Stolen Transmission

(PR) Stolen Transmission, built on a community of music thirsty kids, combines the back-end resources of "major label" and the DIY ethics and ambition of an indie label. Stolen Transmission offers its bands and fans the best of both worlds. Their aim is not only to discover, develop and showcase the most promising artists in the country, but to also build a truly supportive, creative and (most importantly) fun community around the label and its bands. With that said, meet the newest Stolen Transmission signees Bright Light Fever and The Oohlas

Bright Light Fever made up of four guys (headed by Evan Ferro, the driving force behind the group) writes songs that are immediately engaging yet entirely pensive and are reminiscent of Bleach-era Nirvana and early White Stripes. They bring danceable rhythms, story-based lyrics, warm and passionate vocal, and a rawness in songwriting that is arresting for any listening. The fun doesn't stop there either, Joby from The Bronx has produced The Evening Owl, and it doesn't get much better than that!

Check out the MP3 for "Broken Hands" http://www4.islanddefjam.com/media/st/brokenhandsascap-extortion-removed

The Oohlas, a Los Angeles based trio that is destined for commercial success with the release of Best Stop Pop. The Oohlas dirty yet accessible production of mid-nineties alternative rock has a classic feel without sounding retro. Their beautiful melodies, interesting arrangements and sophisticated compositions that will no doubt invoke flattering comparisons to bands such as Belly, Veruca Salt, Weezer and perhaps the Breeders. As a side note, The Oohlas includes former Everclear drummer, Greg Eklund.

Get a little taste of what The Oohlas have to offer with the MP3 for "Small Parts" http://www4.islanddefjam.com/media/st/smallpartsascap-extortion-removed

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