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Linkin Park's Chester Bennington Dead At 41 For Apparent Suicide

(hennemusic) Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington died Thursday morning of an apparent suicide by hanging; he was 41. TMZ first reported that Bennington's body was discovered just before 9am at a private residence in Palos Verdes Estates in L.A. County.

According to the Los Angeles Times, firefighters received a call about 9 a.m. regarding a cardiac arrest in the 2800 block of Via Victoria in Palos Verdes Estates, said Joey Napoli, spokesman for the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

The report indicated the male victim had hanged himself, he said, adding that firefighters arrived and cleared the scene by 9:29 am. "Shocked and heartbroken, but it's true," confirmed the singer's bandmate Mike Shinoda on Twitter. "An official statement will come out as soon as we have one." Read more here.

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Album John Lennon Autographed For His Killer For Sale

(Radio.com) Mark David Chapman murdered John Lennon just hours after the Beatles' co-founder autographed Chapman's copy of his 1980 Double Fantasy album. The record has been up for sale twice before and is now listed for a third time, for a whopping $1.5 million.

Moments in Time announced the sale, explaining that the album was first discovered by a gentleman in a flower planter outside the Dakota building where Lennon was shot and killed. The good samaritan turned the album into the police, where it was used as evidence to convict Chapman.

The record was later returned to the man, who sold the record for $150,000 in 1999. When the LP changed hands once again in 2010, it sold for $850,000. "We are very excited to bring such a historically significant piece to the market," Bob Zafian, spokesman for Moments in Time and agent for the seller, said. Read more here.

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Fleetwood Mac Will Be 2018 MusiCares Person Of The Year

(Radio.com) Fleetwood Mac will be honored at the 2018 MusiCares Person of the Year tribute, as announced by Neil Portnow, the president and CEO of MusiCares and the Recording Academy.

The 28th annual benefit gala will take place January 26, 2018, at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City. All proceeds raised will provide support for MusiCares, which benefits musicians in times of medical, financial and personal need.

The band is celebrated at this year's event for their creative accomplishments and long-term support for a number of charities and causes, including MusiCares. "It's a tremendous honor to be the first band to receive the MusiCares Person of the Year award," Mick Fleetwood said on behalf of the band. Read more here.

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Freddie Mercury Biopic To Begin Filming This Fall

The remaining members of Queen have officially announced that production is about to begin on the Freddie Mercury biopic and that director Bryan Singer and Mr. Robot star Rami Malek will be involved.

In an announcement on the Queen website, the band said," Yes folks, it IS finally happening…" The statement went on to offer more details, stating, "Bryan Singer is the man who will be bringing the Queen and Freddie story alive. If you've ever seen Singer's X-Men films, or the groundbreaking movie The Usual Suspects, you'll know this is a director with extraordinary imagination and style."

"Rami Malek has signed up to take on the challenging role of Freddie Mercury. Who could imagine a more perfect fit than this brilliant actor? At this stage you probably know him best for TV's Mr. Robot."

They've also confirmed that the film is "now 'as-close-as-that' to start of shooting. Pre-production begins next week in the UK to prepare for start of principal photography in around London as soon as mid-September." here.

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Mysterious Guns N' Roses APPETITE30TH Ads Appear

(Radio.com) This Friday, Guns N' Roses' seminal debut album Appetite for Destruction turns 30 and the band has a Thursday night concert at New York City's iconic Apollo Theater to celebrate.

Giant advertisements for the album have appeared around New York City with the hashtag #APPETITE30TH. One enormous advertisement appeared in Times Square, which longtime tour manager Del James shared on Instagram.

In other places, simple posters have appeared. It's not clear whether the 30th anniversary will coincide with a re-release, dedicated tour or any other promotional efforts. See some images from around NYC here.

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Megadeth's Dave Mustaine Maintains He Is Already In Rock Hall

Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine maintains that Metallica's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame includes him, but he also believes that he may eventually be inducted in his own right.

Mustaine was the original lead guitarist of Metallica and some of the music that he composed was included on the early albums that made the metal legends eligible for induction.

Dave was asked about the Rock Hall in a recent interview with The Richmond Register and said, "I'm in there. Anyone who thinks that Metallica is in there and Dave Mustaine is not has got a short between their headphones. I'm there.

"As far as being there and standing on my own two feet and going into the head, taking a piss and saying that I own the house, no, not yet. But I'm sure at some point if it is meant to be, it will happen. I'm patient." Read more here.

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Tool's Maynard James Keenan Annoyed By Cellphones At Concerts

Tool and A Perfect Circle frontman Maynard James Keenan explains why he disapproves of the trend in recent years of fans attending concerts spending the entire show shooting video of the performance with their smart phones instead of watching the concert.

Keenan spoke about it in a recent interview (via Metal Injection), "This stuff annoys me - because I'm a firm believer in oral tradition. I embrace the storytelling - being able to describe to your friends that, sitting around that fire after a good long day of hunting. Where you tell the story about hunt and you do all those things, and those family stories, and your grandfather, and your great-grandfather's stories are told in that setting. And you're not writing it down. It's a tradition of understanding the details and being able to explain and expand on the details from your recollection of what you saw.

