Singled Out: Dissona's Odium

Chicago-area progressive metal band Dissona are releasing their brand new album "Paleopneumatic" today (January 15th) and to celebrate we asked them to tell us about the track "Odium". Here is the story:

Like all of the songs on the album, the idea of Odium was born during a brainstorming session where we were laying out and organizing all of the ideas, concepts, and feelings we wished to convey for our new album, "Paleopneumatic." We had reached the point where we were searching for the album's center piece. All we knew was that we wanted it to be big and bad. Craig so boldly stated that we need a "song of the enemy" (which became the song's working title), and that is all we needed to hear. David naturally ran with the concept and began writing lyrics, Matt started working the music, and before we knew it we had Dissona's most vicious track to date.

The song had to be relentlessly threatening on a primal level: guitars brimming with aggressive, syncopated riffs combined with piercing string, choir, and sitar lines. The entire middle section is built upon a foundation of ferocious, thick palm mute lines as the listener approaches the most intimate encounter with the metaphorical being. As the section builds, the veil is lifted and full scope of its malicious intent is realized. Tuvan throat singers greet the listener as the final and most archaic section commences. Thick, exotic guitars coupled with alternating feel changes from the band bring the song to a fitting close.

David: I chose the title 'Odium' (widespread hatred toward an individual) because this is precisely the fuel for one embodying pure malice, perversion, and corruption. I wanted the song lyrically and musically to captivate the listener on a level that is almost violating. Hopefully, we succeeded in doing so.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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