Royal Hunt Premiere 'Thorn In My Heart' Video


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Royal Hunt News Single promo August 14, 2023
Single promo

Royal Hunt have premiered the music video for their song "Thorn In My Heart", which is a track from their new concept album "DYSTOPIA, PT. 2".

Andre Andersen had this to say, "The working title for this track was 'Betrayal' and if you're familiar with the book 'Fahrenheit 451' than you probably know the part in which the main character got home and discovers that he's been betrayed by the very person he considered to be his only family.

"I've been thinking about the actual emotion that this kind of situation evokes: I guess everyone experienced a betrayal in one way of another and - even if the case was much less significant - it was still hurtful, right? Seems like even the music followed that train of thought, so it came out as rather diverse and - while the lyrics deal with the emotional aspect of the event - the music swings from 'regret' - state to the flat out 'vengeful'.

"Another interesting detail is how the video editor captured this mood: the characters on the screen steadily change their appearance from 'normal' to 'monsters'... I never told him my thoughts behind this particular story, so it was kind of surprising to watch for the first time, as it's uncanny how the video artist sensed the atmosphere/feeling of the track by listening to music and reading the lyrics".

According to the announcement, "Dystopia. Part 2" is the second and final chapter of Royal Hunt ́s concept opus which - according to the band - is loosely based on Ray Bradbury ́s famous novel "Fahrenheit 451" yet modified and expanded in order to fit into the current state of affairs of the world". A few guest singers appearing on the album: Mark Boals, Mats Leven, Henrik Brockmann, Kenny Lubcke and Alexandra Andersen, giving the already cinematic sounding effort a truly theatrical flair.

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