Blackberry Smoke Rescue Victims From Car Fire 2016 In Review

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Blackberry Smoke Rescue Victims From Car Fire was a top 16 story of April 2016: Blackberry Smoke's Richard Turner along with bus driver Harry Wing and lighting director Chris 'Thumper' Hathaway rescued three people from a car fire on the morning of April 19th, according to The Boot.

Turner spoke to the site about the experience of rescuing a man, woman and "8 or 10 year old" girl from a Dodge Charger that had rolled over and landed on its roof on the I-10 freeway in El Paso, Texas early Tuesday morning.

"I thought we were stopping at a gas station or something," Turner said. "But, uh, we pulled over... There was a car flipped over right outside our window."

He continues, "Harry was off the bus first with a fire extinguisher, and Thumper was right behind him, and I was right behind him. I was on the driver's side, pulling at the door, trying to get it open, and Thumper was on the passenger's side

"And he pulled three people out of that in the time it took me to figure out that I wasn't gonna get the door open on the other side. And the whole time, the car was on fire, and Harry was wielding a small extinguisher on it."

"If anything, Harry kept the car from burning everybody, and Thumper pulled three people out," Turner said, "If Harry hadn't stopped, those people would be dead, I'm sure of it." Read more details here.


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