Read more here.

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Ozzy Osbourne Announces Late Night TV Appearance

(hennemusic) Ozzy Osbourne and his son Jack will be among the guests on ABC-TV's Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday, July 26. The pair will be on hand to promote the July 24 launch of their new History channel series, "Ozzy & Jack's World Detour."

The 10-episode program sees the pair tour the world to visit a bucket list of iconic and historically significant spots that includes Mt. Rushmore, Stonehenge, The Alamo, Roswell, The Jamestown Settlement and Sun Studios, and a hit list of some fascinating sights and people that they've read about.

From a Cold War-era Missile Silo to Bletchley Park, gold miner Rattlesnake Randy's stream of dreams to vintage tank collector Allan Cors' private museum of working war machines, Ozzy and Jack get their eyes and hands on history.

"After The Osbournes TV show, my son chose to go behind the camera and he's got his own company," Osbourne told Rolling Stone in January following the pair's visit to Cuba for the program. "He said, 'Would you be interested in doing this show?' And I went, 'Oh, great, fine.' I just got back from Cuba last week, which, incidentally, if you get any chance to go over there you should go, mate. It's great." Read more and check out the preview video for Ozzy's new TV series here.

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Slayer Eject Fan From Show For Spitting On Tom Araya

(Metal Hammer) Slayer frontman Tom Araya has been captured on video reacting angrily to an audience member who spat on him. His band was preparing to perform at the Comic-Con in San Diego last week when the incident occurred.

In the clip, Araya - who's spent the previous moments laughing and joking with the crowd - is seen thanking them for their attendance. Just before he begins to play his expression changes and he singles out someone in the room, asking: "What was that about?" He repeats: "What was that about? Tell me!" then adds: "Someone just spit on me. What was that about?"

He continues to remonstrate with the person while the crowd begin to boo on the frontman's behalf, then start chanting: "Kick him out!" Araya keeps asking for an explanation until a roadie calls on house staff to remove the fan. While that's happening, Araya tells the rest of the audience: "I don't understand that." The show then begins as planned. Check out the video here.

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Jason Newsted Explains Why He Unplugged For New Project

(Metal Hammer) Jason Newsted says one of the reasons he's pursuing his acoustic project is because he achieved everything he could in heavy music while he was with Metallica.

He's happy for bands like Slipknot to take up the mantle - and admits he can't play "heavier and faster" the way he used to. He last week unveiled Would And Steal, a duo featuring Rob Tucker, which focuses on classic Americana.

Newsted says in a video: "After 30 years of playing heavy music, I've been around the globe about five times. I've already climbed that mountain. We got Grammy awards, the Hall Of Fame and all those different things. That's as far as you can go in that kind of music. It's someone else's turn to have fun in that music now."

He adds: "I can't play like Slipknot now. Those guys are heavier and faster than I could ever dream of playing now. This is how I can play, and this is what I'll do for the rest of time." Read more here.

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Late Megadeth Drummer Nick Menza's Memoir Set For Release

(hennemusic) Late Megadeth drummer Nick Menza's memoir, "Megalife: Nick Menza The Book", will be published on November 4th. Written with J. Marshall Craig, the project reportedly includes events immediately before and after Menza's death on May 21, 2016 when he suffered a heart attack during the third song of OHM's show at The Baked Potato in Studio City, CA.

Menza played on four Megadeth studio albums, including their 1990 classic "Rust In Peace" and 1992's "Countdown To Extinction." He exited the lineup in 1998, when knee problems and a benign tumor forced him to leave a tour in support of 1997's "Cryptic Writings."

A GoFundMe page has been set up to assist Menza's children's future education and living expenses; to date, the site has raised more than $6,000 towards a goal of $65,000. Read more here.

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Joe Perry Back On Tour With Hollywood Vampires Following Collapse

(hennemusic) Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry rejoined supergroup The Hollywood Vampires on July 22 for a show at Weill Hall in Rohnert Park, CA, just twelve days after collapsing during a concert in Coney Island, NY and video from the show has been posted online.

The band delivered their standard 21-song set of classic rock covers upon Perry's return after the rocker missed five concerts plus a charity performance after reportedly dealing with a serious bout of "dehydration and exhaustion."

During the second song of The Hollywood Vampires show at the Ford Amphitheater in Coney Island on July 10, Perry stumbled offstage and, according to sources, soon lost consciousness and apparently went into cardiac arrest, with police on the scene reviving him.

