Singled Out: Purple Corporation's Do Watchya Do

Purple Corporation

Purple Corporation recently released a new single called, "Do Watchya Do" and to celebrate we asked Miles Donnelly to tell us about the track, which follows their 2018 album "Mind Phonics" album. Here is the story:

In writing "Do Whatcha Do" I wanted to create a catchy tune. I was always interested in the musical patterns that got stuck in our heads - the hook to catch listeners' ears. The idea that a song could make you sing along with it even long after it has finished playing...it's something I always wished I could make myself. You can see in the lyrics that the minds of the musicians and the listener are being connected throughout the song. They begin as separate, come together, and then are disconnected again at the end. The ebb and flow of overlapping consciousness. And even after, there is still some vestige of the connection between the two as the listener keeps humming the hook after the song has finished.

This project began when I pulled an old guitar out of the rubble of a house I was staying in. It had been left, damaged and forgotten, and so I took it in and nursed it back to health. There was a small hole in the back which I covered with duct tape and I replaced the strings and got to strumming. I didn't want to learn actual guitar chords so I began with just feeling out the sounds. I think this contributes to the unique soundscape of the project, which is build upon a ground layer of wonky, made-up chords from an old rundown guitar which was able to sing again after such a long silence.

We are calling this project psychedelectric because we didn't really think it fit any genre. As a response, we have named it ourselves. This speaks to how 'out there' the lyrics are as well as the electronic instrumentation. There is nothing on this track that isn't either distorted or completely electronic. The meeting of real instruments and technology as well as using production software as an instrument feed into our sound. We think the sonic in Atomic Bionic Chronic Sonic is like nothing that's come before.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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Singled Out: Purple Corporation's Do Watchya Do

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