Society of the Silver Cross Share 'By The Million'


Society of the Silver Cross Share 'By The Million'

(BPM) Seattle-based musical duo, Society of the Silver Cross have just released a new track called "By The Million". The song comes from their forthcoming album "Festival of Invocations," which will be coming out June 14th.

Songwriters Joe Reineke (The Meices, Alien Crime Syndicate) and Karyn Gold-Reineke lead listeners through otherworldly realms, delving into themes of life and death, beauty and darkness and transcending the veil between worlds. Their music draws listeners into a trance-like state of introspection and exploration, as embodied in this powerful new release.

On the new single the group shares, "'By The Millions' emerged as a reflection of the uncertainty and fear that gripped us at the onset of the pandemic. Confronted with the prospect of an unknown and potentially catastrophic future, we both grappled with the overwhelming sense of isolation and abandonment. The lyrics convey our profound sense of vulnerability, as we felt like nameless shadows left to our own survival. The instrumental sections carry a lumbering quality, evoking a reluctant march of millions one by one, while amplifying the peculiar parallel of solitude amidst the shared experience. As the song concludes, it felt natural to steer the tale towards a more open, uplifting ending into a place of hope."

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Society of the Silver Cross Share 'By The Millions' Lyric Video

Society of the Silver Cross Share 'By The Million'

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