Sammy Hagar Likes Idea Of Van Halen Tribute With Wolfgang On Guitar

Keavin Wiggins | 10-04-2022

Van Halen Video still
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Sammy Hagar shared that he was impressed with Wolfgang Van Halen's performance playing his late father Eddie Van Halen's parts at first Taylor Hawkins Tribute concert and could see the Wolfgang playing guitar at the proposed Van Halen tribute concert.

Hagar made comments during a recent interview with Rolling Stones. He was asked if he has spoken with Wolfgang that much since 2004 when he last toured with Van Halen.

Sammy responded, "Yes, but not a ton. I really gave him a lot of love when he made his first record, and he gave me some back. It was very cordial, not like, "Hey, let's get together" and stuff like that."

Hagar went on to say, "Wolfie blows my mind. Look what he did over in London for that Taylor thing. When he played Eddie's stuff, man, that was f***in' really good. He just keeps impressing me with his talent. That song 'The Distance' is so soulful. I had no idea he could sing like that

"He's really got his pop's talent. It's kind of like Jason and John Bonham. I mean, Jason's just like his dad, man. He plays f***in' that good. And I think Wolfie, maybe not as innovative because nobody is, but yes, he's definitely doing it right. I praise him for not trying to be Eddie.

"But now, I'll make a statement. If there was ever a situation where there was a Van Halen tribute in some kind of way with Alex, Mike, myself, Dave, if he would cooperate, and Wolfie playing Eddie's parts, now that would be worthy of calling 'Van Halen,' for a moment. Wolfie would be crazy to drop his life and his creativity and his career to be his dad's mimic. But for a moment, it could be great."

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