Jordan Rudess Leads Guest On Richard Henshall (Haken) Album

Richard Henshall

Dream Theater's Jordan Rudess leads the lineup of special guests who will appear on the forthcoming debut solo album from Haken's Richard Henshall.

Henshall will be releasing the record, entitled "The Cocoon" on July 26th and features his first time taking on lead vocal duties. He had this to say, "Working on this album has been an extremely exhilarating and liberating experience that has allowed me to explore a whole range of new exciting ideas with my writing.

"The album has pushed me as a composer and musician and has given me the opportunity to delve deeper than ever into my love for electronic, jazz and metal music. The music on 'The Cocoon' feels like the perfect reflection of my tastes, influences and experiences in music and life in general".

He is backed on the album by his Haken bandmate Conner Green on bass and Matthew Lynch (Cynic and Nova Collective) on drums. Richard said, "Conner and Matt never cease to astound me with what they can achieve on their instruments. They both have a fresh, unique approach to playing, which has really breathed new life into the music on 'The Cocoon'. They really outdid themselves on this record".

Apart from Rudess, the album will also feature guest appearances from Marco Sfogli, David Maxim Micic, Jazz saxophonist Adam Carrillo and Bent Knee's Ben Levin, Jessica Kion and Chris Baum.

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Jordan Rudess Leads Guest On Richard Henshall (Haken) Album

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