Hobbs Sisters Release 'Harder Than A Diamond' Lyric Video


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Hobbs Sisters Single art
Single art

(117) The dynamic country duo Hobbs Sisters is back with their first release of 2023, a heartfelt, candid new single called "Harder Than A Diamond" that finds twins Hannah and Lauren exploring the realities of what love in marriage really means.

The first single from the sisters' sophomore album that is being produced by Forest Whitehead and is due out this Fall, "Harder Than A Diamond" comes on the heels of Lauren's December 2022 wedding to Nashville-based drummer Neal Yakopin, which was featured by The New York Times. Showcasing the twins' authentic songwriting and always-seamless harmonies, the new single holds nothing back in touching on the struggles that are an unavoidable part of promising your life to someone else, while emphasizing that the right person is always worth the uncertainties that come with marriage.

"This song is a special one for me because it was written right after my engagement as I was looking ahead to my wedding," notes Lauren. "Getting married is such a big, yet exciting life change and I love that we've been able to capture that special time and give people a glimpse into one of the most personal moments of my life with the song."

"Harder Than A Diamond" caters to anyone, married or not, by portraying a clear-sighted version of what love really is through the twin's always seamless harmony and vulnerable lyrics. With a fresh perspective on love, this single revives hope for the non-romantics, reminding listeners that no matter what people make a relationship seem like on the surface, no match is perfect, and that is perfectly acceptable.

"When we wrote this with Nell Maynard and Hera Lynn, we really wanted to cover the wide range of emotions that are part of starting your life with someone," adds Hannah. "While it doesn't shy away from the inevitable ups and downs of any relationship, the song also underscores how truly special it is to find the person you want to share the rest of your life with."

You're gonna wake up on the couch
After we fight too dirty
You're gonna get good at storming out
But I know we don't need to worry
We've got something the world can't break
No matter how hard it's trying
Nothing's harder than a diamond

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