Singled Out: The Kinected's Hypnotize

Today Ron Anthony from The Kinected tells us about their song "Hypnotize," which is the first single from their debut album, "Evolution no. 9". Here is the story:

I vividly remember the original inspiration for "Hypnotize." I was in a small club in Santa Monica, and the D.J. was spinning some incredible electro bass lines that had the whole club moving. By the time I hit the parking lot, I had the bass line for our new jam sung into my phone recorder app. Upon returning from L.A., we immediately started working on it. At first the chorus melody came and seemed to stick, however the lyrics initially made no sense. The track musically came together as we had a vision of something funky yet electro, but also could blow up in the chorus like Blur's, "Song 2." The musical hook at the beginning is a guitar/keyboard unison line that was written to capture the attention right off the bat; something like Slash's intro to "Sweet Child of Mine."

At this point, stress was starting to build in our professional and personal lives. The lyrics just came…"I have got so much to worry about. I am stepping up and never coming down." The lyric states our intent to face these challenges head on. The verse and chorus are about the outlet to relieve such stress in our lives as well as for others. I started to notice many patrons of a particular venue we performed at were fixated on some of the dancers. It seemed as if their problems were temporarily absolved by admiring the beauty of these attractive women. The verses also poke a little fun at the delivery of cheesy pick up lines that are often used to "break the ice." In general, "Hypnotize," is an honest declaration of attraction, a motivational force to step up to a challenge and then feel better about letting loose at the end of it all.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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