Good Rzn Today Unveil Falling In Slow Motion Video Trilogy


Good Rzn Today Unveil Falling In Slow Motion Video Trilogy

(SRO) Los Angeles-based alt-pop duo Good Rzn-Josie Molasky (vocalist/songwriter) and Tommy Ghirardini (guitarist/producer)-have taken the unconventional approach of today (April 30) unveiling three videos at once to fully illuminate the essence of their music. They're calling the release of these videos-"Running Out Of Time," "Far From Me," and "123"-the "Falling In Slow Motion" video trilogy.

All three videos are visually striking and mysterious, notable for the use of color with a dreamy, washed-out feel that dovetails with the existential themes of the songs. Each video was directed by the visual artist Mishko (represented by Randi Wilens & RW Media).

"Mishko's style speaks for itself in that the unique quality of the work transports the onlooker into another realm," says Good Rzn. "A mixture of dreamlike imagery and real-life elements mirrors our approach to the music on our EP in many ways. We'd been wanting to work with Mishko since starting Good Rzn and this project ended up being the perfect time."

Good Rzn's EP, titled Falling In Slow Motion and released in October 2023, highlights the group's alternative and psychedelic pop, seen through a lens of rock and electronic music. Their music was described by the Las Vegas Weekly as "a marriage of trebly synths, pop-leaning production and Molasky's alluring cadence..." (10/5/23).

Good Rzn are driven by weaving their lives into art. "For us, to experience life is to experience art-to think is to create," they explain. The 'Falling in Slow Motion' trilogy reflects on a transformative period of our lives captured through song, which led to visions of the world in a different light. The videos view the past, present, and future through a kaleidoscopic lens, painting a picture of moments with the emotion that they evoke. This project represents the juxtaposition of reality versus the way one chooses to frame it. Art is an escape for many people, including us, and the creative universe of Good Rzn expands with this visual experience."

"Running Out Of Time":
In this video, you're being followed, in the streets of Los Angeles and in the surrounding hills, by the image of an apparition and resisting its pull. You've said that the song was meant to "evoke a sense of urgency to chase your dreams and do the things you've always wanted to do now instead of later." Tell us about the experience of making the video and how you feel it captures the song's theme?

Good Rzn: "Running Out Of Time" conveys what it feels like to be in pursuit of something meaningful while facing trials and tribulations. Perspective shifts as the weeks seem to go by faster and every minute starts to count. The colorful entity that is introduced in part 1 of the "Falling In Slow Motion" trilogy personifies time, the unknown, and the doubt that holds us back from being able to follow our dreams At the end of the first video, we embrace the unknown and are able to access a world of beauty, inspiration and wonder.

"Far From Me":
This video has a surreal quality, particularly when you're shown opening a large box of cereal with the band's moniker on the box. We again see you wandering in the hills-heading toward a colorful abyss-and elsewhere in the video, you're shown in a bar. You've said about the song: "The lyrics address themes of being away from someone close to you or something you love, and the ensuing growth and strife that occurs in that setting." How do you feel the video supports the song's theme?

Good Rzn: Part 2 of the "Falling In Slow Motion" trilogy begins with a larger than life breakfast scene with a surreal backdrop. "Good Rzn Yummy Oh's" fruit cereal pours out of a never-ending container and our characters are surrounded by oversized food items, taking a seemingly mundane morning routine into another dimension where the impossible is possible. The story unfolds as two individuals face the world as artists, brought together in the end producing something even greater than what they could create on their own. They stand together decorating time with music. "

"123": You've said that this is "a nostalgic song that talks about simpler times when things seemed straightforward. Life is hard and getting places isn't as "easy as ABC" or as 'easy as 123.'" In the video, you're shown walking in the hills, as if you're both in state of wonder. Elsewhere, we see an eclipse, and you're holding what appears to be a crystal ball. Technically, the footage in video has a compellingly distressed look to it. What are your thoughts about the video and how do you feel it illustrates the song's subject?

Good Rzn: In the final installment of the "Falling In Slow Motion" trilogy, we witness the culmination of our characters' internal struggle. This narrative explores our inclination to suppress big dreams out of fear of disappointment, highlighting how society's expectations can add layers of complexity to our lives. Embracing creativity becomes the key to unlocking our true potential, as we immerse ourselves in a space where music, art, and light reveal the inner beauty of our minds.

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