Following the incident, the Aerosmith guitarist was taken to Coney Island hospital, where he was listed in stable condition. Check out the videos from the show here.

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Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page Thanks Fans For Stairway Trial Support

(Classic Rock) Jimmy Page has thanked fans for their "positive energy" during the copyright trial over Led Zeppelin classic Stairway To Heaven. The guitarist, singer Robert Plant and bassist John Paul Jones all appeared in a California court last month to answer the allegation that the song's opening riff had been lifted from Spirit track Taurus.

The claim was dismissed after a jury backed Led Zeppelin's position, led by the argument that the chord sequence in question was too common a musical device to be protected by copyright law.

Page says: "A few weeks have passed since the judgement, with the jury reaching a unanimous decision in a remarkably short time. Throughout the lengthy journey to that verdict, and even more recently, I have received and been aware of the overwhelming wave of support, encouragement and congratulations that has been deeply moving."

He adds: "I'd like to take this opportunity to personally thank all those who contributed such a positive energy to me." Read more here.

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Eric Clapton Auctions Guitar To Help Asleep At The Wheel Star

(hennemusic) Eric Clapton has raised $45,000 for the family of former Asleep At the Wheel guitarist Johnny Nicholas by auctioning off one of two guitars he played during his 70th birthday shows at the Royal Albert Hall in London last year.

On July 23, Heritage Auctions in Dallas, TX confirmed the Fender Stratocaster sold for more than twice its pre-auction estimate. Clapton offered the guitar to the Nicholas family to help raise money for medical bills and continued Leukemia research when Johnny's wife, Brenda, was diagnosed with the disease; sadly, she lost her battle last month.

A noted blues player, Johnny was a member of the Grammy-winning Asleep At The Wheel before he and Brenda settled in Texas Hill Country to raise their family. During his time with the band, Johnny became close friends with Clapton and their friendship has endured to the present day.

Todd Krause built the tobacco sunburst Masterbuilt Stratocaster for Clapton at the Fender Custom Shop in 2014. Read more here.

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Five Finger Death Punch Release 'I Apologize' Video

(Metal Hammer) Five Finger Death Punch have released a video for their track "I Apologize." The song originally appeared on the deluxe edition of their 2015 album Got Your Six.

The band say: "The video is a dark, somber metaphor that speaks for itself. I don't think we need a parallel narrative to explain it or emphasise its impact as almost everyone knows someone struggling with some form of addiction. It's real for everybody.

"We have even been losing exceptionally bright, talented people who you'd assume know better. No matter how much support you provide, ultimately it's everyone's own decision to face their demons or perish." Watch the video here.

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Ronnie James Dio's Solo Career Was Unplanned

(Classic Rock) Ronnie James Dio's solo career came about after a series of unplanned events, Dio drummer Vinny Appice has recalled. He believes the iconic vocalist, who died in 2010, had no clear direction for the band when he formed it in 1982 - and he'd expected to remain with Black Sabbath instead.

But arguments over the Live Evil album led to Dio and Appice quitting Tony Iommi's band - and a change of direction for the singer's solo project. Appice tells the Silk And Steel Power Hour: "Ronnie had a solo deal while he was in Black Sabbath. His first plan was to stay with Black Sabbath and do a solo record with all his friends on it.

"He wanted me to play on it, Cozy Powell, all his friends in different bands. It would be like an all-star album. Then things soured up with Sabbath. Things got a little bit funky, and he decided, that's it, he's leaving. Then it became, he's going to use that record deal to launch a new career. That's when he asked me if I wanted to join, and I said yes." Read more here.

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Phil Anselmo's Scour Announce Debut Live Performance

(Metal Hammer) Phil Anselmo's Scour will make their live debut at Bergen's Blastfest in Norway on February 23 next year. Scour recently released their self-titled debut EP.

The supergroup featuring Cattle Decapitation's Derek Engemann, former Animosity man Chase Fraser, Strong Intention's Jesse Schobel and Pig Destroyer's John Jarvis will headline the metal event. They join the Devin Townsend Project, Dying Fetus, Between The Buried And Me and many more bands over the weekend from February 23-25.

Anselmo previously said: "The Scour thing was just something that popped up - it's something I think I can kill, I can lay it out. It's predominantly modern-ish thrashy black metal stuff. I'm going to put my own spin on it.

"I don't have to sound like your boy from Gorgoroth to get the point across - there's other ways of singing over that style of music, and I shall employ many styles." Confirmed acts can be viewed here.

