Zack Miranowic Releases 'Live Again' Video


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Zack Miranowic Releases 'Live Again' Video

(CGZ) Multi-instrumentalist/vocalist/producer Zack Miranowic is releasing his solo project. Zack Miranowic's latest single, "Live Again", from his EP, 'Cryin' Out' this is his third release.

"Live Again" carries a powerful message of hope and perseverance, reminding us that even in our darkest moments, we can find the strength to pull ourselves out and come back stronger than before. The song brings a thorough introspection in a complete vision, quite a remarkable musical storyline, as it delivers masterfully the instrumental work. A blend of rock and melodies that pulls you in and embraces the ear to listen.

"'Live Again' is a tune about recovery and redemption. Sometimes in life you
experience all-time lows that you feel you will never be able to rebound from.
Over time, you find ways to cope and eventually pull yourself out of your own
darkness. You are sure to hit some bumps along the way and it's up to you
on if you want to pull through it or not. You can spend your time focusing on
the negatives or you can learn from it and come back stronger than before."- Zack Miranowic

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