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Slipknot Being Replaced At This Year's Knotfest

Corey Taylor's Stone Sour and not Slipknot will be most likely be leading the lineup for this year's Knotfest events, the singer revealed in a new interview with Billboard.

Knotfest Mexico has been confirmed for October 28th in Toluca and this year's Ozzfest Meets Knotfest is expected to be announced on July 10th. Taylor told the publication that he would be performing with Stone Sour and not Slipknot at the events and he believes that a Knotfest without Slipknot will be good for the festival.

Taylor told Billboard, "I think in a lot of ways your festival has to live past you, or it's not gonna live at all. If it has to live and breathe on your presence, then it's not a festival, and it's not for anybody else but you." Read more here.

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Austin Carlile Remains Hospitalized But Shares Good News

Former Of Mice & Men frontman Austin Carlile shared with fans via social media that he has transferred to a California hospital from one in Costa Rica and also shared the big news that despite his heath struggles, he is working on new music.

Carlile left the band late last year over his health issues related to Marfan syndrome and took to Twitter to updates fans. On June 30th he tweeted, "It's been a while, but here I am. Week 3 in hospitals, flew from Costa Rica last week back to CA to be w/ my specialists here... progress...".

The next day posted a series of tweets: "Spent the past 8 months recovering from last Octobers spinal tears that forced me to leave band... during the past 3 months was receiving... a series of 24-34 injections in my spine, hips, & legs every 3 weeks. As well as weekly IV treatments..." Read more here.

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Former Warbringer Drummer Nic Ritter Dead At 36

Warbringer frontman John Kevill broke the sad news to fans via social media that the band's former drummer Nic Ritter died late last week at the age of 36 from drowning in his pool.

Ritter was a member of the band from 2008 through 2011 and was featured on the group's 2009 album "Waking Into Nightmares". Kevill initially broke the news to fans via his personal Facebook page on Friday. He wrote, "Got some awful news last night- Nic Ritter has died. I spent about 2 years on the road with this guy, and probably about 350-400 gigs. It really shook me up to hear he is gone. I had spoke to him recently but not seen him for many years and I'm kicking myself for it now.

"I will make a proper tribute when I've collected my thoughts a bit and learned more of the circumstances. As of now what I know is that he drowned in his pool. I wish I knew more, hopefully will find out soon. Very sad day. I wish I had got the chance to hang and catch up on old times- we never did." Read more here.

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Foo Fighters Debut Another New Song During Concert

(hennemusic) The Foo Fighters debuted a new song, "Dirty Water", during a July 3 performance at the AccorHotels Arena in Paris, France and video from the show has surfaced online.

It's the fifth track previewed in concert from the band's forthcoming album, "Concrete And Gold," following the live premieres of the lead single, "Run", "La Dee Da" and "The Sky Is A Neighborhood" at the Secret Solstice Festival in Iceland on June 16 and "Sunday Rain" at the Lucavsala festival in Riga, Latvia on June 21.

Due September 15, the group's ninth release was co-produced by the band and Greg Kurstin (Adele, Kelly Clarkson, Sia) and mixed by Darrell Thorp (Beck, Radiohead).

"I wanted it to be the biggest sounding Foo Fighters record ever," says Dave Grohl. "To make a gigantic rock record but with Greg Kurstin's sense of melody and arrangement… Motorhead's version of Sgt. Pepper… or something like that." Read more and watch the video here.

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Singled Out: Phear's Dirty Work

Power metal band Phear just released their brand new EP "The Curse Lives On" and to celebrate we asked guitarist Tyson Emanuel to tell us about the song "Dirty Work". Here is the story:

This track was one of the last tunes written and exercises a little creative freedom; a departure from the standard PHEAR sound where guitars are being 'pushed'. This one has more openness; 'air'. It was not premeditated however; there was a natural inclination to simply break free from the well-oiled machine.