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Hatebreed, Devildriver, Devil You Know Announce Fall Tour

Hatebreed have announced that they will be hitting the road this fall with DevilDriver and Devil You Know for a new North American tour leg in support of their latest album "The Concrete Confessional".

The trek is scheduled to kick off on September 23rd in Tucson, AZ at Club X and will be wrapping up on October 28th in Poughkeepsie, NY at The Chance.

Frontman Jamey Jasta had the following to say about the upcoming road trip: "Here we go again. If we're bringing the mosh to your city, we wanna see you in the pit. Thank you to everyone who made the first leg of the tour a massive success.

"We're grateful to be headed back out to play a bunch of great places we haven't been to in awhile. See you this fall." See the dates here.

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Axl Rose Explains AC/DC's Longevity

(Classic Rock) Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose has discussed AC/DC's longevity in new promotional video as he gears up for a run of US shows with the Australian giants.

They'll play 10 concerts starting next month with Rose performing in place of Brian Johnson, who was forced to bow out in March to avoid suffering a total loss of hearing.

In the video below, Rose says: "Everybody has an AC/DC story. Every person knows some time in their life, there was an AC/DC song that they did something with. They have a memory attached to it."

Guitarist Angus Young adds that the band's fans still drive them, saying: "The fun part is, when we get on the stage, seeing it come to life in front of the audience." Watch the video here.

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Iron Maiden Among Top Grossing Tour Of 2016 So Far

(Classic Rock) Iron Maiden have secured the no.8 spot on the Top 10 Highest Grossing Tours list for the first half of 2016. Their extensive run of dates in support of their latest album The Book Of Souls has seen them make more than $35 million in sales - with almost 540,000 people attending their shows so far.

Former Pink Floyd man David Gilmour climbed to no.6, edging out the metal Brits by $7m on his Rattle That Lock tour. The Rolling Stones also powered to no.5 with their first South American stadium run in more than a decade. The group have raked in $488 million at the gate since their 50th anniversary shows in late 2012.

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band beat big acts such as Madonna, Beyonce and Coldplay to the top spot with his promotional tour for the deluxe reissue of his 1980 double album The River - grossing more than $135m and selling more than 1.1m tickets. Read more here.

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King 810 Stream New Song 'I Ain't Goin Back Again'

(TeamRock Radio) King 810 have released a stream of their track "I Ain't Goin Back Again." The band have been out of the limelight recently, working on the follow-up to 2014's Memoirs Of A Murderer.

Frontman David Gunn recently told Metal Hammer: "This record has a sense of self. Memoirs was fragmented - it was playing someone else's game or some pre-established rules.

"This one doesn't have those rules. There is no record like this one." It's expected before the end of the year via Roadrunner. Check out the stream of the new song here.

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Soilwork Preview 'Death Resonance' Release

(Metal Hammer) Soilwork have released a teaser trailer for their upcoming Death Resonance release. The collection of rare and unreleased tracks will launch on August 19th.

Soilwork say: "Death Resonance compiles 15 rare and unreleased tracks ranging all the way back to Stabbing The Drama. Many of these tracks were previously only available in Asia."

Last month, the band released a lyric video for their track Helsinki from the collection. Soilwork will head out on the road again next month for a run of European shows. See the dates and watch the trailer here.

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Blackberry Smoke Stream New Song 'Waiting For The Thunder'

(Classic Rock) Blackberry Smoke are streaming their new song "Waiting For The Thunder". The track comes from the country-rock outfit's forthcoming album Like An Arrow, which is due out on October 14. It can be pre-ordered on their website.

Singer and guitarist Charlie Starr tells Rolling Stone: "Simply put, it's a rock'n'roll song. It's the statement we want to make, musically. Lyrically, I think maybe it touches on how crazy the world seems right now."

Blackberry Smoke bassist Richard Turner and two roadies were hailed heroes after rescuing three people from a burning car in April. The band have a number of North American dates scheduled over the coming months. See the dates and stream the new song here.

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David Bowie's Isolated 'Ziggy Stardust' Track Goes Online

(Radio.com) Many are still reeling from the death of David Bowie back on January 10th. While the iconic artist battled cancer for 18 months, he kept the news secret from his rabid fanbase, who over sixth months later are still coming to terms to life without the "Thin White Duke."

Bowie's 1972 concept album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars was a landmark and trailblazing effort in many ways. The effort spawned hits like "Sufferagette City," "Starman" and, of course, "Ziggy Stardust."

