Def Leppard Plan New Songs, Box Set and Tour and Viviam Campbell Remembers Ronnie James Dio

(Gibson) Vivian Campbell spoke to Rush on Rock about his lifelong love of Thin Lizzy, as well as what's in store for Def Leppard. He also touched on the passing of the man who gave him his first big break, Ronnie James Dio.

On joining Thin Lizzy for their European tour, which will also see the band supporting Paul Rodgers: "I remember thinking what an exciting opportunity this was for me. As a guitarist, their music has always been such a huge part of my life. I'm entirely self-taught and taught myself a lot of Lizzy songs. It's very exciting to be in this position."

On what's in store for Def Leppard in 2011: "We have a live record coming out in 2011, and we're looking at attaching two, three or four new songs to that album when it comes out. There are also plans for a career-encompassing box set. Leppard will be back this summer, and we'll be touring North America and Canada."

On the passing of Ronnie James Dio: "You know, I was numb to the whole thing. I hadn't talked to Ronnie in 25 years, so it wasn't as if we were close. My mother died nine or 10 days before himů And my father died nine months before that. It was a really tough year on a personal level, and I had enough to think about. The news about Ronnie James Dio just bounced off me." Vivian went on to say, "It was a difficult relationship on a personal level anyway. I was really proud of the music we made together, but it was tough being in a band together. But he died way too young." more on this story

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