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Injury Kept Original Guns N' Roses Star From Reunion?

Original Guns N' Roses drummer Steven Adler recently gave a lengthy interview where he explained the reason for his limited involvement in the band's blockbuster reunion tour.

The reunion features original Guns N' Roses members Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan and Adler says in an interview with the One On One With Mitch Lafon podcast that he suffered a back injury during a rehearsal that prevented him from being part of the tour.

The drummer explained the injury and then reflected on his guest appearance with the band last summer. "I was playing twenty-five songs twice a day for two years. 'Cause once I found out [that the reunion] was probably gonna happen, I was, like, 'Yes! I'm gonna be ready and on top of it.'

"And then second rehearsal, I hurt my back and I had to have a minor surgery. I had a pinched nerve in the L4 [nerve root], and within an hour, I was out of the hospital and I was all better. And I talked to them, 'Let me come back,' but it didn't happen, and I was resentful.

"And then I talked to my sponsor and I was, 'Okay, you're right. I'm not gonna give in to resentment.' And then they called me, and I [said], 'Holy sh*t! Here it comes. This is gonna be so awesome.' I'm still smiling about it. I have dreams about it. My wife goes, 'What are you smiling about? You're sleeping and you're smiling.' And I go, 'I was on stage in front of seventy thousand people with Slash and Duff and Axl.' I just wish Izzy was there, but, sh*t, I got to do it. Thank you, God. 'Cause I wanted it for twenty-six years.

"All I did every day was, 'Please, God, let this happen. Let this happen. I wanna play with them again. I wanna do this.'" Listen to the full interview here.

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Paul Stanley Addresses KISS Reunion Speculation

There has been recent speculation that Ace Frehley may be reuniting with KISS but frontman Paul Stanley has dashed those hopes in a new interview with Billboard.

Stanley was asked about the possibility of a reunion with the original members and he responded, "No. And that's not coming from any place of animosity. I sang on Ace's most recent album and did a video with him. I have the connection and the reconnection and to celebrate the good things we've done together is terrific.

"The band as it is - I've played with Eric Singer for, I think, 25 years and Tommy's been in the band probably 15 years at this point. I have no thoughts of re-visiting the past.

"With that said, I am happy to enhance or do whatever I can for anyone who has helped put me where I am, but that doesn't include getting hitched again to somebody I unhitched from" .

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Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr And Joe Walsh In Studio Together

Ringo Starr was joined by his former Beatles bandmate Paul McCartney and legendary Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh in the recording studio this past weekend.

Starr broke the exciting news to fans via a series of tweets, beginning with a photo of himself with McCartney and the caption "Thanks for coming over and playing great bass. I love you man peace and love."

Ringo then posted a photo of himself, McCartney and Joe Walsh. He wrote, "And look Joe W. came out to play what a day I'm having peace and love." See that tweet here.

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Metallica Release Behind the Scenes Clip For 'Halo On Fire' Video

(Radio.com) James Hetfield showed the Oakland Raiders some love during Metallica's music video shoot for "Halo On Fire" in Oakland, California. The band posted a behind the scenes video revealing how they made the visual, and in the opening seconds Hetfield shouted out a man wearing a Raiders hat.

"Hell yeah," he said as he passed through the crowd to get to the middle where the rest of the band waits. The fan was so pumped he offers to buy everyone tacos. Just so long as they were Raiders fans.

Another fan explained how Metallica posted an open casting call on their website. "I came 3,000 miles to do this, so to be part of a Metallica music video? Man, it's living the dream," he said.

Besides interviewing participants and showing how they shot the performance playback, Metallica also revealed the details that went into the central fight scenes. "We practiced many times, but it was different at different stages of our practice," one of the women involved said. "At first, we would just do it in the RV and then here without any people and then with the people it was just a totally different level. It was so fun." Watch how Metallica made "Halo On Fire" here.

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Former Iron Maiden Members Return With V1, Stream First Song

V1, a new group featuring former Iron Maiden members have released a stream of a new song entitled "Don't Cause A Scene," which comes from their forthcoming debut album.

The group features early Maiden singer Dennis Willcock and guitarist Terry Wapram and Willcock had the following to say about the new project, "Well... just under two years ago I met up with Terry after 40 years... on both of us leaving Iron Maiden, yes leaving, we formed a band, V1 - he had some old recordings which I had never heard before, but so powerful were they that we took upon this mission to record a 2017 version plus some newbies.

"After 26 days of studio time we have finally reached completion - any hold ups but we made it - with Terry, Dwight (Wharton), Chas (Charlie Borg), Gareth (Dylan Smith) and myself... job done!

"The product is in pressing stage and in the week I will post info on purchasing... hope you do! In the meantime here is a freebie track from the album for your listening... POWER ROCK to be played loud!" Stream the new song here.

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The Moody Blues Announce Days Of Future Passed Tour

The Moody Blues have announced that they will be hitting the road later this year to launch a 50th anniversary tour for their landmark album "Days of Future Passed."

