Why Michael Schenker Turned Down Ozzy and Deep Purple Gigs

Keavin Wiggins | 01-05-2021

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Why Michael Schenker Turned Down Ozzy and Deep Purple Gigs
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Michael Schenker shared during a new interview that he was approached in the past to join Ozzy Osbourne, Deep Purple, Motorhead, and Thin Lizzy, and shared his reason for turning down the offers.

Schenker made the comments during a chat with The Metal Voice to promote the forthcoming MSG album "Immortal", which is set to hit stores on January 29th.

The began by discussing being approached to join Deep Purple. He said, "In 1993 I got a phone call, I was the first person to be chosen. You have to remember me and Ritchie Blackmore have so many parallels, everyone that leaves Ritchie Blackmore joins Michael Schenker, it's the funniest thing.

"There was always a conversation in Deep Purple and Ozzy, that's why Ozzy called me up and asked me to join. I was always the first choice but I declined and I must say I'm the kid in the sandbox just enjoying playing.

"When I get these offers from Thin Lizzy, Motorhead... I always decline because I don't want to copy, I want to do pure self expression. I declined all these bands because I had the vision of focusing on pure expression. I cannot follow a bunch of people looking for something that I have already finished with. My own vision is more important." Watch the interview below:

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