Ringworm Release 'House Of Flies' Video As New Album Arrives


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(Nuclear Blast) Ringworm have made their long-awaited return with the release of their 9th full-length album, Seeing Through Fire, out now from Nuclear Blast Records. An auditory wrecking ball of filth, chaos and reckless abandon, RINGWORM sinks their teeth into listeners with pummeling tracks like 'Thought Crimes,' 'No Solace, No Quarter, No Mercy' and the devastating track 'House of Flies.'

Founding vocalist Human Furnace stated on the album: "We're pretty pumped on 'Seeing Through Fire.' It's a total burner. It's a straight forward, "smash your face and leave you layin' there wondering what you got hit with" type record. We've never felt the need to "re-invent our own wheel" but going into this one we tried some different things sonically, and we're very happy with the results. Of course, it's the intention, every time we record a new record, but we feel like the over-all sound, feel and aggression of 'Seeing Through Fire,' one ups many of our past records. Which, for anyone that knows our catalog, is not always an easy task. With every new record, you have to dig deeper."

In hand with the album release, Ringworm has debuted a new video today for the crushing track 'House of Flies.' Commenting on the song, HF says: ''House of Flies,' speaks to lingering secrets we all keep and how they can make you feel dead inside. As they fester and multiply, eventually they will make their way to the surface, and the fly is a universal harbinger that death and decomposition that one could feel."

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