Duff McKagan Joined By Jerry Cantrell For 'I Just Don't Know' Video

Keavin Wiggins | 10-20-2023

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Duff McKagan Joined By Jerry Cantrell For 'I Just Don't Know' Video

Guns N' Roses and Velvet Revolver icon Duff McKagan has shared a music video for his new track "I Just Don't Know" featuring Alice in Chains' Jerry Cantrell, to celebrate the arrival of his third studio album, "LIGHTHOUSE".

Duff had this to say, "Some of the fruit of my musical travails and triumphs are now available for mass listenership with the release of LIGHTHOUSE. Over the past fifteen or so years, I've delved into a songwriting area that seems to me, harkens back to my punk days in the simplicity of the chords, and trying to tell truths in the lyrics. Like the name of my and Susan's radio show, I let 'Three Chords and the Truth' guide me when I sit down with a guitar.

"From the beginning song LIGHTHOUSE, a sort of illumination of goodness and hope, to the ending track I JUST DON'T KNOW...where there is a pondering of what is next- my thought process of the songs that fill in the rest of the album is there is an arc of a story.

"I am a huge reader of good books, and like a good novel, I tried for some rises and falls from beginning to end, lyrically at least.
I absolutely love my new studio in Seattle and realize I am a fortunate dude to have my own place to constantly create.

"I'm even more fortunate to have producer Martin Feveyear as my guide and mentor. We had that period of the pandemic, where it was just Martin and I in the studio for months on end. These 10 songs on LIGHTHOUSE are just the beginning of what we finished song-wise in this time. More to come on that.....but for now, we hope you enjoy this record," says Duff McKagan.

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Duff McKagan Joined By Jerry Cantrell For 'I Just Don't Know' Video

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