Sex Pistols' Glen Matlock Takes Fans On Magic Carpet Ride

Michael Angulia | 03-04-2023

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Glen Matlock Album art
Album art

Sex Pistols bassist Glen Matlock has released a brand new single called "Magic Carpet Ride". The track comes from his forthcoming solo album, "Consequences Coming", which will arrive on April 28, 2023.

"Magic Carpet Ride, with its fingers crossed Instant Karma-esque groove, is part of a quartet of songs from my forthcoming album, Consequences Coming," says Matlock. "It attempts to deal with the road to nowhere journey we are being whisked on, to who knows where, who knows how and who the blinking flip knows why and is a sincere pleading that it is not the cul de sac that it promises to be, with the only escape route being the garden gate installed for a laugh by the flat earth society. It also has a great slide guitar by Earl Slick."

He said of the new solo record, "The album was written and recorded in Britain over the last 18 months or so with a posse of seasoned but on point performers."

Matlock added, "Now the wheels of the music business can sometimes move at a lugubrious, glacial pace, and sometimes the moment might be lost but seeing no break in the clouds or clear light at the end of the tunnel, surely the only demand on people's lips should be that there are 'Consequences Coming' for the fat headed oafs who have foisted their asinine warped sensibilities on us."

"The tunes are pretty catchy too..."

1. Head On A Stick
2. Consequences Coming
3. Magic Carpet Ride
4. Speaking In Tongues
5. Shine Off Your Shoes
6. Constant Craving
7. Step In The Right Direction
8. Something 'Bout The Weekend
9. This Empty Heart
10. Face In A Crowd
11. Tried To Tell You
12. Can't Be Myself With You
13. This Ship

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