Deerhoof Get Animated For 'Phase-Out All Remaining Non-Miracles by 2028 Video'


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Deerhoof Video still
Video still

(Chromatic) Deerhoof today shared "Phase-Out All Remaining Non-Miracles by 2028," the final single from their highly anticipated new album Miracle-Level out tomorrow (March 31st) via Joyful Noise Recordings.

The track is accompanied by a scrappy, hellish fantasy video created by Italy-based Mexican animator Nespy 5euro and art director Debora Panaccione that portrays a world suffering from an energy crisis. Global governments and corporate overlords develop an alternative energy source called WATOIL in an attempt to prevent the collapse of civilization. These profiteers drain the ecosystem of water, ultimately unleashing a vengeful entity that destroys everything. Deerhoof's statement echoes this ominous warning:

"Through the eons of human existence, trees had souls, mountains told stories, bees whispered secrets to us, the wind helped us make decisions. The world was literally filled with miracles. 500 years ago, a veritable blip in time, a handful of people tried a brainwashing experiment: make everyone believe the world is actually inert and mechanical. That it's only there to extract and exploit, and the real goal of life is profit. If some people don't fall for your scam, enslave or exterminate as needed. Of course the first rule of being a smart parasite is don't kill your host. As we all can see, they are killing the host. The experiment has failed."

Deerhoof today also announced new headlining tour dates across the East Coast and the U.K., including a performance as part of Russian Recording's 20th anniversary celebration in Bloomington, Indiana

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