Kaosis Recruits Soilwork's Bjorn Strid For 'Blood Of Angels'


Kaosis Recruits Soilwork's Bjorn Strid For 'Blood Of Angels'

(Rail Records) Kaosis unites with Soilwork's Bjorn Strid on the epic Nu-Prog track "Blood Of Angels". Bjorn Strid is widely recognized as one of the most talented vocalists in modern metal. He can effortlessly shift from soul-crushing gutturals to operatic falsetto. Not only has he fronted Soilwork since its inception in 1995 but has also lent his voice to a diverse range of acts such as Motionless In White, Powerwolf, and more recently Epica.

XEN, Kaosis vocalist and producer, said "I needed someone that could deliver choral operatics as well as bone-crushing authority. The list of candidates was short. Speed (Bjorn) was my first choice".

The essence of Blood of Angels can be found in the mid-nineties American prog with riffage and sound design not dissimilar to TOOL. Kaosis rounds the track out by delivering a savage breakdown but it comes via a scenic and exploratory path.

Blood of Angels also demonstrates the dexterity and tasteful lead solo work of PEREDUR AP GWYNEDD (PENDULUM). Peredur takes the lead on many of the songs off the forthcoming album but this solo is particularly beautiful.

The music video is set in a nondescript jungle temple and draws on a variety of religious symbolism to help visualize the theme of the song.

DJINNOBI, Guitar and Vocals, "Blood of Angels is about Man killing the self-made construct of God to find faith in himself".

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Kaosis Recruits Soilwork's Bjorn Strid For 'Blood Of Angels'

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