Singled Out: Lia Caton's Hell Or High Water


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Lia Caton Album cover art
Album cover art

Lia Caton just released her new album, "Someone Like You", and to celebrate we asked her to tell us about the song "Hell Or High Water". Here is the story:

The song Hell or High Water is the most personal and powerful song off my album Someone Like You. It was written about my story of leaving behind my hometown of Boston and all the ghosts that lived there. It is an anthem for anyone that has faced hard times and kept on going despite whatever stood in their way.

I wrote the music and lyrics of the album with my co-writer Benji Harris at the Record Shop Studio in Nashville. With this particular song, I basically spent my whole life emotionally writing it since it's the story of overcoming my struggles. Benji and I started out the day with small talk and getting to know each other. We didn't have any real plan for the song we were going to create that day, but our conversation led us in the right direction.

Benji asked me a simple question, "Tell me how you ended up in Nashville from Boston?"

I told him my story of coming from a broken home and abusive childhood, of how I survived and found the perseverance to follow my dream of being a singer songwriter. And, how I fought against the odds and against the negativity put in my head by those who told me to "grow up and find a real job" instead of following my purpose.

I ended our conversation by telling Benji, "I got in my car and drove to Chicago sight unseen from Boston to begin my musical journey. Come hell or high water, I was going to make it happen and now I'm here in Nashville writing this album."

He looked at me and said "And that's the song we HAVE to write! Hell or High Water"

My favorite line from the song is, "This fire's only getting stronger - come hell or high water"

I hope that people who listen to the song find that fire within to keep going and persevere through hard times to chase their dreams - come hell or high water.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below and learn more about the album here

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