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(press release) Singer, songwriter, musician and activist MIKE PARK will release his new album--NORTH HANGOOK FALLING--August 23rd on Sub City Records. PARK uses his music to reveal insights into his Korean heritage; the word "Hangook" means "the country of Korea" in Korean. "Making this album was a way for me to learn about my own cultural background," PARK explains. "Whenever I tried to discuss the Korean War with my family, they refused. The only word I could get out of my father was 'genocide,' the same Hangook-looking faces killing each other." PARK elaborates, "The album's cover art depicts a drum corps of young Korean women. You'd think they'd be enjoying themselves, but their stoic expressions are an example of the constant bewilderment that is North Korea; a famine-starved society with an insane ruler, a strong military and a population with no rights. NORTH HANGOOK FALLING is my hope to unify Korea."

The follow-up to his 2003 solo debut For The Love Of Music, NORTH HANGOOK FALLING offers the most vivid glimpse yet into PARK's musical world. Throughout the self-produced album, PARK balances the finely etched acoustic guitar arrangements and lyrics about politics, war and race relations with a subtle melodic whimsy that lends his songs extra dimension.

Since 1989, PARK has released twelve albums, toured the world and made a permanent mark on the independent music world. In 1996, PARK started his own record label, Asian Man Records. Modeled after Ian MacKaye's Dischord label in Washington, D.C., PARK created Asian Man Records (Alkaline Trio, Screeching Weasel, The Lawrence Arms) to reflect the spirit of punk ideas and practices--namely, motivation by activism and implementing change through the power of music vs. mere capitalistic growth. PARK still owns and operates Asian Man out of his parents' garage, issuing 100 releases and selling over 1,000,000 albums.

A long-time advocate of community activism, PARK founded the Plea For Peace Foundation (www.pleaforpeace.com) a non-profit organization benefiting local charities in his community of San Jose, CA (outside San Francisco). Plea For Peace runs an annual package tour as well as compilation benefit CDs backed up by a strong network of bands, labels and charities. Last year's Plea For Peace package tour was a great success, along with PARK, participating artists included Cursive, Saul Williams and Planes Mistaken for Stars.

This fall, the Plea For Peace Foundation's goal is to raise funds for a new youth center in PARK's hometown of San Jose, where youth of all ages can see and perform music, create art and meet other youths with similar interests. PARK, along with a group of musicians including NEIL HENNESSEY of The Lawrence Arms, DAN POTTHAST of MU330, MATT EMBREE of RX Bandits and JENNY CHOI of Sanawon and others to be announced, will trek down the West Coast via bicycle for a series of shows to raise money for the youth center. PARK just wrapped a summer "Living Room Tour" where he played 50 living rooms across 23 states in the U.S. All PARK required to throw a "Living Room Tour" show is a place to sleep, food and $50.00 for traveling and set-up expense.

Check out the current tour dates for MIKE PARK, more shows to be added.

With Alkaline Trio
7/29 Boulder, CO Fox Theater
7/30 Lawrence, KS Granada Theater
7/31 St. Louis, MO Pops

Bike For Peace Tour-Plea For Peace 2005
9/9 Seattle, WATBA
9/13 Portland, ORTBA
9/24 San Francisco, CA TBA
10/3 Los Angeles, CATBA
10/6 San Diego, CATBA

UK Tour
9/13 Leeds, UK Joseph's Well
9/14 Hull, UK Ringside
9/15 Newcastle, UK Dog & Parrot
9/17 Exeter, UK Cavern
9/18 Yeovil, UK Flicks
9/20 Norwich, UK Waterfront

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