"But if you have no skills in absorbing what you saw, if you rely on this thing [holds up a phone] to capture their stories for you… First of all, nothing you're gonna get at a show is gonna represent what you just saw, or what you were there for.

"As a postcard I suppose it works. But stay present! Stay with these people to be there for this thing. That's far more important. Also, as courtesy, maybe the person behind you would like to be that person who's enjoying this and now your sh*t's in their way."

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Judas Priest Release 'Road To Valhalla' Mobile Game

(hennemusic) Metal legends Judas Priest have gone mobile with the launch of their new game app "Road To Valhalla," which has just been released for Apple devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch).

The app features new visuals and gameplay set to iconic Priest songs like "Halls of Valhalla," "Breaking The Law", "Turbo Lover", "Electric Eye", "Painkiller" and "You've Got Another Thing Coming."

"Judas Priest: Road To Valhalla" innovates by making isolated song stems (eg drums, vocals, guitar) from the 2016 "Battle Cry" album available to players exclusively within the game. Using an innovative visual mechanic, players must fill "stem meters" to construct the full song and progress through each level of the game.

"When we set out to make this game, we wanted to give fans a new kind of visual listening experience," says singer Rob Halford. "For the first time, we are making individual stems of our songs available to fans to give them a new and interactive way to engage with some of the best songs from our catalog." Read more and watch the trailer here.

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In This Moment Stream Their Cover Of Phil Collins Hit

In This Moment are streaming their cover version of Phil Collins' 1981 hit song "In The Air Tonight". The hard rockers are including their take of the classic on their forthcoming album "Ritual", which is set to be released this Friday, July 21st.

Singer Maria Brink explained in a recent interview with WNOR FM99 why they decided to cover the track, "Honestly, that's one of my all-time favorite songs, since I was a little girl. It's just so haunting, powerful, dark and captivating. I've been trying to cover that song forever - we just couldn't quite figure out where and when. So this time we just took a little attempt at it.

"It's a hard song to even attempt to cover because it's so awesome and it's scary to try to do something to a song that's already perfect. So we just try to do our own individual expression of it because I feel like you can't make his better."

She further explained: "It's just a different version, a different take, our point of view and I think it's a real special song on the album. I can't wait for everyone to hear it. It makes me feel all these different feelings." Stream the song here.

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CKY Release Humorous 'Replaceable' Music Video

CKY have released a music video for their track "Replaceable". The song comes from their brand new studio album "The Phoenix', which hit stores last month.

The band released this explanation for the concept behind the new clip, "The video for 'Replaceable' captures just how ridiculous the whole process of making a music video is.

"And how bands have so many bad ideas pitched to them so we figured we put a bunch of them into one video. It's a comical look about our hunt to find an average director to shoot a decent music video and the struggle that ensued. Enjoy!" Watch the video here.

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Body Count Release Video For Slayer Cover

Body Count have released a new studio video clip of them performing Slayer's "Raining Blood/Postmortem", which is included on their latest studio album "Bloodlust".

Frontman Ice-T had the following to say (via TeamRock), "Body Count is a band I put together just to let one of my best friends Ernie C play his guitar. We all went to Crenshaw High School together in south central Los Angeles.

"I had the idea, 'Let's make a metal band, let's make a rock band' because I had been to Europe and I noticed that the kids would mosh to hip-hop. So we put the band together and I used the three bands that were my favorites at the time to set the tone: The impending doom of a group like Black Sabbath, who pretty much invented metal, the punk sensibility of Suicidal Tendencies and the speed and precision of Slayer - one of my favourite groups and always will be." Watch the video here.

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Nikki Sixx's Announce Heroin Diaries Graphic Novel

(hennemusic) Motley Crue and Sixx:AM bassist Nikki Sixx has announced plans to publish a graphic novel of his 2007 memoir, "The Heroin Diaries", this fall in sync with its tenth anniversary this year.

Chronicling a year of decadence and depravity that almost cost Sixx his life during the recording and tour for Motley Crue's 1987 album, "Girls, Girls, Girls," the book became a worldwide bestseller.

Sixx has teamed up with Heavy Metal magazine for the graphic novel adaptation of the project as the first release under the brand's new 12 X 12 imprint, a new line of music-themed art books and graphic novels that will explore the songs and experiences of the most exciting musical artists.

The memoir is being adapted by Rantz Hoseley, known for his award-winning work with Tori Amos on the graphic novel "Comic Book Tattoo", along with acclaimed artists Danijel Zezelj, Andy Kuhn and Kieron Dwyer

"The Heroin Diaries has always been deeply personal to me," explains Sixx. "So when the idea came up for a graphic novel based on the story, who better to partner with than the iconic Heavy Metal brand? I grew up reading their magazine as a kid. This is really a passion project and I've been intimately involved in every step along the way, from the storyline to the look and feel of the art.

