Richrath Project 3:13 Deliver Heard It On The Radio Video

Keavin Wiggins | 05-24-2022

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Richrath Project Single art
Single art

Richrath Project 3:13 have shared a video for their brand new single called "Heard It On The Radio", as their latest song to pay tribute to late/great original REO Speedwagon guitarist, Gary Richrath.

"The original idea for the song 'Heard It on the Radio' stems all the way back to the 80's, when I wrote most of the lyrics," says singer Michael Jahnz. "It had been put on the shelf for all these years, until one day my lead guitar player came to me with a cool riff he had been working on. The minute I heard it, I thought to myself that not only did Dennis have a killer riff on his hands, but that it would be perfect with my 'Heard It on the Radio' lyrics from all those years ago! I worked out the melody and completed the lyrics, and after working with Dennis and his great guitar licks, the result turned out to be this awesome jammin' tune."

"Everyone can picture themselves driving down the road on a beautiful summer day, crankin' the tunes with the windows rolled down and rockin' out with their sweetie or a bunch of friends going out for a great time for that matter. It's definitely a feel-good tune and we can't wait for our fans to see the kick ass music video to go with it! Filmed primarily in L.A. with a lot of the classic landmarks and sites, the feel of the video has that '80's MTV rock video vibe.' This footage combined with the live band footage shot in Minneapolis turned out to be a great combination. We hope everyone enjoys rockin' out to this fun new summertime tune!" Watch the video below:

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