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Ozzy Osbourne Officially Relaunches Solo Career

(hennemusic) Ozzy Osbourne performed his first solo show since the completion of Black Sabbath's farewell tour on July 14 at the Rock USA Festival in Oshkosh, WI, and video from the event has surfaced online.

Osbourne's 16-song set mixed solo hits and fan favorites, including the first appearances of the "No More Tears" track, "Desire", since 2003 and the "Diary Of A Madman" tune, "Believer", since 2008.

The metal legend also delivered four Sabbath songs, including "Fairies Wear Boots," "War Pigs," "Iron Man" and "Paranoid." Osbourne's 2017 shows see the return of guitarist Zakk Wylde to the lineup alongside longtime members Blasko on bass, drummer Tommy Clufetos and keyboardist Adam Wakeman.

"Big Ozzy thanks to the Oshkosh, WI Chapter for making it a crushing night!!!" tweeted Wylde. "It was a blast rolling w/The Boss & The Fellas once again!!!tBLSt" Check out the videos and read more here.

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Avenged Sevenfold Release New Song 'Dose'

(Radio.com) Avenged Sevenfold continue the rollout of new tracks with the release of 'Dose," a song that was originally intended to be part of the tracklisting on their latest album, "The Stage."

The track begins with a cowboy from hell sound and quickly dives into the band's signature screaming guitars and proceeds to take fans on a fantastical adventure. "Musically, 'Dose' was supposed to be a Part 2 to 'Roman Sky. and had a very cinematic feel, but we turned it into more of a tripped-out metal song," says vocalist M. Shadows.

"The lyrics were inspired by an unsolved mystery that dates back to the 1950s about an airline traveler who, if you believe the story, supposedly fell into our dimension from another. According to reports, he showed up in a Tokyo airport with a passport from a country that didn't exist anywhere on a map. He was detained for questioning, but mysteriously vanished from a room guarded by immigration officials, taking with him all evidence of his existence. It ties into the theory that there are infinite possibilities of our lives being played out across space and time. Don't know if the story is true, but I'm fascinated by that kind of stuff and thought it'd be a fun idea for a song."

The band recently announced that they're transforming the album into an evolving body of work by adding a series of new tracks over the course of the coming months. Watch the lyric/behind-the-scenes video for "Dose" here.

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Foo Fighters' 'Sonic Highways' Outtakes Go Online

(Radio.com) Longtime Foo Fighters producer Barrett Jones owns Laundry Room Studio, where much of the band's material has been recorded. In 2014, the Foos participated in Sonic Highways, the HBO documentary series that followed the production of their eighth studio album of the same name.

As a result, lots of high-quality footage from the sessions and discussions hit the cutting room floor. Jones and Laundry Room Studio have begun sharing outtakes from the experience, including some rough cuts of songs that appeared (and didn't appear) on the album.

Among them are early recordings of 'God Looks Down," 'Floaty" and 'Rent (Jerky Boys)." The newest track is 'Slackers Password," which was never released. In one video, Grohl listens to the demo while Jones makes some adjustments to the mix. Peek behind the scenes of the Foo Fighters' 2014 album here.

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Kid Rock Bolsters Senate Run With Two New Music Videos

(Radio.com) Kid Rock's Senate run has quickly gone from "will he or won't he?" to "he definitely will." The rocker launched a site for his political campaign this week ("Kid Rock for Senate: Pimp of the Nation/Party to the People/In Rock We Trust") and unveiled two new music videos for "Po-Dunk" and "Greatest Show on Earth."

Rock promised new material as a supplement to his political ambitions, cross-pollinating his message with lyrics and music video visuals. "Like politicians write books during their campaigns, I'm planning on putting out music during mine and IT ALL STARTS TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT," Rock promised.

Up first is "Po-Dunk," a country rock track on which he boasts about his "yard full of chickens and barn full of trucks." Bikini-clad women (political supporters, presumably) are pictured firing guns and drinking beer in rural Michigan.

On "Greatest Show on Earth," Kid Rock returns to rap-rock form and brags: "I'm a space age cowboy shootin' the moon/ I'm a full-blown, down-home rollin' stone/ I'm a cyclone of s*** wherever I roam." Watch his two new videos here.

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Queen Confirm Details About Freddie Mercury Biopic

(Radio.com) Queen have provided some new details about the upcoming Freddie Mercury biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody. Rumors have been circulating about the movie for the past few years, but specific information has been lacking -- until now.

On Friday morning (July 14), the band posted news about the movie on their website. The film is due for release next year, and it will be directed by Bryan Singer, who previously worked on the X-Men series.

Mr. Robot star Rami Malek will play Queen's iconic frontman Mercury. "Rami has great presence and he's utterly dedicated to the project," Roger Taylor and Brian May said in a statement. Read more here.

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Red Hot Chili Peppers Unsure If They Can Continue Lengthy Tours

(Radio.com) Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith is 54 and wonders just how long the band can perform at the high level they've become famous for over the last three decades.