The 1967 concept album made history with the fusion of a rock band and a symphony orchestra. The group will be breaking the shows on the tour up into two parts with them performing some of their biggest hits during the first half and then returning to play the iconic album in full during the second.

The tour is scheduled to kick off on June 3rd at the Agua Caliente Casino in Rancho Mirage, CA (Palm Springs area) and will conclude on July 23rd in Atlanta at the Chastain Park Amphitheatre. Read more including the dates here.

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Tool Working On Vocals For Long Awaited New Album

Tool appear to be inching closer to completion of their long awaited new studio album with news surfacing that the group has reached a new milestone in the recording process.

It has been over a decade since the band released their last studio album "10,000 Days" but last week the band updated fans via their website that frontman Maynard James Keenan is now working on the vocals for their new effort.

The site published this message to fans, "In speaking with Danny [Carey, drummer] last night, he told me that the band has temporarily moved some of their gear into a larger space (across town) where Maynard is working on vocals for some of the new Tool material.

"I'm sure that he has already been doing this to some extent, but now he has more room to breathe and a better vocal booth" here.

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Society 1 Release New Video Featuring Ministry's Sin Quirin

Society 1 have officially returned and have released a new music video for their track "It's Yours Now" which features a guest appearance from Sin Quirin of Ministry.

The song comes from the group's appropriately titled forthcoming album "Rise From The Dead", which is being released under a just inked deal they made with DSN Music.

Frontman Matt Zane had this to say, "It feels good to be back at it again, like an old lover who f***ed you better than anyone before or after. Everyone has those moments when you resurrect and reinvent. This album Rise From The Dead is one of those moments."

"For me this isn't so much of a return for the band but more a return of
my understanding of how necessary musical exploration is to my existence," added Zane. Watch the video

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The Browning Cancel Tour After Being Robbed In Italy

The Browning have launched a crownfunding campaign to help replace items that were stolen in a recent robbery in Milan, Italy which forced them to cancel their upcoming tour dates.

The band reports, "The list of things taken is extensive and the cost to replace everything is over $10k, not to mention all of our luggage and clothing. Most heart breaking of all, they have stolen all of our musical equipment.

"We literally have no way, to play our music live as our show files lived on 3 laptops, and 4 separate external hard drives, all of which were stolen. We have to cancel the rest of our European tour and we have to rebuild our live show from scratch."

They had this to say about their GoFundMe campaign, "We have never asked for our fans help because it should only be done when completely necessary, and to be completely honest, we NEED your help." Donations can be made here.

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Quiet One Documentary About Rolling Stones Bill Wyman Coming

(Gibson) It was recently announced at the Berlin Film Festival that the North American rights to the documentary The Quiet One had been acquired. The currently under-production documentary delves into the life of former Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman and covers his eventful career with one of the biggest musical acts of the last century.

"My life has been an extraordinary adventure," Wyman said. "The time feels right to delve into the archive and tell my story before I croak." Wyman was part of the Rolling Stones from 1962 to 1993.

During that time, he shot hours of film footage, thousands of photographs, collected an unbelievable amount of memorabilia and even kept a meticulous daily dairy, all of which offer fans the perfect insiders peek into the fascinating world of rock 'n' roll and the Stones. Read more here.

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Mew Release Video For New Track '85 Videos'

Mew have released a music video for their new track "85 Videos." The song comes from the group's forthcoming album "Visuals," which is set to be released on April 28th.

The new clip was directed by frontman Jonas Bjerre and he had the following to say about it, "I've been working a lot with kaleidoscopes lately. You have an image, or a sequence of images, and you snip out an angle, mirror it, and repeat it in a 360-degree angle. It's a beautiful thing, because almost no matter the state of the original image, it ends up a beautiful symmetrical, indefinable something.

"A picture of your messy desk turns into a strange flower. I like that you can't really envision what it will look like until you see it. I think our music is a bit like that too, even as we're working on it."

He continues: "I made a bunch of sequences, and crafted them into these ever-changing 'faces' that I then video-projected on to our actual faces. It's like wearing a mask made out of photons.

"You can say a lot of philosophical stuff about masks - but don't worry, I'm not going to. Hope you enjoy the video." Watch it here.

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The Haunted Reveal New Album Plans

The Haunted have announced that they plan to enter the studio to begin recording their new album, the follow-up to their 2014 release "Exit Wounds", which they expect to release some time later this year.

Guitarist Ola Englund had this to say, "After almost 2.5 years since the release of 'Exit Wounds', we're finally hitting the studio again. This time around we have chosen Russ Russell of Parlour Studios to record/mix the album, so we're heading over to UK early march to start with the drums.

"And telling from the pre-productions, this will be a bit more of a dynamic album than 'Exit Wounds', song-wise. I'm very excited to let the fans hear what we have in store. It's brutality and beauty in perfect disharmony."

Apart from recording, the band has also lined up a number of live dates this spring and summer including a European tour with Arch Enemy followed by their own headlining tour of Scandinavia. See the dates here.

