Styx Has Enough Music For New Double Album

Keavin Wiggins | 06-14-2020

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Tommy Shaw revealed during a new interview that Styx has enough music to make a brand new double album as the follow-up to their 2017 effort "The Mission".

Shaw was asked about the progress on a new album during an appearance on SiriusXM and he shared, "We've been working on it. "ou just never stop writing and co-writing and working on stuff till you feel, like, 'Okay, that one's ready.' And then you work on another one. And then, next thing you know, we're thinking, 'We need to go ahead and record this. Otherwise, we're gonna have enough for'.

"Actually, we do have enough for a double album, but we're just gonna pick what we think are the best ones that go together. So we did start, and we've got one version that we really like. I'm just talking about writing demos."

He also spoke about where the band is at in the process, "Todd's ready to go in and start cutting drums. That's how we do it. Because we're all in different places , especially now, we can't all be in the same room.

"But we're all used to recording that way. We haven't since the '70s. Especially since Pro Tools came about. Because I've always lived somewhere else, getting everybody to do that in-the-same-room thing, it wasn't that big of a benefit for us.

"There are some bands, like if you're Tedeschi Trucks, their whole thing is that the thing is moving and it's a living organism. Ours is more compositional, it's almost like a little rock symphony. Everybody has parts, and you play your part. And Todd, he's the glue that holds it together, and Ricky [Phillips, bass]. And we're fine with it. You keep working on your part, and it's all built to fit together."

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