CHVRCHES Reveal Advice From Coldplay's Chris Martin

Keavin Wiggins | Published 02-22-2023

CHVRCHES Video still
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CHVRCHES sat down for an Audacy Check In with host Kevan Kenney and they reflected on the best advice they received from Coldplay's Chris Martin, becoming pen pals with Robert Smith, and detailed their latest single.

The show sent over these excerpts: Hitting the road with Coldplay. "I've actually met [Chris Martin] once at a festival, years and years ago, and he gave me some amazing advice. It was just after our first album. He said, 'Don't sleep on your second album. Like whatever you do, just get in there and get it made.' What he was saying was, you've got all this momentum, and if you strike fast...you can keep building that momentum, maybe you'll be here in 10 years, and here we are - we're about to open for them, which is the craziest thing in the world."

'Over' as a stand-alone song, not tied to an album. "I remember when Lauren finished the lyrics of that. I was literally listening to it in my car, and it started evoking lots of pictures and lots of tapping into emotions in a way I hadn't before, and I was like, okay, she's really on to something here."

Working with Robert Smith on 'Screen Violence' completely over email. "The first time we ever spoke, with voices, was two minutes before we did our first bit of promo for the song. It was like, are we penpals with Robert Smith?!" Read more here and check out the full episode below:

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