All Them Witches Release 'Diamond' Video

All Them Witches

All Them Witches teamed up with Louder to premiere the music video for their new single "Diamond." The track comes from their forthcoming album "ATW", which is set to hit stores on September 28th.

The video can be streamed here and it was directed by the band's percussionist Robby Staebler. He told the site, "Visually I wanted to present the song in a cinematic and contemplative way - something that people enjoy rewatching and finding new details in.

"I wanted a lush landscape and a peaceful and patient environment to work in. Something that would bleed its own blood into the final product by simply existing in the place. I shot the video on 16mm film on location and in studio. Film bleeds its own blood too and I think this video holds the real feelings of the song, the environment and the medium."

Singer Charles Michael Parks Jr had this to say about the song, "I wanted Diamond to show two sides of a common problem I have with my ego and personality, the first is being content with where I am, physically and mentally, and the second being a constant drive to leave, to go anywhere other than where I am, to let my scattered thoughts draw me to a comparable scattered lifestyle.

"If forced to go to town, I seem to develop the city equivalent of allergies and slowly take note as my windpipe or nasal cavities shut down. I don't get sick at home and I seem to always get sick on tour. Music does not exist in the country though - I can't get on stage in the cow pasture and let my aggression out, so I go on tour to satiate a lust for a non-sedentary lifestyle and stay home to drown out the sensory hellscape of the city.

"Both personalities can and do appear at random, and both can take the wheel and lead me anywhere." here.

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