Mark Tremonti Discusses Led Zeppelin and Creed Reunion Rumors

(antiMusic) Music Radar caught up with Alter Bridge (ex-Creed) guitarist Mark Tremonti to see if they could get some inside information about the rumor that Led Zeppelin planned to tour with his band's frontman, and he also addressed the possibility of a Creed reunion. Here is part of that interview:

Music Radar: The Zeppelin tour would be just a one-off for him? Would he make an album with them? Apparently, they're writing material...

Tremonti: "Oh, who knows? We don't know any details. But I have to say...there wouldn't be a better guy in the world to play that role than Myles. I think it'd be very exciting."

Music Radar: Given the set of circumstances that could go down next year, is the chance of a Creed reunion still nil?

Tremonti: "Who knows what can happen next year? 2009 could be one of the craziest years ever for us. Again, all I can say is that Alter Bridge is still very much a band and we have every intention of carrying on." - Read the full interview

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