Singled Out: Tim Snider & Wolfgang Timber's By Your Side

Keavin Wiggins | 07-25-2022

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Tim Snider Single art
Single art

Tim Snider & Wolfgang Timber just released their new single, "By Your Side" and to celebrate we asked Tim to tell us about the track. Snider is a veteran musician who has worked with a performed with Trevor Hall, Mike Love, Dispatch, and Satsang. He's also known for being a featured musician for years with Nahko and Medicine For The People. Here is the story:

I wrote this song a year ago for my wife and wasn't really expecting to release it. I just wanted to sing it to her on her Birthday last July. We were all at home during the pandemic and I had been struggling with deep depression. I can only imagine that It was a wild time for most of us. Not being able to perform and getting the rug pulled out from underneath me made me question my value and what I was even doing with my life.

To me, that time felt like I'd finally made it to the major leagues in my career and the season got cancelled, twice even! F***! I kept imagining the things I was "supposed to be doing." Like, I "should be" flying to South America today for tour or I was "supposed to be" playing Red Rocks today or whatever it was. My creativity had shut down and I was just in a dark spiral. What was even worse was, here I was at home gifted this time with my incredible wife and amazing daughter, and I just wasn't able to be present for any of it.

So, I started reading some books. One in particular by Eckhart Tolle called "The Power of Now", pulled me out of my funk and I found myself looking around and being blown away at all the things I had right in front of me. I started to realize that I was "supposed to be" right where I was, at home, with my family. My wife's birthday was coming up and I wanted to do something special for her. I started thinking about how we'd been together all these years through the good times and the bad. I began to realize how incredible that truly is and I've loved all of it. To be able to go through life with someone who loves you and has your back, in spite of all of your bullsh*t, is nothing short of a miracle.

This song was meant to be an unapologetic love song to celebrate our relationship and how love and deep partnership can make you feel whole. I wouldn't trade one second of it for anything, even for playing in the major leagues.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below and learn more about Tim here

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