While it was posted two years ago, the isolated vocal track from "Ziggy Stardust" is just beginning to make the rounds. Fans can hear Bowie's distinct voice without accompaniment thanks to user "brainpicker" on Soundcloud. Take a listen to the chilling and amazing vocal track here.

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Twisted Sister Release AJ Pero Tribute Performance From New DVD

(hennemusic) Twisted Sister have released a new video clip where they pay tribute to their late drummer A. J. Pero on the performance of their 1985 single, "The Price", as featured on the newly-released live package "Metal Meltdown."

"Tonight is a tribute to A.J. Pero," frontman Dee Snider tells the crowd at The Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas during the May 30, 2015 concert, "and we would be remiss if we didn't dedicate this song to his memory. Because the rock and roll business - as wonderful and glorious as it is - has got a lot of surprises, like grunge, but we continue on. So this one's for you A.J.I know you're listening."

Pero passed away two months before the Las Vegas show from a heart attack while playing on tour with Adrenaline Mob. The band brought in acclaimed drummer Mike Portnoy for the tribute concert, which captures his debut performance with the group.

"The Price" was the third single from 1984's "Stay Hungry", which went on to earn triple platinum status for sales of more than 3 million copies in the US. Check out the video here.

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Tesla Streaming New Single 'Save That Goodness'

(hennemusic) Sacramento, CA rockers Tesla have released a new single, "Save That Goodness", from their upcoming release "Mechanical Resonance Live!," and are streaming the track online.

Written and produced by Phil Collen of Def Leppard - who they are touring with this summer across North America - the tune is the lone studio track on the project, due August 26.

"I first met the Tesla boys when we jammed with the band onstage at the infamous Paradiso Theater in Amsterdam 30 years ago," Collen tells Ultimate Classic Rock. "From then on we've been connected in one way or another."

According to Collen, Tesla bassist Brian Wheat heard "Save That Goodness" and told the veteran guitarist, "We should record this song and you should produce it."

"We listened to it and immediately loved it," says singer Jeff Keith. "He completely wrote it, but when we went in to record it, he let us put our own Tesla stamp on it, which was very nice. It's not a cover song, but you know, similarly, we've played lots of cover songs that work well for us, that we just kind of put our little Tesla stamp on it."

"From that moment, we've been writing, recording and getting totally inspired about making new Tesla music," adds Collen, calling the single "an explosive precursor to the dynamic new Tesla studio album due out in 2017" that the Def Leppard guitarist will produce. Check out the song here.

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Blues Pills Streaming New Song 'Little Boy Preacher'

(Classic Rock) Blues Pills have released a lyric video for their track "Little Boy Preacher." It's taken from the band's second album Lady In Gold, which is scheduled for release on August 5 via Nuclear Blast.

Singer Elin Larsson previously said: "Lady Gold is a character who symbolises death. We wanted a twist on the typical stereotype of death being the grim reaper. So instead we made her a lady in gold."

Blues Pills are currently on tour across Europe and last month released a trailer for the follow-up to their 2014 self-titled debut album. Check out the new song here.

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Twin Atlantic Release 'No Sleep' Live Video

(TeamRock Radio) A live video of Twin Atlantic playing "No Sleep" at the Isle Of Wight Festival has been released. The track is lifted from the band's upcoming fourth album GLA, due out on September 9. It's designed as a tribute to their home city, Glasgow.

Frontman Sam McTrusty said of the follow-up to 2014's Great Divide: "Glasgow is where we come from. It's laced in our blood, not to mention our art and vision. It's bold. It's in our voice. It's time to embrace it and not work around it."

He adds: "We've changed our approach to writing and recording. We turned the idea of a rock band upside down, conforming only to this one idea - to take back rock and roll, to give people something real again.

"You can't get more real than Glasgow. We've finally made the album we wanted to make." Watch the video here.

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The Cult Extend North American Tour

(hennemusic) The Cult have extended their North American tour in support of "Hidden City" with a newly-announced series of US dates through the summer and early fall.

Released earlier this year, "Hidden City" sees The Cult once again working with producer Bob Rock, who they teamed with for 1989's "Sonic Temple", 1994's self-titled album, 2001's "Beyond Good And Evil" and 2012's "Choice Of Weapon."

The band's 10th album is billed as the third and final installment in a trilogy of recordings that began with 2007's "Born Into This" and "Choice Of Weapon." See the dates here.

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