Behind The EP: Jodi Essex's Fearless

Keavin Wiggins | 07-08-2022

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Jodi Essex Fearless EP cover art
Fearless EP cover art

Rocker Jodi Essex just released her brand new EP, "Fearless", and to celebrate we asked her to tell us about the effort and she went above and beyond with the following:

It's me, remember? The Christian rock artist. But don't be hasty in clicking off the page for fear or annoyance that I'm going to rub you the wrong way. Rock music is rock music. I sing for the Kingdom. I'm here to inspire you; may you yell, scream, wail - or just plain ROCK OUT and LOUD. I want you to feel like you have an outlet for whatever it is you're feeling...if you're feeling fearless...

Read on.

SO, it began with recording and releasing a couple songs that would eventually turn into an EP. After the release of the first single, "Offend" in the Fall of 2021, I felt a strong pull to go ahead and swing for the fences with another labor of bold music and wordsmithing. Why not?

I'll also add, the entire EP was written without knowing whether or not it would all tie up in a nice, neat little bow at the end. Isn't that where most artists start? Yes. We just cross our fingers. We are not about controlling every aspect of our creative musings.

Was there a common thread at the beginning? Not really. But it wasn't necessary and that's not what mattered to me most. What mattered most was the assurance of absolute and total clarity in my messages through song. I left little to no room for any major swings in interpretation of the messages behind the music. Obviously, when it comes to music, listeners will always have their own interpretations. However, if one really spends time with the songs and their lyrics, the messages are pretty straight forward. As usual and as reflected in my own personal voice, I wanted blatantly obvious and direct messages conveyed with this EP.

All of that being said, once all the songs were written and recorded, I did see an inherent theme of "fearlessness" throughout and voĆ­la! It all suddenly clicked.

Let's look at the line-up:

Offend - WHEN YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY, IT SHOULD TRANSCEND YOUR FEAR OF SPEAKING. Standing up and speaking boldly for what you believe in, regardless of the cost or outcome, even if inadvertently someone is offended takes guts. Takes grit. Takes resilience.
So I ask, "Will you offend for the gospel?" One must be fearless when speaking truth.

Fearless - the title track to the EP and the epitome of courage, action, confidence, and boldness. Turn the cheek when it comes to the naysayers, to the opposing. Let go of being attached to an outcome. Rise up when God calls on you with a mission. Forget your past; your beginnings don't have to dictate your endings. "Time is now, walls are breaking down, keep on breaking ground....you're gonna be fearless."

Unravel - vulnerability is no easy task. Baring our souls and crying out to God, who already knows our hearts better than anyone, makes it no less easier. Dwelling in a timespace and allowing the unraveling to happen within, as we focus on a wide open transparency with God, requires courage. Dig into your deepest selves. Process through your peaks and valleys. Let go, let it happen, be fearless.

Lean - So "Lean" begins with an adamant plea of, "Don't let the world make you hard, don't let it take your hope." Because here's the deal: it can. It does. And it's very good at doing so. Today more than ever, going against the flow despite who and what surrounds us, takes willpower and fortitude. In the wake of fear, ever-evolving chaos, nation rising up against nation, brother against brother, we need to separate and LEAN IN to God. We're called to be faithful and fearless.

Bandaid - This song was written and inspired by the well-known phrase, "Rip the bandaid!" Postponing the inevitable only prolongs pain, disappointment, and growth. It speaks to taking action NOW and lifting the lid off life situations that need to be addressed. Living a fear-based life keeps us living on a ledge and unable to move from it. Looking fear in the face equips us with strength, courage, and confidence. Each subsequent time we have to rip the bandaid, WILL become easier. It WILL happen. You will become the face of bold and fearless.

Shine - One day I walked into my producer, Josiah Prince's studio and asked, "Have you ever written/produced a rock/reggae song before?" He replied with "never" and a smile. "Neither have I, let's do it!" And that's how "Shine" was born. Ok, that was the super abbreviated version but that really happened. ;-)

Growing up in Carmel, CA and near a beach, I was always hearing and listening to reggae music. In fact, my highschool sat right at the top of Ocean Ave., just opposite of a 1 mile stretch of white, powdery-sanded beach goodness. I'd hit the beach during lunch and you could easily find Bob Marley on repeat, floating through the salty, sea air.

I love the laid-back feel and vibe of reggae music and oftentimes, the lyrics reflect cultural issues, communal stories of life, or even hardships. For the most part, it felt hopeful. I felt inspired to create a breathe-easy, calm, rhythmic tune, reminiscent of my spirited and grateful days at the beach.

Well...that's the last track. And also the close to my "Track by Track" here, on antiMusic.

And so, my friends, as I send you off on your #journeytofearless, I sing "Life is a gift God gave to you now, go on your way...and shine, shine your light, soul so bright."

Fear has no home when you dwell with Jesus. Fear has no home in your heart when you give it to Him. Weightless in His love, fearless in His spirit...

And that sums up the EP! The best cure for fear is action and walking the path Jesus walked.


Thank you so much, antiMusic for the opportunity to dish on my EP, "Fearless." Appreciate your platform and all you do for musical artists!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the EP, listen to the title track for yourself below and stream the full EP here

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