Singled Out: D.D. Verni & The Cadillac Band (Overkill)

Keavin Wiggins | 08-21-2021

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Album art

Overkill icon D.D. Verni recently released a video for a new single called "Olivia... That's Who" from his solo group D.D. Verni & The Cadillac Band, and to celebrate he tells us about the track and video. The song is the second taste of the group's forthcoming album "Let's Rattle," which is due out on September 17th. Here is the story:

While the song is about my daughter, I think it speaks to anyone who has a bubbly outgoing spirited girl in their life. It could be your mom, wife or girlfriend.

And I think the drawings capture the spirit of the song. The song lyric says "There's always enough love to go round" and I think that's the spirit of the song and the drawings. It's about how a girl like that in your life can brighten your day and make things always seem OK.

The video was edited by Steven Bartashev who was the editor on the Cadillac Man video we just put out. I was really happy with how that turned out so I contacted him about doing this one as well. The illustrations were done by Gery Nible.

As I said Gery is a friend who I have worked with on a bunch of projects before. We've done album art, t-shirts, all kinds of stuff. He has a similar DNA to mine as far as stuff we like and so the process of doing this was pretty easy.

He really ran with the idea, I thought we could get by on a dozen or so drawings and I think it wound up more like 60+ . He even sent a video kind of walking us through it and his ideas which made it very easy to visualize what it would be like in the end.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below and learn more about the album here

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