Singled Out: 4th 'N Goal's Out Of Tortillas

Today Tommaso Grecu from 4th 'N Goal tells us about the song "Out Of Tortillas" which comes from their brand new "Turn on the light" EP. Here is the story:

We wrote this song to thank everyone who voted us and made us win last year's Ernie Ball Battle Of The Bands. We flew from Italy to California just to play a show at Warped Tour. The lyrics are full of references of our 3 day adventure in Los Angeles and Ventura. The song title comes from the misadventure we had at Taco Bell, after the show. It was 10p.m, we asked for burritos and the guy said "no burritos, we're out of tortillas"

That's why we ended up with uncountable quantities of tacos, exhausted in the parking lot with "cheese from tacos in my socks". There was really a lot of it in our shoes.

That morning we woke up with breakfast at Randy's Donuts, with the big 'ole box of sugary goodness. We flew a 10000 miles and back just to see our name on "The Wall", and it was worth it. "Good things happen when you trust the right people" right?

Bonus: Turn on the light, EP title, also comes from that night after Warped Tour. After stopping somewhere on the road we forgot to turn on the headlights. As we approached a crossroad, this guy in a truck with the loudest voice ever pulls his head off the window and shouts "Turn on the lights, dude!"

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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