Supergrass Is Back! We Didn't Know They Left

(PR) Supergrass is back. A fantastic new album entitled Diamond Hoo Ha, a brand new home on Astralwerks, and a sixth studio album showcasing the youthful energy and witty musical stylings of these Britpop pioneers.

After a dozen years, Supergrass (Gaz Coombes-Vocals & Guitar, Mick Quinn-Bass & Vocals, Danny Goffey-Drums & Vocals, Rob Coombes-Keyboard) have rolled back home, and rolled back the years, while marching firmly into the future. "We wanted a record where you got all of Supergrass," says frontman Gaz. "The joy, the intensity, the darkness, the melodies. All of those have always been important to us and still are." Hence Diamond Hoo Ha (release date: June 10th, 2008); an energetic album bristling with hooks to hang your coat off and melodies to lose your shoes to.

Recorded at Hansa Studios in Berlin and produced by Nick Launay (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Nick Cave, PiL, Gang Of Four), Diamond Hoo Ha is the band at their exuberant best. What other British band is still able, with seemingly effortless ease to conjure up songs and videos that crackle with breezy enthusiasm, humor and inventiveness?

During the summer of 2007, with the album completed, Supergrass supported both Arctic Monkeys and Coldplay in the UK. Two very different invitations, both indicative of the regard in which Supergrass are held by the (slightly) younger generation. Of all the British rock bands who burst through in the mid-Nineties they're the only ones still alive, still forging ahead, still - musically speaking - Having It.

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