"Working with Jeff, Rantz and their team has been an inspiring experience and I think we came up with a really unique spin on The Heroin Diaries that tells the story from a different angle. It is meant to be a treat for fans of The Heroin Diaries - old and new - and I hope everyone will enjoy the graphic novel as much as I enjoyed putting it together for you." Read more here.

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Doobie Brothers In The Studio For Toulouse Street Anniversary

The 45th anniversary of The Doobie Brothers' sophomore effort "Toulouse Street" is celebrated in the latest episode of the syndicated radio show In The Studio with Redbeard: The Stories Behind History's Greatest Rock Bands. The show sent over the following details:

The original songs on Toulouse Street were a musical gumbo consisting of a balanced blend of distinctly American styles including country blues, soul, acoustic folk and chugging rock and roll, while the choices of outside material to cover on Toulouse Street were a colorful mosaic running the gamut from Sonny Boy Williamson to Seals and Crofts.

Growing up in Visalia in Central California before attending college in San Jose, Doobie Brothers singer, songwriter, guitarist Tom Johnston points out that the album is named after an actual thoroughfare in New Orleans' French Quarter, literally 2000 miles and culturally a world away from Northern California. Yet Johnston, singer, songwriter, guitarist Pat Simmons and tandem drummer John Hartman, do not deny that the Doobies incorporated many aspects of the imagery and instrumentation of the Deep South. Tom Johnston shares with In The Studio producer and host Redbeard why the topic of the South became the centerpiece for Toulouse Street.

Tom Johnston, "The South is real colorful, it's easy to write songs about the South. There's always something you could latch on to…There colorful places to write about and the way people lived… The imagery in the South is kinda grand and yet at the same time kinda folksy." Stream the episode

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The Descendents Release 'Without Love' Video

Punk icons the Descendents have released a new music video for their track "Without Love." The song comes from the band's 2016 album "Hypercaffium Spazzinate", which was their first studio effort in 12 years.

We were sent the following details about the clip: "Partially animated-and co-starring the classic Milo cartoon-"Without Love" captures moments from Descendents' live show and also features behind-the-scenes footage from the band's recent tours, complete with backstage badminton." Watch it here.

The new visual comes as the band continues their touring in support of the album with their next stop scheduled for Friday night in Salt Lake City and they will be wrapping up their 2017 live action on December 16th in Las Vegas, NV at the Brooklyn Bowl. See the dates here.

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Wolves In The Throne Room Release Born From The Serpent's Eye Video

Wolves In The Throne Room have released a brand new music video for their new track "Born From The Serpent's Eye". The clip features an abbreviated version of a song from their forthcoming album "Thrice Woven".

The new studio effort is set to hit stores on September 22nd and the band teamed up with our friends at Metal Hammer to premiere the new video. The group told them, "This is our first video. We lit a bonfire and blasted through the first third of our song Born From The Serpent's Eye.

"You'll have to listen to the full track to hear Anna von Hausswolff's glory. This is the first time we'd played the song with new guitarist Kody Keyworth and it f***ing slayed. Peter and Nico captured the magic. May the good fires blaze!" Watch the video here.

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Singled Out: Moretta's Hurricane

Moretta will be releasing their new album "What's Left Means Nothing" on July 28th and to celebrate we asked singer Joe Paisley to tell us about the single "Hurricane" and the music video for the track. Here is the story:

The opening remarks during the intro of our official music video for "Hurricane" sums up my inspiration pretty well. It reads, "Numb. The evolution of self-defense. Ignoring that inner-voice to assure we don't stir things up. After all, who would want to stand for something we weren't told to stand for?" That last little bit, of course, smothered in sarcasm.

For the most part, we are all well aware of just how powerful cellphones have become. Studies show that the majority of us would rather go without sex than without our cellphones for an extended period of time. I know* that's some crazy sh*t right there. haha BUT it's totally understandable. Nearly every facet of our lives has some connecting path running through these glowing, palm wizards. Whether it be related to work, hobbies, communication, entertainment, latest news stories, whatever* it can all be accessed at anytime from virtually anywhere on the planet.

When I was writing the lyrical content for "Hurricane", we were in the heart of this past election cycle. Both sides of the aisle getting fired up and defensive over anything the mainstream media told them was worthy of reaction. It's was truly sickening. The media was mindlessly pushing endless amounts of information in order to piss everyone off, all for simply grabbing ratings, with the central catalyst being our cellphones.

I could feel myself becoming increasingly numb. It was the only chance I had to control my own happiness. I was reading utterly insane headlines. Headlines that I should care about but didn't. Between every article was a different article slamming someone for their reaction to the original article posted two hours before. Social media was chock-full of hatred, blanket judgments of entire races and opposing stances, polarizing news articles that may or may not be true, and public fights between friends; all deriving from this content being delivered to our cellphones from dusk to dawn.

Because this bombardment of information worked wonders for the bottom line of several media companies, we can be certain of one thing. It won't stop. They controlled our emotions and persuaded our actions, all while making money. Terrifying concept. "Hurricane" is about realizing the impact mainstream media has on our daily lives and fighting against that control.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself right here!

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