Singled Out: Rabid Flesh Eaters' R.F.E.

Michael Angulia | 05-02-2020

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Rabid Flesh Eaters

Rabid Flesh Eaters just released their self-titled album, which features the final recording by Bruce Corbitt (Rigor Mortis and Warbeast). To celebrate we asked Mike Taylor to tell us about R.F.E. Here is the story:

The story behind the song R.F.E. is that when we had rough mixes of the bed tracks (without vocals) for most of the songs for the new album, we played them for Bruce Corbitt (Rigor Mortis / Warbeast) to check out. He really dug the riff on that one song, and, for some reason, I asked him, "Would you want to sing on that one?".

I was blown away when he said "Yes". From that point on, he was all about getting the vocal tracks recorded. Bruce recorded with Ricky Wilson (RFE vocalist) on the track just before he started really going down hill. He ended up doing an incredible job, and just nailed it. He even gave Ricky a few pointers and tips on how to do certain things in the studio. Bruce was happy to be recording again and was actually looking forward to completing several other projects. However, this was actually Bruce's last studio recording session before he lost his extended battle with esophageal cancer.

Bruce was showing Ricky a couple of tricks that he had learned, that I think Phil (Anselmo) had showed him when they were recording with Warbeast.

One of the tips was to put your hand in a cone, put it up to the microphone, and talking into it gives a cool sound. It's almost like some kind of a hollow effect.

One of the things he did on the song "R.F.E.", and people probably don't know, is that strange background resonant noise was actually Bruce breathing and blowing into the microphone.

Since Bruce's passing, this new self titled album has turned into a way for us to memorialize Bruce as well as the spirit and legacy of Rigor Mortis.
Hail Scaccia! Corbitt Forever!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself right here!

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