: MetalliCOPS 

6-13-00 8:00 AM PST antiGUY
The folks at Campchaos.com have done it again. This week they released another animated short poking fun at the Metallica vs. Napster lawsuit.  The third cartoon in the "Napster Bad" series is called MetalliCOPS, a spoof on the Fox television program, "Cops". 

MetalliCOPS opens with a revamped version of the "Cops" theme with the lyrics "Napster, Napster what you gonna do?" Then a narrator that sounds like Homer Simpson proclaims that "All suspects are F*cking a--holes!"

The first scene has Lars and an ape like James character going after Napster users in a police cruiser with "Beer Good" on license plate. 

The Lars character goes on a rant about Napster, talking about how the neighborhood they are patrolling has gotten bad because of the Internet, or as he calls it "the interweb". The James character chimes in with "School District Bad!" - "Interweb Bad!" - "Napster Bad!"  Then they get a call that a kid is downloading the Metallica song "Sanitarium" with his cable modem. So Lars, with a bag of cash tied to his foot, steps on the gas.  They find the suspect and proceed to ridicule him, then the James character smashes the kid's face into a computer monitor. 

The next scene shows Lars and James in the police cruiser, with the Lars character explaining why they assaulted the kid for "resisting persecution."  "Sprinkles Good!" exclaims the James character. 

The end credits are carefull to point out that Napster is in no way affliated with the cartoon. 

Since the first cartoon, "Napster Bad", was released the series has become a huge hit with fans who support Napster and others that simply find the parodies funny.

Aside from the Metallica parodies, Camp Chaos produces a number of animated shorts for the web. Camp Chaos is the brainchild of Bob Cesca who went from a career in radio to become an animator. Cesca wrote, directed, animated and provided the voices to the "Napster Bad" shorts.  We will be sure to let you know when he lands that big television contract. If the guy who came up with the "wassup" commercials can land a million-dollar production deal, Mr. Cesca is a shoe in. 

You can download all three animated Metallica shorts, including MetalliCOPS, Napster Bad and MetalliGREED (featuring Motley Crue), at campchaos.com. The MetalliCOPS theme song is also available as a downloadable MP3. 

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