It allowed the band to 'sing'; allowing vocal harmonies to take center-stage. The end result, sounding more akin to an Alice In Chains vibe despite its main riff being inspired by King's X. Most of our tracks utilize 7-string guitars and this one is no exception. The difference is that due to the hard-rock approach when the extended range is utilized it sounds extra dark and heavy.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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Avenged Sevenfold Stream Cover Of Mr. Bungle's 'Retrovertigo'

Avenged Sevenfold have released their cover of Mr. Bungle's "Retrovertigo" as the latest track that they have revealed following their most recent full length studio effort "The Stage".

Frontman M. Shadows had the following to say about why the band decided to record the cover, "We're massive fans of Mr. Bungle. 'Retrovertigo' is one of their softer songs and a particular favorite of ours and we thought it'd be a fun twist to make a heavy version.

"We hope this song encourages the uninitiated to dig a little deeper into the brilliant world of Mr. Bungle. Mike Patton is one of the greatest vocalists of our generation and it was pretty daunting for me to sing one of his songs, but we had a great time recording this track. More coming." Listen to the song here.

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Metallica Discovered Way To Make Touring 'Tolerable'

(hennemusic) As Metallica prepare to resume their WorldWired trek in support of "Hardwired…To Self-Destruct" at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, FL tonight, July 5th, drummer Lars Ulrich explains the band's approach to touring in a new interview with Newsweek.

"Not only do we tour a lot on the back of records, but we also tour even when there's no records," says Ulrich. "Touring is obviously an important thing for us - to get out and run away with the rock and roll circus, and increasingly now, with more of the far corners of the world opening up in terms of infrastructure and production elements. So there are more places you can play and more countries you can visit. You can play your own shows, you can play festivals."

Now performing dates in their fourth decade on the road, Ulrich reveals that Metallica has found a work/life balance that keeps things in perspective for all involved. "We kind of found a way to do it in a way that's tolerable," he explains. "We do it in two-week increments so we never leave home for more than two weeks and no one goes off the deep end or loses their mind. You minimize the risk of the whole thing derailing into the black abyss. We managed to get a functioning, balancing dynamic. We never feel like we're away from our domestic situations for too long. It's working for us.

"For me, getting out there, I'd say in my day the two hours onstage is the safest place. There's no one to bug me. I'm the captain of my own ship up there and the best thing in the world is those two hours up on stage." Read more including the upcoming tour dates here.

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Iron Maiden Announce Limited Edition 'Hallowed' Beer

(hennemusic) Iron Maiden have announced that they will launch a new Belgian-style beer named Hallowed in October. Available for a limited period of four months, the new ale will be produced by independent UK family brewers Robinsons and follows the success of the original Trooper, which has sold over 15 million pints since its launch in 2013, and previous limited edition beers Trooper 666 and Red 'N' Black.

Hallowed was created by Robinsons' Master Brewer Martyn Weeks and Iron Maiden's lead vocalist Bruce Dickinson. "What makes this brew pretty special is that we're adopting a Belgian yeast for the first time," explains Dickinson.

"I'm a big fan of Belgian beers, so I jumped at the chance to brew my own. While I get very excited about experimenting with new formulas and ingredients, the thing about Belgian beer is that it's as much a way of life as it is a drink. We've tried to bottle that philosophy in Hallowed, albeit with a British twist." Read more here.

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Marty Friedman Streams New Solo Song 'Whiteworm'

Former 'Rust In Peace' era Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman has released a new track walled "Whiteworm." The song comes from his forthcoming new solo album.

Friedman will be releasing the new record, entitled 'Wall Of Sound', on August 4th. "Whiteworm" following the release of the new studio effort's first single "Self Pollution".

Marty spoke about the new song to Guitar World, telling them, "There are many unique playing, composing and arranging concepts on each song [on Wall Of Sound], and they are quite different from each other. In Whiteworm, it starts with an element that I like, which is to do something that 'doesn't sound like me'. I tend to sound like myself even when I'm not trying to, so it is a little thrill to come up with something that doesn't smell like me at all.

