Singled Out: Daytona Starsky's Blame The System

Keavin Wiggins | 01-19-2022

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Daytona Starsky Photo courtesy Vicious Kid
Photo courtesy Vicious Kid

Daytona Starsky just released his brand new single "Blame The System" and to celebrate we asked him to tell us about the inspiration for the track. Here is the story:

This idea of Blame The System came from the fact that I was frustrated with social media and media at large. Over the course of the pandemic with people being home more, communal interactions had to happen digitally which caused society to rely heavily on these social media companies to facilitate and provide a platform for expression and discourse.

I think in a lot of ways this is not the best way for humans to have a healthy relationship because there is a lot of added weight to a digital presence which may not carry itself over into your real-life presence. Add to that the fact that these companies have a bottom line to maintain and are ultimately there to make profit.

This all creates a convoluted situation that caused me to go a little crazy and gave me the urge to back away and write about from the standpoint of an outsider.

The song is about the feeling of being left behind by the system at large and the feeling that one might get if they put a bunch of effort into this digital presence but it doesn't get reciprocated in the same way as someone who might put in way less effort. Or the idea that you feel a social pressure to partake in trends and challenges to grow or maintain a stature amongst your peers.

I think nowadays it's admirable when someone doesn't have a social presence and is still able to create ripple effects in society, this seems to be almost impossible.

It's easier to just blame the system and larger forces at hand for you feeling left behind, meanwhile that feeling seems to be an artificial byproduct of social pressures created by these social medias.

Writing this song, I challenged myself to really look at the entire system with a birds eye view and see how all the gears turn within, it was actually a fun thought experiment. And I do think I came out of it with a different understanding of my personal relationship with this 'system' and my place in it. I always wonder if these concepts are understood by the average listener without explanation or if they come away with questions on their minds.

So definitely check out this track and stay tuned for my album which is coming out this year as well! Thank you for this opportunity and hopefully we'll chat again soon.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below and learn more about Daytona here

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