Niall Horan Continues Vevo's Extended Play Franchise With Live Performance


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(High Rise) Vevo, the world's leading music video network, announces the launch of their new live performance series, "Extended Play," with a special performance of "On A Night Like Tonight" from Niall Horan's new album The Show. "On A Night Like Tonight" follows Niall's previous Extended Play performances of "You Could Start A Cult" and "Meltdown," as well as his 2019 studio performances of "Nice to Meet Ya" and "Put A Little Love On Me."

"Performing live is my favorite thing to do." says Niall Horan, "To bring the songs I've spent so much time with, seen through from start to finish is an amazing feeling. Shooting these performances with Vevo was a really special experience. I was able to go back to the place where I made the music, an area of California I adore and have spent a lot of time in over my career. To have these big songs played in an intimate setting is beautiful to me."

Extended Play is a multi-song performance capture shot in existing locations that realize the vision of an artist's project. The series begins in an anchor space and steadily works through different locations, showing viewers the evolution of the music through creative workflow. Through artists' close collaboration with Vevo's team, Extended Play marries the art of songwriting with breathtaking visual settings for a series of bespoke performances.

Specifically tailored to the artist's aesthetic, Niall's "On A Night Like Tonight" performance was shot in a California hillside estate. Niall begins on the house's back deck, gazing out into the darkness as a string quartet intros the track. He slowly makes his way inside to find his band scattered around the living room, kitchen and dining area, and quickly picks up his mic to jam into the night.

"We're thrilled to be able to launch this new series with Niall Horan. When we were selecting our first artist for Extended Play, we knew we needed a unique talent that checked a long list of boxes, and Niall was the perfect fit: a deeply gifted songwriter and proven performer who was looking for new and exciting ways to connect with his fans" says JP Evangelista, SVP, Content, Programming & Marketing, Vevo, "Extended Play is a tribute to the candid and often unseen moments that contribute to superstardom: the jam sessions, the reworking of lyrics, the tinkering of arrangements and tweaking of melodies. It's an opportunity for artists to articulate the deeper meaning behind their art and linger in a certain vulnerability while doing so, which can be a difficult task for those who are "on" when performing. We knew that Niall would be up to the challenge, and he did so beautifully."

"At the heart of this new series is the artist's intention and their willingness to draw their listeners close to witness both contemplation and the process of creating something new that goes out into this wild world." says Executive Producer, Chris Pereira, Vevo, "It was important to us that we worked with an artist who understood the very particular vision we were trying to capture: the intimate, behind-the-scenes moments that are paramount to making the bigger, show-stopping moments of careers happen. While these "in-between" times are often quieter, there is always an incredibly distinct allure to that quiet - this is when artists can truly be themselves, and that's the true beauty in Extended Play."

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