Zack Miranowic Changes Things Up With 'Cryin' Out'


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Zack Miranowic Changes Things Up With 'Cryin' Out'

(CGZ) Multi-instrumentalist/vocalist/producer Zack Miranowic, a hard rock-n-metal guitarist and vocalist has released his new Single/EP, Cryin' Out, that showcases his versatility as a musician.

The EP features a departure from his signature sound of hard rock and heavy metal, with a focus on acoustic and singer-songwriter-esque styles. However, the final track, "A Matter of Life and Death," you will note strikes an incredible piece of guitar work that leads you to an unexpected musical cadence.

You will find the interwoven measures of bands such as Pink Floyd, and Rush throughout Zack's distinct sound, as these were two bands who heavily influenced much of Zack Miranowic's song-writing and style.

Zack shared, "With this EP, I aimed to try something a little different following my debut album, which was very much a hard rock and heavy metal record. This time around I wanted to dial back the distortion and try to do something more acoustic oriented and singer- songwriter-esque.

"The exception to this is the final track, 'A Matter of Life and Death,' which totally throws the listener a curveball. I also wanted to pay homage to progressive rock bands like Rush and Pink Floyd, where they have one grand masterpiece followed by shorter, simpler songs. In my case, I reversed this trend."

1. Seems Like Yesterday
2. Live Again
3. Cryin' Out
4. A Matter of Life and Death

Buy the EP here.

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