Singled Out: Silvertung's Integrity

Keavin Wiggins | 03-10-2023

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Silvertung Single art
Single art

Mid-Atlantic rockers Silvertung recently returned after a two-year hiatus with their brand new single, "Integrity". To celebrate we asked frontman Speed Vincent to tell us about the track. Here is the story:

We are excited to finally release brand new Silvertung music. But it came with a price! They say, negativity brings out some of the best song writing. Well, where do I begin... As Silvertung was starting our rise to the next level in our music career, so was the pandemic. Blindsided by all that was to come. The band seemed to be pushing harder than ever. Jumping off the heels of our EP's success in late 2019. We were preparing for a three-month US tour, with overseas attention rolling in. The band was finally climbing that ladder fast.

We were in the middle of a few writing sessions and creating so awesome new music, when we started to hear about people getting sick and dying. Things seems to escalate quick! Then came the mandates and one by one, our tour schedule was losing dates due to the regulations being put on venues across the United States. The entire tour was canceled as things worsened. It seemed the world had stopped! The band started to worry about each other's health, so we started taking brakes from writing and rehearsing. We wanted everyone to stay safe and be healthy. By then, the lock downs where being enforced, and panic started to get the best of everyone. As the months went on, less and less conversations and all the writing came to a halt! One at a time all my band mates decided to walk away. I was faced with the biggest decision of my music career. Even I began to doubt, where I stood in my music career.

Life hit me pretty hard as it did a lot of us. I started to fall into a depressional state of mind. But one day I was reading a story about overcoming your self-doubt and depression. It was all built around ones "Integrity" and the strength to forge on. I felt as if I was reading about my situation. With the world being in a state I have never experienced in my lifetime, and it was tough to see through the smoke and the horrific things that had happened to so many people. I started to imagine my life without my music career "It was not good" So I decided to start writing new music. But I had always done this with a band and feeding off each other's inputs. After some very long nights and weeks, I was writing like I had never done before. In hindsight I had proven to myself, I can do this! Still with some doubt in my mind, I started reaching out to other musicians that I knew and placing ads for musicians. I still had the fire in me!

A year later, life started to somewhat come back to normal. My ads were being answered and communicates started to look promising. After a ton of interviews and auditions, I had done what I thought may be impossible. Silvertung was reformed! Rehearsals and writing sessions started right away. The new lineup was excited to get to work and that's when our guitarist Marc brought in this banger of a riff, we all started sharing files. Lyrics were coming out of nowhere! Melodies were written, then rewritten and again... Our Drummer Andy put this killer beat to the arrangement and new melodies came to life. Jimy our bassist and I were working out vocal parts and magic started to happen. Little did we know at the time, we were writing our first new single. INTEGRITY was born. Based off our experiences and seeing the world change. We want to give back a positive message, that I think we all needed to here. Integrity is that message... There are things in life we have no control over, but we can control how much we allow things to affect us. We can give up every time things don't happen the way we see it or, push through and see the better things we can accomplish on the other side.

INTEGRITY comes out of the gates hard hitting and heavy. With guitars bringing on the attack with massive drums in support, vocals marching in and demanding your attention! From a straight edge melody to gritty onslaught call and responsive lyrics "Don't think you'll take this from me" and "I hope you see the light before the light becomes your enemy"!

Don't let this aggressive track fool you. It comes with a powerful and positive message. Every line comes from a moment in our lives. Stay positive, stay strong and stand by your INTEGRITY.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below and learn more about the band here

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