Ozzy Osbourne Music School In The Works


Ozzy Osbourne Music School In The Works

Ozzy Osbourne's wife and manager Sharon says that they are currently working on a new music school in the legendary Black Sabbath frontman's native Birmingham, England.

Sharon made the revelation when she was asked about the couple's plans to permanently relocate to the UK from Los Angeles during a recent interview with Planet Rock. She responded, "We're flip flopping the way we live - we're going to live permanently in England but we'll still come back here (to Los Angeles) to visit family.

"The older you get the more you want to go back to your roots and that's Birmingham. There's so much of Ozzy and Black Sabbath there we can't not go back as a family. We're working on a music school right now, with all Ozzy's memorabilia in there - 55 years of memorabilia - and also they've got Black Sabbath Bridge, the Bench and Ozzy the Bull!

"It's just the most amazing thing and it means so much to him you have no idea."

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