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Kyros Release New Monster Music Video

Kyros have released a new music video for the title track to their recently released Monster EP and also discussed the reasons behind their decision to change their name from Synaesthesia back 2015.

Adam Warne explained the move in an interview with Prog magazine, who also premiered the new video on their website. He told the publication, "Basically, the band is a completely different set-up to how it used to be.

"When we were releasing the first album, it was essentially just me and two other guitarists who I was working with at the time. It was very much a studio project, but it was always my intention to go ahead and turn it into a band because I wanted to perform the music live.

"At the end of the recordings for the first album, I made it a mission to go ahead and put a band together, and to cut a long story short, the band is now here.

"I always felt that the name Synaesthesia was heavily tied to that studio project and the direction we were heading in was exploring new ground. There are also quite a few other bands and projects online called Synaesthesia, which made it quite difficult for us, and that had started to get in the way.

"So, we thought that it felt right to change the name, make a fresh start and treat this as a new beginning." Watch the new video here.

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Cursive's Tim Kasher Releases An Answer For Everything Video

Cursive and The Good Life frontman Tim Kasher has released a new music video for his track "An Answer For Everything." The song is the first single from his forthcoming solo album.

Watch the new promo clip here. Kasher will be releasing the new album, entitled "No Resolution", on March 3rd and he has announced that he will be offering two limited edition vinyl versions including a "blue with white splatter pattern that will be available through the 15 Passenger Bandcamp store and at Kasher's upcoming live shows, and a red and yellow splatter pattern on clear vinyl version that will be exclusive to independent record stores."

He has lineup a number of tour dates in support of the album, kicking off with a one off solo show at Union Pool in Brooklyn, NY that will take place on March 1st. Read more here.

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Soundgarden Stream 'Flower' Remix

Soundgarden have released a new remix of their song "Flower." It is one of the tracks that are featured on their forthcoming deluxe reissue of the "Ultramega OK" album.

The new deluxe edition of the 1988 album is set to be released on March 10th via Sub Pop and was remixed by famed Seattle producer Jack Endino and it took a few years for the band to find a label to release the reissue.

Guitarist Kim Thayil made the following comments back in 2014 about the deluxe edition (via Classic Rock), "Last year, Jack Endino and I spent a number of weeks remixing Ultramega OK and we're gonna search for a label and put it out with a beautiful, heavier, warmer mix from Jack, which is something we always felt we had to correct about that release." Stream the remix here.

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Fit For A King Have Over $10K Of Equipment Stolen

Fit For A King were the victim of a robbery this weekend when thieves broke into their trailer and stole several pieces of music equipment. The band is asking fans to purchase merch to help them offset the loss.

The group posted the following message to fans on Saturday (Feb 18th), "Today, the day before we leave for tour, we went out to our trailer to find all our guitars, basses, and an amp had been stolen. Over $10k of equipment.

"No shows will be cancelled, but if you are interested in helping replace what has been stolen, snag some merch from our store so you can have a token for your generosity. Thank you all." Visit their store here.

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Volumes Release New Video and Announce Album

Volumes have released a music video for their new single "On Her Mind (feat. Pouya)". The track comes from the group's just announced new album "Different Animals."

The new studio effort is set to hit stores on June 9th. Guitarist Diego Farias had the following comments, "We're very excited on this next release. "We have painstakingly worked on this album for the past 2+ years and all through so many ups and downs within our band. It's been a trip to say the least.

"However, we are so excited and proud with what we are about to give you, our fans, who have stuck by us, through the good and bad...with this album." Watch the new video here.

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Gamma Ray Offshoot The Unity Announce Debut Album

Gamma Ray offshoot band The Unity have revealed the details for their forthcoming self-titled debut studio album, which they will be releasing this spring.

The newly formed group spearheaded by Gamma Ray members Michael Ehre (drums) and Henjo Richter (guitar) have set a May 5th release date for their debut effort.

The album is set to be offered in various formats including a CD digipak that will include a poster, digitally (both download and stream) as well as a double gatefold vinyl LP version. Read more here.

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Rival Sons, Beck, Ben Harper Lead RIDE Festival Lineup

Rival Sons, The Temperance Movement, Beck, Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals are some of the leading acts that will be taking part in this year's RIDE Festival.

The annual music event that will be taking place on July 8th and 9th at Town Park in Telluride, CO and will also feature performances from The John Butler Trio, Kaleo, Jackie Greene, Rose Hill Drive and more.

The full RIDE Festival lineup, and additional information including ticket details, camping accommodations, etc can be found via the event's official website here.

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Everybody Panic Release 'Our Last Goodbye' Live Video

Everybody Panic! have released a new live video of their performance of their song "Our Last Goodbye" that was captured during their recent tour with Mushroomhead.

The group, which was formed in 2012, features vocalist Ty (Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt) on vocals, guitarist Provo (Skinlab/Rikets), and drummer Levi (Anti-mortem)

The new live clip comes as the band is currently at CaviGold Studios in Orange, CA working on new music, videos and more. Tours will be announced soon for spring/summer 2017. Watch the video here.

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