"Also, I think a subliminal goal in rock music is to have an intro that many people will want to pick up a guitar and play - 'Stairway to Heaven', 'Smoke on the Water', etc. Since those days, more challenging things can inspire people too. This intro would have made me run to a guitar to try to learn it when I was 15." Stream the song here.

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Live Expand Debut 'Mental Jewelry' For 25 Anniversary

Live have announced that they have expanded their debut album "Mental Jewelry" for a special 25th anniversary deluxe reissue which will be released on August 11th.

The special package will include liner notes from frontman Ed Kowalczyk as well as an unreleased studio track entitled "Born Branded" which was recording during the album sessions.

Other bonus material includes a club remix of the track "Pain Lies On The Riverside" by Public Enemy producer Hank Shocklee, a second disc containing a live recording that was captured during the band's July 16, 1992 performance at the Roxy in Los Angeles, and more. Read more here.

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ELP's Greg Lake Releases His Autobiography 'Lucky Man'

(Glass Onyon) Emerson, Lake & Palmer (ELP) icon Greg Lake has released his autobiography "Lucky Man" in the UK. We were sent the following details about the new book:

Greg Lake first won acclaim as lead vocalist, bass guitarist and producer when, together with Robert Fripp, he formed King Crimson. Their first album, the landmark In the Court of the Crimson King, co-produced by Greg, featured the iconic song "21st Century Schizoid Man." King Crimson pioneered progressive rock and paved the way for many famous bands that followed, from Yes and Genesis to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

In December 1969 Greg met fellow legend Keith Emerson at the Fillmore in San Francisco during a North American tour; the two shared common bonds: European musical influences and a desire to reinterpret classical works while creating a new musical genre. After being introduced to drummer Carl Palmer, they formed the first progressive rock supergroup Emerson, Lake and Palmer.

To date ELP has sold over 50 million records. Lake produced "Emerson, Lake & Palmer," "Tarkus," "Pictures at an Exhibition," "Trilogy," "Brain Salad Surgery," "Works Vol. 1 & 2," and two different live albums. All went platinum and featured a series of hit singles, most written and all sung by Lake. The three created a unique live theatrical performance which featured Emerson attacking his keyboards with knives, Palmer playing a 2.5 ton stainless steel kit and Lake performing on a £6,000 Persian rug which had its own roadie. One of their very first performances was at the historic Isle of Wight Festival in 1970 and they went on to headline California Jam, one of the biggest concerts of the 1970s, attended by 350,000 people.

Probably the voice of his generation, Greg fronted the greatest rock supergroup of the 1970s but never held with the "progressive" tag that attached itself to both the music and the excess. "Lucky Man" not only charts the highs and lows of a career in rock music but also reflects on the death of Keith Emerson last year, living with terminal cancer and the end of life. Greg can best be summed up by his now-famous line: "Material wealth is a very fleeting pleasure ... when you can buy anything you want and do anything you want, you soon discover that you actually don't want any of it." Watch the promotional video here.

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Linkin Park's Full Rock Werchter Performance Streaming Online

(hennemusic) Linkin Park headlined the third night of the Rock Werchter festival in Werchter, Belgium on July 1st and pro shot video of their performance is available to stream online.

The band's 23-song set mixed tunes from their latest album, "One More Light", alongside classic tracks at the annual four-day event, which also featured headliners Kings Of Leon, Radiohead and Foo Fighters.

The date is part of Linkin Park's month-long European tour, which closes with a July 6 show in Birmingham, UK before the group return home for North American dates starting in Boston, MA on July 27.

Co-produced by vocalist/keyboardist Mike Shinoda and guitarist Brad Delson, "One More Light" earned Linkin Park their sixth US No. 1 when the record debuted atop the US Billboard 200 upon its release in May.

The feat puts the California group in elite company as they joined a small list of rock bands that have scored at least six US chart-toppers, including The Beatles (with 19), The Rolling Stones (nine), Led Zeppelin and U2 (both with seven), and Bon Jovi, Dave Matthews Band, Eagles and Metallica - all with six each. Watch the video here.

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