Slipknot and Dragonforce Offshoot Sinsaenum Reveal 'Nuit Noire'


Sinsaenum, which features former Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison and Dragonforce's Frederic Leclercq) have released an online stream of their new single "Nuit Noire".

The new track is inspired by the horror book (meaning "Black Night" in French) and comes from the group's forthcoming album ""Repulsion for Humanity", which will be released on August 10th.

Leclercq previously had this to say about the band's sophomore album, "It's radical, it's violent, it's angry - angrier. The new album is a continuation of Ashes. In terms of sound and style, we've added more influences to the mix. This album is 100% us - not aimed to please the masses, not following formulas, and not made to fit radio criteria. From the artwork (made by Travis Smith), to the lyrics, to the music itself, there isn't an ounce of commercial compromise."

Joey Jordison said, "In a way Repulsion´┐Ż almost feels like this is our first album, because I had the opportunity to record my drum tracks in France with the band present this time. Them giving me ideas, and being able to construct the tracks together as a band, made for a killer foundation for the rest to build upon. This album is lethal, and the songwriting has evolved immensely."

Frontman Sean Zatorsky added, "This is by far the heaviest, brutal, most amazing album I've ever been a part of. The riffs are so f***ing sick that they inspired me to vocally do things I have never been able to do but always wanted to - literally. I held nothing back because the music held nothing back." Check out the new song here.

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