Batman Begins Box Office Reign

(antiTainment) Holy missing sidekick Batman, you're number 1 at the box office! The Caped Crusader prequel Batman Begins easily beat the competition at the movies this weekend bringing in $46.9 million in ticket sales in North America. The film has earned an estimated $71.1 million since it was released in North American theaters on Wednesday.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's Mr. & Mrs. Smith, dropped one spot to No 2 with a estimated $27.3 million take this weekend, bringing the film's 10 day gross to around $98 million.

Madagascar is still going strong after a month and sealed the No 3 spot with $11.1 million this weekend. To date the animated feature has grossed $147.2 million. Star Wars: Episode III -- Revenge of the Sith earned an additional $9.7 million and the No 4 spot, boosting the five week gross to $347.8 million.

Adam Sandler remains a box office draw, his latest The Longest Yard grossed $8 million this weekend and rounds out the top five. The remake has made an impressive $131.9 million since its release four weeks ago.

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