"We pride ourselves on putting a really amazing performance," Smith tells podcaster and former That Metal Show host, Eddie Trunk. "We want people to walk about saying, 'wow I've never seen anything like that.'" But with band members' ages passing 50 it begs the question, how long can they continue performing at that level? "When you can't do that anymore you've gotta take some stock and go, we're not gonna be sitting on stools up there playing our songs. We'll just see how it goes?"

When asked if the band had any internal discussions about how long they could continue, Smith recalled a conversation in the back of a van after a gig in which Flea asked, "how much longer do you thinků how do you think we should end this?" Smith didn't have an answer for the gregarious bass player. "I want to make records," says Smith. "I still love making records, but the touring part--I don't know if we can continue--I mean the three of us are 54 years old. Anthony, me and Flea. Josh is 38 or 39 so he's a young man. But I don't know if we can continue to do the long tours, the year, year-and-a-half we normally do." Read more here.

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The Script Release Video For First New Track In Three Years 'Rain'

(Radio.com) The Script have just released a new music video for their song, 'Rain." The track is the band's first release in almost three years and will be the first single from its upcoming album. It has been a while, but it appears to be worth the wait.

"After a very long process of making Album 5, the song 'Rain' came right at the end," the band said in a statement. "It's a summer song so we thought, only The Script can make it Rain in Summer."

In the video, the lighting shifts between bright and dim setting the scene for the lyric about how it always feels like rain when the person you love is gone. Watch the video here.

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Garbage Streaming New Song 'No Horses'

(Radio.com) Garbage is currently on the road with Blondie and the band took the exposure as an opportunity to revealed a new single, "No Horses." The stand-alone track supports the Rage and Rapture Tour, which kicked off July 5 in Saratoga.

Garbage and Blondie will keep appearing together through mid-August, where the tour is set to end in Mexico City. Frontwoman Shirley Manson gave some background on the song in an interview with Variety.

"I was driving through the Scottish countryside last year and looking at these fields of horses and thinking, what will happen to them when we don't need them as much as we once did?" she said. 'When they're no longer working beasts, what will happen to the horses? So it's an imagining of the future where the authorities destroy anything that doesn't make large amounts of money." Stream the new track here.

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Phish Will Be Webcasting Baker's Dozen Residency Shows

(Radio.com) Phish fans who can't make the band's upcoming performances are in for a treat. The band announced they will webcast all 13 nights of their forthcoming Baker's Dozen residency at New York City's Madison Square Garden.

Their 13 night stand will be kicking off on July 21st and will conclude on August 6th. Fans can purchase single-show and full 13-night pass offers all through LivePhish.

Downloads, t-shirts, posters, CD and other merchandise offerings are also available. This latest run of New York shows will bring the band's total to over 50 once these are completed. Read more here.

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David Bowie Inspired LCD Soundsystem To Reunite

(Radio.com) LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy says David Bowie played an integral role in reforming his band. LCD Soundsystem was tabled from 2011 to 2015, and Bowie's words of encouragement helped inspire Murphy to revive the project.

When Murphy expressed his apprehension about reforming the group, Bowie suggested he step outside his comfort zone. "I spent a good amount of time with David Bowie, and I was talking about getting the band back together," Murphy told Lauren Laverne on 6 Music. 'He said 'does it make you uncomfortable?' I said 'yeah', and he said 'good, it should, you should be uncomfortable.'"

In Murphy's eyes, it was hard to turn down advice from David Bowie (with whom he was collaborating on material at the time). Murphy lent 'a little percussion" to the icon's final album Blackstar.

"The first thing that popped into my head was 'what do you know? You don't know what it's like to be uncomfortable'. I was imagining that if I was David Bowie, I'd just be walking around flipping everybody off - unless maybe Lou Reed is there. There are literally one or two people where nothing can be said about them. But that's not who he was ever in his life, he was always making himself uncomfortable. There was such a great feeling of 'you just don't know what you are to anybody else'. Read more here.

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The All-American Rejects Agree To Play Fan's Wedding

(Radio.com) The All-American Rejects have agreed to perform at a fan's wedding after the fan surfaced a social media challenge retweet goal that the band set.

Nicki Hurren asked the band (via Twitter) how many re-tweets it would take for them to play her sister's wedding. The band responded, setting 50,000 as the mark to reach. Hurren easily surpassed that number, her original message currently has 75,000+ re-tweets.

"It seems you have bested us," wrote frontman Tyson Ritter. "What so I gotta go rent a powder blue tux now?" "There's no need to be formal," Nicki replied. "A suit works just fine." Check out the tweets here.

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Arcade Fire Change Things Up With Lorde Cover

(Radio.com) Arcade Fire took the opportunity to change things up with their recent appearance on BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge to promote their forthcoming studio album "Everything Now".

Now only did the band perform the album's title track with a youth choir, they also gave Lorde's hit single "Green Light" their own unique spin with frontman Win Butler thanking "our Lorde" for "fighting the good fight."

Arcade Fire will release their fifth album Everything Now on July 28. So far, they've dropped 'Signs of Life," 'Creature Comfort," and the title track with corresponding videos. 'Green Light" was the first single from Lorde's latest album, Melodrama. Watch clips from Arcade Fire's performances here.

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