On The Road: Juniper Honey's Tour Must Haves

Keavin Wiggins | 08-01-2023

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Juniper Honey News Photo from the tour courtesy Juniper Honey/TREND: PR August 01, 2023
Photo from the tour courtesy Juniper Honey/TREND: PR

Juniper Honey are wrapping up their debut tour in Venice, Ca tonight (August 1st) and as the band come off the road, frontman Jake Hesse has shared with us his tour "must haves'.

Here is Jake: Being our first time on the road, we are still sorting out the kinks and finding all of our "must haves" as we go. That being said, there definitely were some things that stuck out as possible "must haves" from here on out.

One being this mini little Casio lap keyboard that I have had since I was a little kid. It is like a learner keyboard but it makes so many different cool sounds and it was just fun for us to mess around with, especially at some of the sights we stopped at like the Grand Canyon or Zion.

Another thing was our photographer Luke brought this super old camera that was like his first camera he had ever had, but it got some cool pictures and videos of us and it was just convenient to take from place to place because it was super small and he didn't have to lug around his larger show camera.

We really didn't have a ton of stuff in the car besides our gear since we had limited space, but one of our favorite things we brought on the road was homemade coffee cake that Josh's mom sent us with! We finished it probably 2 days in, so maybe next time if we are lucky we will be sent off with coffee cake again!

The band hit the road as their new break-up anthem, "Why Did You Call", was released. Check it out below and learn more about the band here.

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On The Road: Juniper Honey's Tour Must Haves

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