David Lee Roth Rants Against Wolfgang Van Halen


David Lee Roth Rants Against Wolfgang Van Halen

David Lee Roth has shared a new video only where he went after Wolfgang Van Halen for incidents that allegedly happened during Van Halen's final tour that took place almost a decade ago.

In the "This Crazy Kid' video, Roth criticizes Wolfgang for allegedly have people removed from two concerts on the tour. The frontman said of the New York City stop, "Cut to New York City, glamorous, glistening, shimmering New York City, and we're at Jones Beach with twenty thousand of my closest friends.

"...This is spectacular.' And what I don't know is this kid, this schlemiel kid, has commandeered a couple of monkeys to go in back, behind my back, over to the side of the stage and throw out these two great dames that I invited to be my guests to the show. And these dames are in their forties, okay? Business women.

"In fact, you aren't gonna believe this sh*t. This f***ing kid, what he doesn't know is that these two dames work for the accounting firm that represent him, not me. But as usual, he, just like his uncle and his uncle's brother, stiffed them for tickets.

"..he throws them out of the building. He's teaching me a lesson. What this f***ing kid doesn't know, they're carrying the paychecks for all 82 people on the road crew."

Roth then moves to the Hollywood Bowl shows, "We're at the Hollywood Bowl. I'm about to launch into 'Ice Cream Man', and this f***in kid! He commandeers two muscle monkeys, locates the one dame that is my guest; she's off in the wings of the Hollywood Bowl. They find her, make her do the walk of shame past all the other guests, out into the parking lot and throw her out of the building!

"Wolfie Van Halen's gonna teach me a lesson by throwing out what he thinks is my girlfriend. But guess what? Not only is this an accountant again, and not only is she carrying the paychecks for 82 of us on the road crew, but she's carrying cash bonuses for everybody there. You may wanna pull over on this next one; you're gonna pee your pants. Remember New York City? It's the same f***in lady!"

Roth concluded, "This f***ing kid. This f***ing kid! And that's how I remember my last show with Eddie Van Halen."

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